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[INTERVIEW/TRANS] From sexiness to cuteness…Exploring the 6 Men, 6 Colours; Boyfriend’s Charm

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Posted 05 March 2015 - 06:39 PM

T/N: This is a really good interview. Try not to skip it :) I'm so glad the boys are as I've imagined though. Kind and nice and you can tell that they really appreciate each other.

(Summary: In the world of idols, the you who is searching for the vitamin that can warm your heart. I shall help with your next selection. I’ll reveal the sides, although trivial and common, of the Boyfriend you never saw on stage.)

[MBN Star Song Chorong Reporter] Group Boyfriend comprising Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin, Youngmin, Kwangmin, Minwoo is a boy group under Starship Entertainment. On 26th May 2011, they debuted with the same-name title track ‘Boyfriend’ at Mnet audition programme “M Countdown” towards the public with a shining Boyfriend-dol image. Five years into their career, they have since matured. Concentrating on overseas performation before, the boys have a relatively lower popularity in Korea. As such, MBN Star has collated the charms of the members as told by the members personally.

Members’ opinion of Leader Donghyun: Leader, sexiness, unexpected cuteness

Youngmin: Donghyunnie-hyung’s charm seems to be his extreme sexiness. As a leader, his leadership is outstanding too.
Minwoo: Donghyunnie-hyung has an unexpected charm. While everyone thinks he’s sexy and adult-like, when they look closer, he has many cute sides. He surpasses me a lot too (in terms of cuteness).
Jeongmin: Compared to hyung-nim’s friends, his face is really younger looking. When going around with me too, he doesn’t fall behind (look older).
Kwangmin: A very friendly Leader-hyung. It’s not that he’s easy (to bully). The fact that he’s very friendly is very good. Sometimes he might be stern, but still very friendly and nice.
Hyunseong: A hidden good talker. Donghyunnie-hyung speaks well. I hope he can go on talk shows to show that side of him.

Members’ opinion of Youngmin: Standard Idol, tall, his-forever-homework: charisma

Donghyun: Youngmin is kind.
Minwoo: He’s official to no end (gives very standard answers). He’s a kid that’s like a sample idol. From his answers to his actions, he’s the standard idol.
Jeongmin: He’s very reliable. I’m thankful that he’s tall. (Minwoo: It’s something we need to be thankful about, yep.)
Kwangmin: He’s really kind till it seems stupid. It’s not because we’re brothers. He’s really like that.
Hyunseong: He’s very passionate and works very hard.
Donghyun: When asking about Youngmin, it’s got to be charisma. Five years since debut, he’s been pushing charisma but he’s still the same. Haha.
Youngmin: Now, I’m at the initiation step (of charisma). The start is now. Since a start is half the work done, I’ve got half (the charisma) already.

Members’ opinion of Minwoo: Neat, adult-like, unexpected genius

Donghyun: Minwoo has a neat personality and takes care of the hyungs well. His attentiveness is Korea’s number 1. Firstly, even when going to the convenience store or when eating, he could just ask to be treated so he doesn’t have to pay but he doesn’t. He also does a lot of cleaning up for the members. He thinks a lot for the members’ image. He will do the backstage work whether or not people tell him to. A mom-like presence.
Youngmin: He’s not like a 21 year old, a very adult-like child. I’m envious of that point of his. He also acts cute towards his hyungs well. I’m envious of that too. Because I lean towards having no aegyo. (Donghyun: It’s me who don’t have any.) I’m working hard to learning it.
Jeongmin: Minwoo is like the top 1% in our country. If there’s a program for him to really use his head and guess the opponent’s psychology, he’ll do really well. He’s really a genius. I think he’d do really well if he studied. He is very bright and intelligent.
Kwangmin: Although I see Minwoo as a man, he sometimes has that first place daughter-in-law feeling. He organises very well and treats elderlies well, and treats hyungs and seniors all very well.
Hyunseong: His learning ability is very good. Even seeing from the corner of his eyes or just briefly touching something, he has the ability to learn it.

Members’ opinion of Jeongmin: Strong will, confidence, energiser

Donghyun: Jeongmin’s strong will is overwhelming. Every time, for anything, he's a child that will have lots of energy and lots of greed, the sort that gives his all. Musically, he has a lot of greed. You’ll be energised just by being beside him, an energiser-like friend. Like an energy drink.
Youngmin: For Jeongminnie-hyung, his confidence is the best. But recently, it’s like most of it disappeared, which is quite sad. He’s increasingly humble. (Jeongmin: In the past, I really had no fear, but as I’m promoting I’m reconsidering many things.)
Minwoo: As a fellow man, the thought of Jeongminnie-hyung being “really not bad” comes to mind. To that extent, he’s a really good person. Even around me, there’s a lot of people who likes Jeongminnie-hyung. That’s the evidence of his charms towards people. He’s a hyung I really like.
Kwangmin: Jeongminnie-hyung has a firm determination towards things he wants to do. I really like that part of him.
Hyunseong: If there’s something he wants to do, he’ll do whatever it takes to make it succeed. Because he has the passion and a strong fighting spirit, his actual ability is also exceptional.

Members’ opinion of Kwangmin: Innocent, kind, human vitamin

Donghyun: Kwangminnie is an innocent child without any ill will. To the extent that just by looking at him, your worries disappear.
Youngmin: He’s very kind. To the extent that I find myself being apologetic (for not being as kind). Sometimes, I’ll suddenly get annoyed at Kwangmin, but he just silently accepts it.
Minwoo: For Kwangminnie, I find him very interesting. With a good meaning. Because in my opinion, if there’s an interview or that sort of thing, we have to be official (formal, standard answers). But at those sort of situations, he’d bring us out of the formal setting by enjoying it. This time too, the interviews are held after us being unable to sleep because of album preparations, and it’s difficult physically, but thanks to Kwangminnie, I’m really enjoying it. He becomes a vitamin.
Jeongmin: Kwangminnie is a child that really knows how to enjoy life. He lives very coolly. Kwangmin’s life is cool. There’s no such word as “suppression” in his dictionary. Kwangminnie’s dictionary contains only "freedom always" and "live very happily". I’m envious.
Hyunseong: He’s innocent and cheerful. He also innocently makes the people around him feel happy.

Members’ opinion of Hyunseong: Self-maintenance, serious, official

Donghyun: Hyunseongie does self-maintenance really well. A very thorough man.
Youngmin: He’s very serious no matter what sort of conversation we are holding. I don’t think that’s a bad thing.
Minwoo: Hyunseongie-hyung is upright and official. Compared to me, he’s a lot more responsible for the things he’s in charge of. He’s like always doing actions decently, whether it is towards the people around him, or towards anything. When it is time for practice, he also does so responsibly, doing everything he can till the end.
Youngmin: He’s very sociable towards hyungs. (Donghyun: Good information. Why wasn’t I aware of it?)
Jeongmin: Hyunseongie-hyung fulfils his work as he has decided, towards things he’s made up his mind on. I’m very envious of that side of him.
Kwangmin: What I feel is that he has very strong pride. A determined man.

Song Chorong Reporter twinkle69@mkculture.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mbnstar7

trans: smudgebaby | source: naver

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Posted 06 March 2015 - 12:34 PM

waaah! thankyou for translating these! this interview really shows what kind of person they are :"">

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Posted 15 March 2015 - 08:36 AM

"he sometimes has that first place daughter-in-law feeling" lmao xD

"Kwangminnie is a child that really knows how to enjoy life" i have to meet kwangmin ><

thnks for translating ^^

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