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Bestfriend Spotlight: HelloBestCat

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Posted 06 August 2015 - 04:21 PM

How many of you like to watch funny cat videos in Youtube? I know I do! I can do it for hours! Cats are just adorable!

But do you know that our forum has a “cat” too? But it’s very special, cute and friendly “cat”.
Let’s meet the CAT!


Cat started as a member of this forum in 2013 when the forum was still a baby. She truly lit up the atmosphere in forum. She comments & posts, she was everywhere in the forum. She was also the first person who greeted the new member in the Shoutbox. Isn’t she nice?

Although she cut down her forum time due to busy school life, she still loves Boyfriend and now dedicates her time to help with Bepeu Subs! Spanish team also.

Cat is an example of a friendly Bestfriend. When you are friend with her, you will not only love Boyfriend more, but also enjoy being in the fandom of Bestfriend. It’s no surprise that many Bestfriends recommened her to be on Bestfriend Spotlight.

Now, let’s get to know her closer. I promise, she won’t scratch you :)

How did you first find out about Boyfriend and what do you like about them?

I found BOYFRIEND on March 9, 2013 by seeing a dance cover of Don't Touch My Girl on Youtube. BOYFRIEND has something that just caught my attention! BESTFRIENDS are so nice and I just find it cool. We are all friends.

Who is your Boyfriend Bias?
My BOYFRIEND is Minwoo~ :wub:

Good choice! Must be because he’s cute like you?
I’ll tell you why in a bit.

Haha.. okay. Next, what is the most memorable moment during your time as a Bestfriend?
I have many really!! But.. I'll just tell you one.
It's also why I love Minwoo!

So it was when BOYFRIEND came to Texas!! BF USA SHOWCASE!! (March 2014) I was so lucky to had gone!! I whined for as long as I can remember! I feel so blessed to have went, thanks to Vel!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! :")
Anyway, so my seats was kinda in its own little place xD but I'M SO GLAD I SAT THERE!! There weren't that many people so they let us move up seats and everyone was all on the other side xD
I'm special bruh I get my own little area (?) Haha I had to drag my dad and sister along actually xP and they didn't accept my love for BOYFRIEND that time. So gotta keep a distance.
But anyway!! I did get waves from BOYFRIEND members!! XD But I am making this short and it's about MINWOO!!
Ok. So, Minwoo was over on my side waving at girls who were way in front of me. I actually liked Jeongmin that time.. so I only looked because they were screaming! Haha I started waving too but then I was like, "He wouldn't notice me eh."

So I stopped and just stood there watching xP but then... HE POINTED AT ME!! And all of them girls turned around and I was like o_O
He pointed at me and I was like, "ME?!! O_O and then he started waving and blowing kisses!!! Then he shot hearts!! I don't how long that lasted but it felt like a longggg time!! Boy my heart was beating so fast! Even during the performance and when they were talking he'd look my way ;-;
After everything ended the boys were jumping off stage! But I had to leave.
My sister and dad wanted to leave so badly, and I care, so I gotta be a good daughter and sister and make them happy :/ BUT I WAS CRYING!! WHY CAN'T I GO TO THEM?? WHY'D IT HAVE TO END?! :crying:

