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[TRANS/INTERVIEW] 150502 《fans粉丝志》

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Posted 06 May 2015 - 06:15 PM

[TRANS] 150502 《fans粉丝志》 vol. 101 (May issue)

Q1. This album's concept came from the fairytale <Alice in Wonderland> , may I ask which member is the most suitable for this type of fantasy style? Or who likes to read fantasy novels, fantasy movies?

YM: Personally, I think it is Jeongmin hyung, there is character called the card soldier in this mv, Jeongmin hyung's small and exquisite height and figure is very suitable

DH: Although I don't read novels, but I really like to watch fantasy movies, like <Alice's Adventures in Wonderland> (everyone laughed) <Harry Potter> and <The Lord of the Rings>

Q2. This title song's <bounce> 's dance practice featured SISTAR's BORA, causing a topic, whose idea is it? Who taught BORA the choreography?

DH: BORA wanted to learn the choreography when she saw us practicing, she took the initiative to suggest filming the dance practice with us, so we ended up filming it together, as for who taught her the choreography? I think minwoo taught her a bit?

MW: Correct! BORA learnt it from the teacher first, then I taught her the details and main points of the choreography

Q3. A few months back Youngmin and Kwangmin took part in the variety show 《Real Men》 getring to experience army life, what left the deepest impression? Youngmin and Kwangmin, which member do you think should also take part in 《Real Men》to challenge himself?

KM: Because training was tougher than I thought, so once I couldn't help it and cried, this is the most unforgettable part. I think Jeongmin should receive training, because usually he loves act cute/coquettish, if he joins the army, the hyungs in the team should treat him well

YM: Although the show may look easy, but when im in the army, I feel like dying, it is really tiring


Q4. <Lost Memory> in the new album is composed by Donghyun and Jeongmin, I heard that the inspirations came from the movie 《eternal sunshine of the spotless mind》can you share your thoughts after watching the movie?

DH: Actually I recommended this movie to all the members, and Jeongmin and I had the same feeling after he watched it, although the movie had an unrealistic plot like having memory loss, but when watching it nevertheless brought about sympathy, it is a movie where one can feel the emotional aspects, I feel that everyone must watch this once in their life

Q4.  In the group, minwoo being the maknae, do you act coquettishly to your parents or your elders since young? Or it is because you learn how to use aegyo after debuting for your fans? Do you have any special secret on how to use aegyo? In Minwoo's eyes, which is the member that likes to use aegyo the most?

MW: I don't really like to use aegyo when I am young, but because I am always the maknae during training days, so naturally when I interact with the hyungs or adults I became like that. Secrets.... is to not feel like you are using aegyo [DH interupted: this kid already automatically integrated aegyo into him~ his life is aegyo!] hahaha, you have to show sincerity and not that you are doimg it on purpose, people who like you will then feel that you are using aegyo [ editor added: when minwoo is talking, donghyun hyung and hyunseong hyung who are sitting beside him kept teasing him, saying "you are really cute~ really cute~" they really have a good relationship! ] I feel that among all of us, donghyun hyung is actually the one who likes to use aegyo the most [every one agreed in unison and nodded their head like pounding on garlic with a pestle (?) ]

DH: Although I am normally the leader, but I really want to use aegyo often, but as a leader, I have to be very composed, so I am often controlling myself [ editor laughed loudly: controlling not use aegyo seems to be hard for DH~ )

Q6. Main vocalist hyunseong, who posses dashing abs, changed alot from debut till now, which part do you think he changed the most? For every comeback, the fans eyes will shine because of hyunseong, (hyunseong) what is the reason you like this change?

DH: Hyunseong's figure became really good ever since debut, so fans should be looking forward to seeing hyunseong showing his figure for this concert! As for his appearance, hyunseong is really so handsome that he can be the visual, when we monitor the screen after filming we often exclaim "Wow! Hyunseong really became so handsome!"

HS: Rather than saying that I like this change, it would be better to say that because I think that I have to keep changing, to showcase something completely different from before, this way the fans will like it, I often thought this way

Q7. The interview held on 4 April is children's day in Taiwan, but it's on 5 May in Korea, do anyone have any special deep impression of something that happened during your childhood?

KM: When I am young, Youngmin and I would often hold our mother's hand to visit a big park specially for children to play at 《Children's Grand Park》

JM: Before grade 5 in primary school, I would go to the playground every year, but from then on I didn't go there often, it's really a pity

Q8.  Among the amusement park that you have visited since young, which one do you think is the best? Why?

