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[INTERVIEW/TRANS] 3-part interview with TOPSTARNEWS

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Posted 23 April 2015 - 02:12 AM

‘Charm-dol’ Boyfriend



‘Fool for fans’ Boyfriend


‘Concept-dol’ Boyfriend



T/N: I don't have consistent grammar. Please try to overlook that, aha.


trans: smudgebaby | source: topstarnews

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Posted 23 April 2015 - 02:17 AM


[Interview] ‘Charm-dol’ Boyfriend, “Boyfriend’s unique charm is definitely this” …‘Overflowing with charms’ ①

Boyfriend's charm without an end, just how much more handsome do you want to be?

[TOPSTARNEWS | Reporter Jo Hyejin] “Without scandals, idols in their 5th year, this sort of idols are uncommon”

South Korean idol groups go through many various big and small events or scandals to mature. However, within those idols, there are idols who despite being in their 5th year have never had a huge scandal, assuring their fans’ hearts.

Group Boyfriend with the six members, Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin, Youngmin, Kwangmin, Minwoo. Debuting in May 2011, they have reached their current position without any huge scandals.

Now in their 5th year, them with faces still overflowing with innocence have found our office on 16th April. Before the interview started, I still can’t forget the flushed and excited expressions they wore as they looked at me.

I then asked for their self-introduction towards them who were sitting in their seats, and they introduced themselves in (seating) order with shy faces. From the self-introduction that started with the twins Youngmin and Kwangmin, I naturally felt their overflowing charms at once.

Towards the members who simply stated their own names, I asked them for a more ‘distinct’ self-introduction. Hence, Hyunseong then confidently introduced himself as “A man with pretty hands and ankles, Hyunseong”. In reality, Hyunseong’s hands and ankles are as he said.

After that, Jeongmin who was more actively engaged in the interview than anyone else introduced himself with “I’m Jeongmin, in charge of composing in Boyfriend”. Members who were listening clapped while commenting “Saying he’s a composer”, but couldn’t hide the embarrassment in their laughter and expressions.


The twins, Youngmin and Kwangmin were seated side by side, causing me to fall into confusion. Towards me who told them I might not be able tell them apart, Kwangmin then introduced himself as, “I’m the younger twin, with hopes to become more popular recently, Kwangmin”. Youngmin followed with “Wanting to become beautiful, I’m beautiful* Youngmin”, introducing himself with overflowing individuality.
(T/N: I have no idea why he wants to be pretty. He used the term from this root, 아름답다: beautiful, lovely, pretty. Your call.)

Like this, the interview with Boyfriend was filled with laughter.

After leader Donghyun said a simple self-introduction, he wore a thinking expression and thought for a while when asked about Boyfriend’s unique charm. However, Donghyun soon found his momentum again and gave his reply.

Donghyun says, “As our group name is, we have different types of boyfriend. I think having dynamic charms to show is our very charm,” then continuing on with “cute boyfriend, bad boyfriend, we are able to show you different types of boyfriend. We also have big-eyed twins boyfriend”. As he spoke, the fatigue from his eyes soon disappeared. The reason for his fatigue being shingles* and flu.
(T/N: 대상포진. Your call again.)

In response to this, Donghyun says “I am currently having the role of a sick boyfriend. With the combination of shingles and flu, my body is currently in a bad state”. However, in the interview, Donghyun never lost his bright smile, and even made puns from time to time. This sort of professional image that Donghyun had made me really want to clap for him.

Before the interview with Boyfriend, I have personally received questions from fans via my official Twitter (@tsn_hyejin). As they came up with questions for Boyfriend, fans did their best, passionately explaining that Boyfriend “has not been exposed to many broadcasts and hence is like that”, saying that “because they almost don’t appear on variety shows”, showing humility towards the current situation.

When asked of the most difficult thing that happened while promoting ‘Bounce’, Boyfriend members say that it was “not having much time to practise all together”.


As a representative, Hyunseong recounts, “the twins were filming for MBC variety programme ‘Real Men’, and leader Donghyun-hyung was doing a musical in Japan. As such, we didn’t have many opportunities to match each other”.

