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Posted 06 June 2013 - 06:56 AM


Respect your fellow Bestfriends and Boyfriend, and basically everyone.
We are a friendly community and welcome anyone. Be nice and civilized, although we have different opinions. No bashing or attacking other artist or fandom. And no arguing about pairing or claiming Boyfriend member as yours only. As we are an International forum, please use English only. Other languages are allowed in the sub forums that allow it, or in private message.

No racist terms, anti-type remarks, sexually explicit matters, profanity in any language.
Be positive and open-minded please. Keep your beliefs to yourself.

Everything (pictures, video, artwork, etc) that is not belong to you, do not claim it as yours or edit it as yours. Do not re-post or re-upload if it’s not allowed to do so. Credit properly if allowed. If you know anything about this matter, please contact admin/moderator.

No duplicates account.
If you want to create a whole new account, please let the admin know and delete the old account

No spamming or posting topics/replies less than 10 words. No multiple posting.
Please be creative and comment properly. Appreciate others who share stuffs with us.

Remove images from your quote before you post.
Check your quote part and delete pictures or the "" tags first.

No prolonged personal conversation
If your reply goes on off topic or only regards a certain member in a personal conversation, please do it in PM (private message).

Advertising and promotion
Advertise or promoting your blog, website, and other links are only allowed in the assigned thread. Please follow the rules for the specific subforum.

Bumping old topic
Topic that is inactive for 6 months will be locked by admin, to prevent bumping. If you feel it's necessary to unlock it, please contact admin/moderator.

No duplicates topics
Please look around first before posting or asking for something. Double posts may result merging or deletion.


If you have a concern regarding any post you see (certain post that breaks the rule, etc), you can help by clicking the "Report" button under each post. So simple, you don't have to PM moderators.

Failure to comply with the rules will result in warnings, increased warn %, posting suspension, or being completely banned from the forum depending on the level of the offense. Each section has its own rules. Rules are subject to change. We will make an announcement if we update the rules.

If you have any question, please contact a moderator or simply post in Feedback & Question.

Thank you for reading.

Updated 06/25/2013

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