DH: There is a <Fuji-Q Highland> in Japan, where there are alot of thrilling facilities. Initially, hyunseong didn't really dare to go on the scary elements, but when we went there together, those rides were so fun that hyunseong overcame his own fears, and played together with us !
( editor added: they also asked the editor about scary amusement parks in Taiwan, so we recommended Janfusan Fancyworld G5 and Leofoo Village Theme Park's Screamin Condor! They expressed their desire to try them out! )

Q9.  During Children's Day in Taiwan, children will receive presents, did everyone receive presents during Children's Day when you were a child? What did you receive? When thinking back, what present do look forward to receive the most?

DH: I received alot of presents too, and boys received mainly robots as presents. I have a present that I looked forward to receive the most previously, it is the robot in 《 brave fighter of sun fighbird》, if I can have it, I will be like a hero when I am working!

KM: I received alot of dinosaur figurines. I really love dinosaurs last time, so i pestered my mother to buy them for me every day [ older brother youngmin added: Kwangmin is really not sensible last time!]

JM: I like toy cars, previously there was a type of car that could be turned into a robot, and it could also run to the robot's head, I had alot of those, it is called .... [DH added: it is called police car! ]

Q10. Previously when acting in 《Hello Baby》, which member did the 2 children liked the most? What are some secrets to get them to like you?

DH: Who the children like always changes! Maybe initial they liked Kwangmin the most, after that Jeongmin, children nowadays are really hard to predict, we undoubtedly love everyone equally!

YM: I feel that Jeongmin is the most popular person, furthermore Jeongmin has a nephew, Jeongmin really loves him!

JM: Secret is to not them feel empty, keep playing with them, and act like their mental age, be jealous if they are jealous, fight with them if they are fighting, but if they cry, you have to use your heart to comfort them [ editor said suprisingly: what jeongmin said must be copied down, very professional! You should just start a 《Jeongmin education centre》 as a part time business!]

Q11. If you could turn back time, what would you like to say to your younger self?

YM: I would like to tell him to learn English diligently, I used to hate English, but now I feel that English is really important!

MW: For me..... most probably ask him to sleep earlier, so that I can grow taller

HS: I would tell him, to play hard without leaving any regrets, I feel that I should leave behind more good memories that I can think back for life. Even so, I didn't regret being a child star, I would not regret what happened in the past!

DH: I would like to be more filial to my parents, because previosly when I was a trainee and debuting after that, we lived separately, only to know the time spent with my parents is really precious when I am older, so I would like to tell my younger self, to treat my parents and my family better
JM: I would tell him to save more money and be more thrifty

Q12.  After getting married, would you like to have children? Do you prefer having a daughter or son? Why?

YM: I would like to have a daughter, because on my father's side, they didn't have a daughter for 3 generations

DH: I hope that I won't have a daughter however, because I will be too persistent, so it will be very hard to be at ease about my precious daughter, often not feeling at ease for the whole day! So I wish to have a son, letting him grow up freely

MW: I would like to have children at a later age, then I hope to have a daughter, mainly because I saw other families' daughters and they are really cute, if I have a daughter, she should also be really cute!

Q13. If you have children, would you want to groom him/her into a celebrity? Or wouldn't let him/her become an artist? Why?

KM: If he/she wants to become a celebrity I will respect his/her decision, but I won't insist on letting him become a celebrity

HS: I also have almost the same opinion, I will respect my child's wish, then help him/her with what he/she wants to do, (I) won't insist on asking him/her to become a celebrity

Q14. To BOYFRIEND, what does the fans' existence means to you?

DH: They are someone who were are thankful of, our fans are called BESTFRIEND, so they can give one another support, keeping one another company as we, create memories together, existing like partners [ editor added on the spot: Donghyun started sing <동반자> ~ during the interview we can also listen to Donghyun singing live up close, it is really honourable! ]

{t/n: 동반자 is a trot song sang by tae jinah}

trans cr me / @boyjeongwoo

source:《fans粉丝志》vol. 101 (may issue)



*please pardon me if the translations isnt fluent beacause this is my first time attempting to translate an article~*

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Posted 04 June 2015 - 09:49 AM

Omg! This interview is the BEST!!! Thabk you so much for translating it ^^

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