Hyunseong continues, “Usually we practise together. For the remaining 3 members, we kept practising together in Korea”. While explaining, he had a slightly bitter expression. Donghyun then took over the baton, saying “I received the video in the hotel, and after watching that, practised in the hotel”. The youngest Minwoo recounts “Donghyun-hyung came to match our steps the day before the filming of the music video”, telling of their efforts to perfect their stage amidst their busy schedules.

Listening to this, I then asked for the member who is most unable to memorise the choreography. The one with the least time to practice, Donghyun, says, “Originally I do the monitoring of the choreography, but I was too busy just watching myself. Within the choreography, there is one part where I take out a card from my outfit, but because it doesn’t come out well, I suffered from it,” revealing his troubles.

Youngmin, who recounts of his cross choreography with Kwangmin, says “In the choreography, there is a part where we switch positions. I stayed where I was, but luckily it was a close-up on Kwangmin at that time, so I wasn’t seen by the camera,” confessing of his mistake on stage.

Hyunseong, who saw all that happened, says, “But I saw it all,” causing laughter. When asked to explain the situation then, he says “He (Youngmin) watched me with a surprised expression. I too, had the thought “What is he doing?” coming to mind”.

Boyfriend who is receiving “passionate love” from fans both within and outside of Korea.

Please anticipate their even more “hot emergency”.

Boyfriend’s next interview is scheduled on 21st April.

“Bestfriend’s Boyfriend. To become everyone’s Boyfriend!”

trans: smudgebaby | source: topstarnews
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Posted 23 April 2015 - 08:49 AM

thankyou for the trans!! ^^ really appreciate it!

i cant believe they only practiced the choreo of bounce for a really short time!! THEY DID SO WELL!!!!!!

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Posted 23 April 2015 - 04:32 PM


[Interview] ‘Fool for fans’ Boyfriend, ‘the thing you want do most’ with fans …”Do you want to have chicken and beer together?” ②

To Boyfriend, Bestfriend is “Fate’s destiny”

[TOPSTARNEWS | Reporter Jo Hyejin] “Boyfriend and Bestfriend, fate’s ‘best friend’

Towards idol groups, a ‘fandom’ is an important existence that they must have. They give existence to idols, give them the chance to sing, and a reason to stand on stage. Because of this, towards Boyfriend, ‘Bestfriend’ (Boyfriend’s fandom) has an even more special meaning.

Boyfriend members each proudly expressed their love for fans respectively. When told that we received questions from their fans before the interview via TOPSTARNEWS official Twitter, they had surprised expressions mixed with eyes glinting with curiosity and excitement.

With hearts that love their fans, idol Boyfriend. On 16th April in TOPSTARNEWS office, I had a warm meeting with Boyfriend. Also, without filtering, they expressed their love for their fans, building up a warm atmosphere.

Within the questions asked by fans, when asked the first question ‘In this promotion, the moment that you can’t forget is?’, Boyfriend became quite serious.

When asked to tell their stories according to their order, Kwangmin took some time to think and said “KBS’ Music Bank’s first broadcast” (was the moment he couldn’t forget). Kwangmin says “At that time, (the fans) were really good to us. It was the first time I was surprised,” with gestures expressing his surprise and even sound effects “heo~~”. Donghyun, who was listening from beside him, also recounted the situation, “they even decorated our waiting room”.

Youngmin and Hyunseong both recollected the time at SBS MTV ‘THE SHOW’ where they won first place. Youngmin says “Although with ‘Witch’, we won our first 1st place, winning our second 1st place with ‘Bounce’ was still a new feeling. I also saw all the faces of the fans who were filled with emotions before me one by one,” conveying his thoughts of the fans’ existence being a great pillar of strength for him.


For Hyunseong, meeting fans on the day after winning 1st place on SBS MTV ‘THE SHOW’ was the moment that left the deepest impression on him. He says, “Fans congratulated us with a cake and there were fans who cried then too. At that time, the thought that ‘So I’m receiving a lot of love’ came to mind,” conveying his fondness for fans.

Jeongmin remembers the first broadcast of his personal composition, ‘LOST MEMORY’. Jeongmin says, “in the previous album it was just a ballad, but in this album, it is an emotional dance song. This time, the thing I remember most is matching ourselves on stage while dancing and singing (to LOST MEMORY),” revealing his thoughts.