So as I was making my way towards the exit.. I see Minwoo!! He still on stage! Everyone be running towards the other members but he was there! Alone! And guess what?! He was looking at me!!
I had to stop to make sure and he bent down and waved at me!! MY GOSH HIS SMILE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
(I'm tearing up right now no joke)
He blew a kiss and shot a heart again! I waved back and then started walking again. Wahh I wonder if he saw me crying? XD hahahaha
Then we went out to eat and I was still crying, not because I left but because of Minwoo!! I'm kinda glad, kinda, kinda, I repeat kinda glad, I brought my sister along because that girl remember everything! She was like,"That boy waved at you, you didn't wave back." and I was just like "WHO?!" She notice everything, and some moments I'm like.. where was I at?
~~~The End~~~

Wow, that is such a memorable moment! You’re so lucky Minwoo stole your heart. Did any other Boyfriend member do that to you too?
I don't think I have a bias wrecker... every member is unique, I guess I can say.. Jeongmin? Haha I liked him before I liked Minwoo.. so might as well?

You were active in the forum for a while, that’s why many Bestfriends know you and recommended you for Bestfriend spotlight. What do you think about the forum or Bestfriends in general?
I used to be active here actually. I don't come on here anymore because I am guilty.
I think BESTFRIENDS are amazing, very easy to talk to everyone! I'll share a secret, I used to message new members hello and a welcome to the forum >_< MOST of them didn't respond or it took them something.. years!! Just kidding.. days! XD Haha but it's ok. I did it because when I came on everyone was so sweet and easy to talk with! It's like you want to talk to me! It's just a friendly atmosphere! So when someone says they're shy, bro I was shy, but I am not now!! Where's everyone at? Do your jobs and jump the new people!!

That's very nice of you. It's true, Bestfriends are amazing and friendly. Have you met any Bestfriends in real life?
I only met Vel xD and it was awkward,I am awkward. I was shy for the first time in forever. She's a really really really kind person. Haha I know I'm a kid and she's an adult, but it was still nice to talk and hang with her ^^ she's awesome

[a/n: Vel is Velisha, the admin of this forum]

What is your favorite Boyfriend song?
... I don't know xD
I remember I listened to Go Back and Stop It a lot! I used to listen to those two songs before I went to school!
Bounce is the most played Boyfriend song right now... It's my favorite?
Confession: I cry everytime I hear Standing With U when I heard that at the showcase.... BOOM!!!

What is your favorite Boyfriend song?
Uh.. imma say On & On because everytime I go to my cousin's house, I always like to watch On & On mv. But then... I get all happy seeing BOYFRIEND... but darn Alarm mv is amazinggg... but I kinda like Here! so uhhh....

What is your favorite Boyfriend concept/era and why?
.... I like.. WITCH? I'm just gonna say that. Well.. WITCH promotion happened around my birthday! I remember watching a performance in awe and just like: it's my birthday :lol: I like how they had fangs! RAWR~ sweg bruh

What song/album you recommend to someone who doesn't know Boyfriend?
Depends who the person is!!
I'd most likely say listen to Boyfriend because you gotta see them when they were babies!!
(I'm still younger, can I even say that?)
You gotta know, they're our BOYFRIEND!

Let's go back a bit. How did you get to know KPOP for the first time?
I knew KPOP for as long as I remember! I visited my cousin a lot and I always listened to the KPOP songs he played. I never understood, I thought he could be Korean one time! Then he gave me his music and I listened to a bunch of BIG BANG songs until.. when I guess I got lazy or bored. I decided to look up some more, and that carried on 'till... I eventually found Boyfriend in like... something years!

What do you think about being a KPOP fangirl?
Stressful, especially since I don't know Korean xP But seeing these lovelies perform with good music is beautiful
It's fun talking to fans who share something you like, being a fangirl is fun!!

Do you like other stuff about Korea?
I never ate Korean food xD I do watch dramas here and there...The culture is different, I think it's pretty cool.. yeah. LOL my lame answer >_< ask me again in like 10 years.

Do you do any fangirl stuff?
Kinda.. I support my idols!! And I listen to their music. My presence is important!
Lol I'm broke, all I have are rocks. I can't do fanart.. no talent. I'll draw but it's not good. The only fanfic I read was Tsoul's, never wrote one either. I have one album Tsoul gave me a Janus album. That is Minwoo ^^ my treasure right there.
I have buttons.. and a bit of things from the showcase. Eh, I still live the happy life I wouldn't trade these things for anything in the world! They have meaning!! ^^
(psst... thank you Tsoul)


Does your family know about your KPOP hobby? Are they okay with that?
Yuppp! They did think it was stupid at first... but now they aren't so mean and I think they understand. When I got a package from Tsoul on my birthday.. I CRIED. I may looked ugly but I CAN CRY ON MY BIRTHDAY! LOL
My sister said that she never saw me cry like that.. I guess my parents think the same maybe. So I guess they understand a bit. Plus, I'm nice to them. And even if they didn't like it, I wouldn't care really.
My mom still tells people I dragged my dad and sister to see my Boyfriend.

Anyone outside the fandom knows about you and this hobby?
