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16.19.12 STAFF DIARY IYBF and BFLL 2016 Christmas Project

staff diary christmas project xmas project christmas

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Posted 20 December 2016 - 04:02 PM

Staff Diary
Boyfriend Christmas Project 2016 (IYBF x BFLL)

Hello Bestfriends!

This is your project manager Kelly :D Ahh!!! It’s already that time of the year again for a staff entry of our annual Christmas project~ Thank you to everyone who participated, donated, and helped make this project happen! Without the help of Bestfriends around the world, this project wouldn’t exist! I’m going to say this again and again but I’m really thankful to all bepeus who participated this year. I especially want to give a shoutout to:

babyybluebear (check out her subs/translations here!), Bea (check out The Miracle subbed by her and babyybluebear on her channel!), Jasmine (for always supporting me), Lily (Contact her for AMAZINGG logo designs!) , BoyfriendPH, Songil, Indonesian bepeus, and Denise!

Thank you all for being such wonderful people to work with and for always supporting BF - you guys are truly amazing :wub: I know that BF will appreciate all the hard work we put into this project and I’m so happy to always be assured that Bestfriends are such hardworking and passionate fans! Now, let’s go onto more details about the project!

I first started planning the project in late August and released a statement in November. This year I organized the project myself so I decided to try to keep things simple. I decided to send support for Boyfriend by focusing on spreading appreciation for the staff that always helps them! I decided to send candy canes and handwritten messages to the staff in order to support Boyfriend. For the members, I decided to compile letters from Bestfriends and send them each gifts as well. I also asked my friend Lily to design custom images of Bopeu so they could be worn as hat pins!



My first objective was to focus on the Christmas support we would be sending and I decided to do candy canes for 48 staff members. Each candy cane had a handwritten message thanking them for supporting BF and handmade Christmas-themed pins!


An Individual Candy Cane~


The Pins



For Boyfriend, I wanted to gift them practical and useful gifts that they could use. This is why I decided to gift them hoodies because they are often seen wearing them! I really want to thank all the Bestfriends who helped pitch in and donate for the project, because without you guys I wouldn’t have been able to finish this project! Again, thank you Bestfriends so much! I didn’t specify which hoodie was for each member though because I thought it would be better for them to choose what they like themselves~

Here are the hoodies:



(an official SF giants hoodie bc i love the Giants and the Red Sox can fight me LOOLOL ) :jmhmm:

NOW~~~ Onto the hat pins Lily designed!


They're based off Bounce era designs~



And here are the letters from Bepeus~ If you sent your message to me, your letters are in these envelopes! ^^


The wrapping for the hoodies:



Wrapping Up The Project:

Once I was done organizing the gifts and support, I had to prepare the package for shipment. Here are the proof shots of the package and the opening letter for the project!




Wrapping the box~




Afterwards, I shipped the package out and it arrived a couple days later in Korea :dhwow:


Again, thank you so much to everyone who supported us in this project! :crying: Bepeus, we might struggle sometimes but fighting with other fandoms isn't right. We should continue to support BF with more love rather than being bitter! I wanted to bring this up because recently I know how much we all want BF to have a comeback and we may feel frustrated at Starship because of this- but let's try to keep everything positive and continue loving our boys! Thank you to everyone for always loving Boyfriend and I would not have been able to complete this project without you guys. Although this project is not as big and grand as larger fansites, I'm sure that BF will understand our feelings!
Let's continue to support Boyfriend and keep sending them love in the future! :mwlove:

Signing off,

Kelly :pandalove:

Project Manager: Kelly (leejeongminnie)
Project Translators: babyybluebear (Main Translator), Bea, Denise


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Posted 20 December 2016 - 05:42 PM

You've worked really hard for this, thank you!
I hope the boys started wearing the presents and enjoy a warm Christmas ^^

-inserts witty comment-
-too lazy to think of anything rn-

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