Donghyun says that he found filming for their music video the most difficult because of his insufficient dance practice for this album’s preparation. He says, “firstly, because I couldn’t practise much, I felt nervous for the first time when filming a music video. In case I get it (the dance) wrong. And I kept telling the dancer-hyungs “I think I got it wrong”, but they all patted me telling me “it’s alright”. When we managed to finish it well, I felt great,” revealing his worries.

The youngest Minwoo says “I remember the last week of broadcast the most”, continuing with “Our promotions were short and so the fans found it a pity. At that time, they obtained tickets to come for broadcasts* and also supported us a lot for live broadcasts”. He stated that he was the happiest when on stage and receiving support from fans.
(T/N: He said “actual broadcast”, aka those that is broadcasted for the first time but is actually recorded. This differs from “live broadcast” which is broadcasted as soon as it is filmed.)


When asked the thing they want to do most with fans, whose existence Boyfriend can’t do without with, leader Donghyun says, “Definitely a concert”. He continues, “it is the best place to communicate with fans. Even after doing it once, I want to do it again,” telling of his fondness for concerts.

Jeongmin says, “(The thing I want to do with fans is) to have chicken and beer at Han River. While chatting with the fans, like a reality*, even ordering chicken and beer, and listening to their worries, I think that would be great” (T/N: No fakeness. Chicken and beer is not broadcast friendly, so it’s less “official” with it). After hearing that, Donghyun points out, “What will you do if there are minors?” and Jeongmin replies, “Ah, then chicken and cola. If it’s chicken and cola, it’ll be fine”. Coincidentally, there was McCol* before Boyfriend, and when seen by Youngmin, “There’s McCol there,” showing off an odd gag (T/N: Barley-based Cola). Jeongmin showed a warm dad-like smile, saying “There is? So there’s McCol here?” causing another round of laughter.

What sort of meaning does Bestfriend has to Boyfriend? When asked this profound question, Youngmin immediately replies, “Without them, we can’t sing. They are an existence we can’t be without, and an existence that allow us to stand on stage,” expressing his fondness for the fans.


Hyunseong says, “An existence that gives me strength when I’m having a hard time,” while Minwoo says, “An existence that allows me to gain strength when I’m having a hard time. They are an existence that we must have”. As he finished, his ears turned red due to his shyness. The members seeing this then teases, “Oh? Your ears turned red,” and Minwoo with a surprised expression went, “It instantly turned red. This is surprising. I felt them turning red too,” finding out his body’s secret for the first time.

Boyfriend who loves their fans the most. What will their ideal type be like? When asked to tell of their respective ideal types, Youngmin says, “I like a girl with pretty eyes,” and hearing this, the members laugh, “He has the same preference for 5 years”. Twin Kwangmin says, “I like a cute-looking person. Cute and I’d like it if she wasn’t that tall. I like a petite and small cute girl,” revealing his specific ideal type.

Minwoo says, “I like a girl who would like me to almost the extent of an obsession,” making a shocking statement. Donghyun hears and says, “I don’t think an obsession is good”. Minwoo then makes supplementary explanations about his own ideal type, “An article once went out with Yeon Minjung* as my ideal type, but for me it’s not to that extent, just someone who would think only of me,” explaining that his once-revealed ideal type was not his actual ideal type.
(T/N: Villian character in popular Korean drama Here comes Jang Bori!)

Leader Donghyun reveals, “Because I like talking and chatting, I like someone who speak prettily. Even if it’s lying (she speaks prettily), an optimistic, enjoyable person”. Leader Donghyun too, is always optimistic and says only happy things* throughout the interview.
(T/N: Saying that Donghyun has traits of his ideal types)

Jeongmin says, “I like a filial girl” and the members started teasing “It’s Fedor, Fedor*” (T/N: Pun). Towards this, Jeongmin cuts off with “it’s not”, continuing with “people with inner beauty are beautiful on the outside too. Of those girls who are filial, there’s none that are bad people,” confessing of his firm beliefs.

For Hyunseong who likes sports, he says “I like an active girl who likes exercise. I like people who can enjoy exercise with me. I go to the gym occasionally, and when I was young, I swam too. Recently, I started swimming again,” revealing that his ideal type is a girl who can enjoy his hobbies with him.