Yes, my friends at school. I try not to get into a conversation with them because, they end up hurting my feelings. Don't waste my time to just bring me down. So.. when they talk about kpop I just go talk to random people.
People who don't like or know KPOP.. they think it's an obsession. The end. I don't know, I like to talk to everyone so it's kinda just whatever. I'll literally say hi to anyone, I honestly don't care.

Have you loved a group you aren't into anymore?
LOL can I say BIG BANG? Hahaha all I liked are the songs I listened to. Looking back.. OLD SONGS. I never got into them so... maybe TEEN TOP? Before BOYFRIEND, I loved TEEN TOP. Now, I don't even know them o_O I forgot EVERYTHING.

Group you could never get into no matter how hard you try?
Probably Girls Generation? Too much stuff about them and I am too lazy to learn all the members name and stuff >_<

Do you have another KPOP bias or group?
Why yes I do!! Meet my second love ....HALO!!! I LOVE HALO so much! I been a fan since debut and I just feel the same way when I found BOYFRIEND. There's just something about them!!
HALO is a rookie group consisting of six members, Yoondong, Heecheon, Jaeyong, Inhaeng, Dino, and Ooon!! My bias is Ooon!! He's the leader!! That's my man. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!! ...Minwoo is forever ok! I'm stuck with Minwoo!! I just fell for Ooon!! He's an ex Starship trainee! He loves to dance and he was in SISTAR's Give It To Me. This boy talks way too much and I'm just so mad he never talks to me back! Saying he would have been an English teacher!! Why don't you look at me?? When he speaks English.. oh gosh I DIE EVERY TIME. He is mean and he ruins stuff for me! BUT HE IS SO PRECIOUS!! Ok I need to quit LOL I'M DONE! But just know... HALO~~

Okay, now let's play "imagine". If Boyfriend can be your teachers, which subject do you want them to teach?
LOL well they better get ready to get messed with because I like to pick on my teachers
~Donghyun: reading or writing teacher!! Because he is smart like Tsoul, and Tsoul likes to write and I'd feel more happy learning because he'd remind me of Tsoul ^^
~Minwoo: Teach me to dance! He can be my athletic coach. Imma get buff!

~Jeongmin can teach me English! Or any other language! Or he can teach me about food! We're just gonna roam the halls eating xD
--- I forgot!! I heard one of the twins say they like history! I'm so bad at history!! I hate it!! Whoever said that can teach me history---
~Youngmin: Teach me art!! All we gonna do is draw and color and eat chips
~Kwangmin: RAP BATTLE!! Kwangmin gonna help me improve my rap! Rap teacher?
~Hyunseong: he is that cool teacher who lets me do anything. We gone eat food and just go and bother the other teachers

Hahahaha.... They sound more like your hangout circle rather than teachers. But that's fun! Now, if you can date your BF bias, what would you do for a date?
I hope Minwoo will take me to an amusement park so he can win me a stuffed animal! Maybe a giant one!! He should take me shopping too!! We'll eat yummy food and ride on some rides and he can buy me stuff xD oh, and we'll take A LOT of selcas!

Boyfriend has grown up for the past 4 years, what do you think about members’ personality? Anything you like or dislike? Do you think they changed? In what way?
I definitely know Boyfriend has changed over the years eventhough I wasn't there in the beginning >_< but look at them!! The only weirdos you can see is behind those cameras!! Innocent boys trying to look bad!

Do you have any personal wish for BOYFRIEND or a member?
Minwoo should appear on Running Man!! My cousin always say BOYFRIEND aren't good enough, that's why they aren't on Running Man (his fav thing to watch) well.. what if a member appeared?? Especially Minwoo!! My husband! I can have a chance to beat him up! Who will get a butt kicking?! Ha!

Bestfriend is not a big fandom, what do you think we can do more to support Boyfriend?
Am I the only one who likes our size? I like the way we are! Because we all talk to each other easily! Maybe be more positive and nice? I kinda feel something happened and we all just... poof! Lost the touch! Where'd everyone go btw? Haha it feels so empty! Confession: I don't come on here as much as I did before. Something should happen, I don't know what but something to get us going again! Let's all be more.. active? Applies to me on so I'm cool with you saying WHERE U AT?! O_o

Anything you wanna say to fellow Bestfriends?
Of course! Hiiii If you don't know me well.. I guess you kinda do after reading? I hope we can talk to eachother one day!
To the three lovelies who recommended me: Thank you so much!! I'm glad you feel I am cool(?) ha!

To Diwi a.k.a Rahmadiwi: Thank You so much and I wish we can talk more!! Time difference stuff xP but you are just the sweetest,and I like your covers^^ you have a cute voice! I like your cover of "Beautiful Life" I haven't talked or heard from you for soo long! How are you? Have you still been singing? Well, thank you^^
To Myonlyweakness 0892: bruh we should talk! thanks for recommending me!
To Rafacha: hello! Thanks for recommending me! I really like what you said about me talking to people without knowing who they are xD haha we should definitely talk!!Haha I just talk too much that's why I'm eager to help >_< no not admin, that's too much for me! Don't be a silent person!! I'll be your friend!
- I don't know if all of you three still come on to the forum, but I hope you see this^^ Thank you so much!!
~Vel!!! I am still grateful what you've done and I'm just glad you are you! This forum would have never happened, my life as a BestFriend wouldn't have started if it wasn't for you!! Thank you for being so kind, it's really too much!! I don't deserve this! Thank youuuuu!!! I hope you are happy and healthy and I would love to see you again one day! I will throw the awkwardness away!