At the question ‘What do you mainly do when not promoting?’, Youngmin says, “mainly meet friends and go to PC rooms”, telling of his enjoyment of daily life just like other male students of his age. He continues, “I go with BTOB’s Sungjae, TEEN TOP’s Ricky, C-CLOWN’s T.K. Of which, Sungjae asked me to definitely mention him today,” causing laughter.

Kwangmin says, “Recently, I have been reading books. I wanted to read when I’m not sleepy, but I’m reading less than I want to. I have recently read ‘Acht Wochen verrückt (My Crazy Eight Weeks)’”. Hearing this, the members retort, “Didn’t you say that 3 months ago?”, causing laughter to erupt.

Under members’ tackle, Kwangmin explains, “I couldn’t understand it, so I read it the second time. I read ‘1cm+’ too, and there’s another book but…What…what did I say it was?” to which Youngmin says “’Shoot me and leave*’, the author is Ahn Sungki seonbaenim,” warming up the interview atmosphere again.
(T/N: Shoot me and leave is a famous phrase by Ahn Sungki (actor) in movie Silmildo. It is not a book)

Jeongmin reveals that he mainly composes when he is resting, while Donghyun says he watches movies. Hyunseong states, “When I’m resting, I either exercise, go to the company, or stay in the dormitory,” revealing his upright lifestyle.

Hearing this, the members fell silent for a while, because it’s really “a truthful answer” and “a fact”. Donghyun says, “He mainly does things alone,” and Jeongmin testifies, “He wakes up early alone and sleeps early”.

Boyfriend, who steadfastly protected “Boyfriend’s music” and “Boyfriend’s belief” for five years, believe it to be possible because of the fans.

From now on too, hoping that Bestfriend will be Boyfriend’s reliable ally and best helper.

Boyfriend’s next interview will continue on 22nd April.

“Overflowing with charms, fans’ ‘boyfriend’, Boyfriend!”

trans: smudgebaby | source: topstarnews

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Posted 23 April 2015 - 07:45 PM


[Interview] ‘Concept-dol’ Boyfriend, “Bestfriend, don’t go anywhere but wait”…“Only believe in me” ③

Boyfriend will only believe in Bestfriend and advance!

[TOPSTARNEWS | Reporter Jo Hyejin]  “Conquering the gap period, them who have become stronger”

Boyfriend who made their fans have a heartache because of their long gap period. However, Boyfriend’s Bestfriend waited no matter how long the period was, with fluttering emotions and was able to enjoy the wait.

In the two years when they were not promoting, Boyfriend matured and came back with a fonder heart filled with love for the fans.

I have met Boyfriend last week on 16th April at TOPSTARNEWS office, who, as much as the fans worry for them, have similar kindness*. (T/N: This is pretty hard to translate. I’m thinking it has the meaning that they were worthy of the fans’ worries) Even till the interview ended, Boyfriend who were worried for fans because of the long wait. What sort of different charms will there be in the final part of this interview?
Of the many questions posted by fans via TOPSTARNEWS official Twitter, they were asked, ‘Recently, what do you do most on your handphone?’. Donghyun started excitedly, telling that he recently started a new SNS (Social Networking Service) .

Donghyun says, “I lean towards going to the sites that fans go to often. And because I also just started Instagram, I’m often on it. I’m the kind that usually gets tired of something after starting it, so this too, I will probably get sick of it after a while,” honestly confessing and causing everyone to burst out laughing

Minwoo, who copied Donghyun and started Instagram, says, “Yesterday, I uploaded the toasting of bread,” and hearing this, Donghyun says, “Minwoo does it (Instagram) very diligently,” giving a thumbs-up.

Jeongmin says, “(You) upload all sorts of things”, praising Minwoo for his passion for Instagram. Minwoo then says, “On the bread video I uploaded, Donghyun-hyung commented ‘What are you doing’”, attracting attention.
Through the recent MBC variety programme ‘Real Men’, the twin brothers, Youngmin and Kwangmin who showed their unique charms. I told them I was curious about what sort of variety they would like to do next, and asked Kwangmin* first. Kwangmin* says, “I thought about it, but I don’t think I match variety. Really!” causing laughter.

(T/N: The interview may very well have mixed up Kwangmin and Youngmin this entire part. Read on to find out why.)

When asked about the reason, Kwangmin* says, “I really can’t make people laugh. ‘Real Men’ was really difficult. That’s why for the training I really did my best and come back. I think I can do well for things I’m ordered to do.”
Youngmin* says, “I want to film a variety with the members. For example, something like ‘SHOWTIME’.  I think it’s something we can film very interestingly”. Hearing this, Jeongmin adds, “We were conservative in the past, but if it’s now, (we will do) good”. Youngmin* continues, “now, we can open up on everything,” raising our expectations.

The youngest Minwoo recommended the twins to go for ‘Real Men’ again. Minwoo says, “The twins seem to match well with RM, so it’ll be good for them to appear again. I personally don’t match well with variety. Maybe an active* programme where I can naturally laugh at would be good,” confessing of his personal preferences.
(T/N: Active like sporty active)

Listening to this, Youngmin* says “How about ‘Dream Team’?” and Kwangmin* recommends “go on ‘Cool Kiz on the Block’”. At these recommendations, Minwoo says, “’Cool Kiz on the Block’ or ‘Running Man’ would probably be good,” saying of his firm resolve that he would really do his best (on those programmes).

Jeongmin conveys, “I want to go on talk shows. I like variety shows that have a lot of talking, and it’s a pity that a lot of those shows disappeared. For example, ‘Witch Hunt’ or ‘Radio Star’”. Hearing this, Minwoo suggests, “Then I too, ‘Witch Hunt’. Let’s go on it together,” and Jeongmin replies, “Yeah,” giving a short reply and an expression as if he doesn’t want to, causing laughter.
Finally, Hyunseong who likes sports expressed his preferences as it is. Hyunseong says, “I’m not a fun person. As such, I went on ‘Dream Team’ and ‘Star King’ and suffered, so I thought might as well just use my body instead of talking. “’Cool Kiz on the Block’ or its likes would be good.”


Recently, idols have a lot of interest towards fashion, so how about Boyfriend’s usual fashion? During the interview, because Boyfriend had come prepared for the next schedule, their clothes were already matched for them. To them, I hence asked about their ‘usual fashion’.

(T/N: This is where my doubts for Kwangmin and Youngmin’s replies earlier rose. Their previous replies sound more correct if we read it under the assumption that the reporter got it wrong, and even more because here comes the keywords that sets them apart: “dandy”.)
Kwangmin* says, “I like dandy clothes. I often wear shirts and coats”. Although they are twins, Youngmin* with a totally different personality says, “I like to wear strikingly. Somehow! Having a key point in my dressing and allowing anyone who sees it to find it very striking,” causing laughter.

Minwoo stated that he usually plays around with the fashion he sees his hyungs wear, saying “I pretty much wear everything except Youngmin’s style,” specifically pointing it out. (T/N: This is spoken by Minwoo so it is correct.) Donghyun says, “I like black. When going out, my shoes, pants and clothes are all black. Like today, I usually wear black and white. Most of the clothes in my closet are black,” conveying his firm preference.

When asked about Boyfriend’s future goal in 5 syllables, Kwangmin* says “Long-lived idol”. Jeongmin says, “Happy music. I would like it if many people can hear Boyfriend’s music. We’re currently thinking of finding our own musical colour.
Donghyun’s request reflected his current health, saying “Don’t be sick”. Minwoo said he wants to hear  “Those kids (Boyfriend) are not bad”. His reason being, “not just the fans, but even for the public that don’t know us, I want to hear ‘those people are not bad’, ‘their stage is not bad’, ‘their song is not bad’ these sort of words,” confirming the mature side of the youngest.
Hyunseong says, “Because I think that we still have many things left to show, and have not showed many things yet, and so ‘You can have expectations’.”
As the interview finishes up, Donghyun was asked if he had anything to say to the fans. “Recently, fans are worried that it’s another gap period. Because it happened for two years before, they wonder if it’ll happen again. Towards this, I want to tell them that after the overseas tour, we will come back out soon, so they don’t have to worry,” showing his warm side as he worried for the fans even till the end.

Boyfriend’s charming and honest, clean personality. This side of them could be the reason why fans’ hearts were stolen by Boyfriend.
Conquering the long gap period and as much as the strong rapport with the fans, I will be expecting an even stronger comeback from them with Boyfriend’s unique music.

“In another 2 years time, how much progress would they make?”

trans: smudgebaby | source: topstarnews

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