Where'd everyone go??

Kaniaaa!! Candy Bepeus~ where you at?
Hi Jo!! Jo Martina look!!! Where have you been? Minwoo the Peach Head Butt still lives~
I miss you~
Auxilia!! I always see her on twitter talking about BOYFRIEND! She called me lovely ;-;

~Since I was talking to her..HI KELLY!! Your so weird but definitely cool!! Bro that crochet stuff is out! I'm never gonna start that stuff!! You helped me with No Mercy stuff too! I still haven't finished xD what episode am I even on? Well that's out too I guess >>

~ Hey twins!! Thu and Thao!! ... I miss you. These days, been slow for both of us. My two girls who I love so much, you two stuck by me for so long! And I'm just so happy I met you both through the forum^^ You are one of the closest BestFriends I know, I honestly feel like, I met you in person already! We been through happy and hard times together and you're always there for me^^ BF CREW LET'S GO!!!!

The forum misses you. I miss you
Love you!! Miss you!! Talk to ya soon!!

~ To BepeuSubs!! Thanks for accepting me!! Hahaha I don't even know Spanish! All I know is the weird stuff xP thank you for letting me be apart of your family!! I'll continue to do my best! Btw, HyoYounggg~~ hiiiii your so nice towards me and I don't know what I have done but you just popped into my life and I'm glad your my friend! I know we aren't as close but, I want you to know I look up to you xD Good job girl! Talk to ya soon!!

~Last but not least... TSOUL!!!!
My first BestFriend who been by me since Day 1!!! Tsoul I love you so much! Your my sister!! Your part of my family!! You've done so much for me and I feel so blessed to have you apart of my life. Haha admit I bother you sometimes xD So!? Not even gonna say sorry^^ because I'm proud!I'm glad you created BepeuSubs and put your heart into it! I struggle alot and your so patient towards me. Tsoul, your truly the best!! Eventhough it is hard, I try to do my best even if it is frustrating. You definitely deserve alot of things by your hard work and I promise I will stick by side and support you!! You're honetly keeping me up on being a BestFriend, you're truly someone who is important to me. You've given me so much, and I have nothing >< all the love you give to me, I promise I'll pay you back!! I'm not even special, but you still stick by me. Thank You, I love you

~ To everyone, hiii!! I hope we can talk more!! Let's keep on supporting BOYFRIEND together!!^^

Thank You for those who read this ^^
I hope those who don't know who I am or do know who I am, can learn a few things about me! I would love to talk to every one of you! Feel free to message me and don't be shy! Let's be friends!
Where I'm most active, follow me on twitter!! It's a personal and a fangirl account, psst.. you're gonna see some HALO on your tl!!
Twitter: twitter.com/HelloBestCat
LINE: HelloBestCat
I have a bunch of stickers!! Let's put them to use! Add me on LINE if you wanna chat^^

I ONLY talk to Tsoul on Kakaotalk xD lol anyone?
Kakaotalk : HelloBestCat
Basically, you can find me almost anywhere with @HelloBestCat
~Thank You so much for putting me on BESTFRIEND SPOTLIGHT!!!
Take care! -Cat

Thank you for answering our questions. It's nice to know you better. Hope other Bestfriends will welcome you as their friend too. Bestfriends, you can contact Cat and start fangirling together!

If you have more questions for Cat, please reply below so she can answer. Thank you for reading.

To recommend a Bestfriend or yourself for Bestfriend Spotlight, please click HERE.


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Posted 07 August 2015 - 10:14 AM

CAT is soooooooooooooooooo cute~
She was quiet when she met me hehehe
Her family are nice and I admire Cat's papa who took his girls to this korean boys concert ahahaha


I wish we could hang out longer, Cat. Hopefully when Boyfriend comes to the States again, because Bestfriends really need to hang out & meet each other srsly



Thank you for being such a friendly Bestfriend, Cat :wub:


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Posted 18 August 2015 - 09:27 PM

Cat!!!! ~ I really miss you♡ miss all about you:"(
All about school stuff always make me really busy, and I can talk with like the last, I want try to chat with you anymore~~~~ but times not allow me to do that,

I'm in my last year of high school, It's will be more busy, I hope I can talk with you anymore ♡♡♡
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Posted 27 August 2015 - 07:46 AM




~ Hey twins!! Thu and Thao!! ... I miss you. These days, been slow for both of us. My two girls who I love so much, you two stuck by me for so long! And I'm just so happy I met you both through the forum^^ You are one of the closest BestFriends I know, I honestly feel like, I met you in person already! We been through happy and hard times together and you're always there for me^^ BF CREW LET'S GO!!!!
The forum misses you. I miss you
Love you!! Miss you!! Talk to ya soon!!





Cat what is this?!?! you are trying to make me cry waterfalls err something!! dude im crying left and right reading things on the forum!! i miss this place so much!! I LOVE YOU MY LITTLE ONE~ ♥

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Posted 27 August 2015 - 08:15 AM

THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I'VE READ THIS AND I'M STILL CRYING BECAUSE OF IT! Well this girl here is officially back on the Forum and I FREAKEN LOVE YOU! for always being my lil dongsaeng. I'll forever love you! my dear little one.

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