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15.02.12 Staff Diary DONGHYUN'S 27TH BIRTHDAY PROJECT 2015

project staff diary

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#1 tsoul



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Posted 13 February 2015 - 01:47 PM

Hello Bepeus,



This is Tsoul ^^ 


A 92 liner and Donghyun biased as you can probably tell so… I am here to tell you about Donghyun’s 27 birthday project WISH UPON A STAR but first I want to thank every single person that made this project possible.


Thank you to everyone that participated by sending their wishes and to those who shared the project too. Special thanks to Hyo Young, Velisha, Riamuk, Cat, Rossy, Suminnie, Jazmine & Puja.






To celebrate Donghyun’s 27th Birthday each Bestfriend made a wish upon a star especially for him. These stars have been gathered from all over the world to create a starry night in his honor:





The letters were painted by hand and the stars were glued one by one ^^ Cups and anything that I could find to use as paperweigths





60 wishes upon stars!! Every single wish translated and paste into the banner... Sponges and boxes used as guidelines to paste the stars in a place where they wouldn't be damaged when folding the banner ^_^





The whole banner almost done... The letters still need another layer of paint




Finished banner with a plushie Star!! ... The hand painted letters finally look yellow, they turned out pretty, rigth?





Why are you there little plushie star? you are blocking bepeus wishes... tsk tsk




Besides from the banner a Black backpack and a Mario Star plushie were sent as gifts. Also a card with a resume of the project and a letter wishing him happy birthday:




Black backpack for our fashionista Donghyun!! I think it will fit his style perfectly :) 





Mario plushie star ^^ It looks as cute as our leader, rigth? ...You think Donghyun will draw him a smiley mouth??




Two gifts together and ready to pack!!




Birthday letter for Donghyun!!





Resume of the project, banner folded (under the plushie) and plushie star ^^





Packages ready to send! On top box with the banner, letter & plushie star. Down, box with the backpack ...








A cake was also sent for him on his Birthday in behalf of I’m Your Bestfriend Forum and Bepeu Subs! (Spanish Subbing Team):





cake6s_zpsf2f0eca5.png cake2s_zps7aeda978.png  

cake3s_zpsae776eac.png cake1s_zps2ed0d8d6.png








Forum cake in front row!! Pic from Donghyun's birthday staff diary update



That is all for now BUT if you want to know more about how this project was made please read the next post:





Thank you,


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#2 tsoul



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Posted 13 February 2015 - 01:49 PM



This is the story of how this project was actually done, all the ups & downs are sumed up in here ^^





It all started around the end of July 2014, I was talking with Cat & Rossy about how much I wanted to do a project for Donghyun and I had an idea, to give him a STAR. To buy an actual star up in the sky and name it after Donghyun, he could see it whenever he wanted to and think of bepeus.


I thought it was the PERFECT idea until NASA appeared and broke my dreams. It turns out you can’t buy a star for real T.T Check it out here: NASA FAQ & MORE ABOUT BUYING STARS


After this impasse I stop thinking about making the project for various reasons. 1) I had no idea of what the main gift could be. 2) I was starting a new job that was very time consuming. 3) I couldn’t find any donghyun biased bepeu with the time to help me in this project.





It was already January 2015 and I had no plans of making the project anymore that is until I talked to Vel one night. It made me realize I HAD TO DO THIS PROJECT, I knew I would regret it if I didn’t do it when I had the chance even though there were so many thing that could have gone wrong and time wasn’t on my side either but you know what? YOLO!


That night I wrote the draft of the project, the idea of making a banner was born after one of many conversations I had with Cat. Since I can’t give Donghyun a real star I decided to send him a lot of stars with bepeu wishes on it hence the name of the project. “WISH UPON A STAR”


I had the banner as main gift but it needed something else and since Donghyun is a bit of a fashionista I thought it would be great to give him sunglasses or a hat. So I sent a message to RiamuK (Japanese bepeu who has given gifts to Donghyun), even though I have never talked to her before she was really kind and reply me with the brands Donghyun like which let me say ARE FREAKING EXPENSIVE!!


She also told me she gave him sunglasses for Christmas so sunglasses were off my list and I wasn’t sure about buying a hat online... what if it didn’t fit him? I was pretty much lost on what to give him so I talked with Rosy for help. After that conversation it was decided that the gift would be a backpack, a black one that he can match with whatever clothes he wants to.





The post about the project was up on January 12th and I had exactly a month to make this project possible. Jasmine (Suminnie) was kind enough to make a poster for the project and Puja translated it to Japanese so it was all set. I promoted the project as much as I could and tell everyone that I know to please share it. I was gladly surprised when I had collected 60 messages from bepeus all over the world by the date of the deadline (January 25th), thank you so much for participating ^^


I had the wishes ready for translation and I had already purchased the backpack online so everything was looking good except for the fact that I didn’t have a translator. I didn’t want to bother the forum translators since they are pretty busy these days.


It was January 28th and I was desperate! I had no translator so I asked pretty much everyone that I know if they could translate to Korean. I got a lot of ‘NO’ in the way but finally I talked with a longtime friend, Jazmine, who has some Korean friends and she told me they could help me. She said yes without thinking it twice and for that I am really grateful towards her.

In two days I had every wish translated to Korean, it took me two other days to put every single message in the start shape and paste the country’s flag in it.





It was January 31st , Saturday, when I went with Hyo Young to buy the fabric for the banner, it took us all the morning and a lot of walking but we finally found a fabric that was dark blue that resembled the night sky. By this point Hyo Young and her kind hearted mother whom I can’t say thank you enough times, had agreed to let me do the banner in her house since my parents would kill me if they find out I am involved in making a project for Boyfriend (My parents doesn’t even know about my hidden Boyfriend CD collection …. the sad reality L ).


It was Tuesday 3rd my first day off since I started my job and I went printing for Donghyun’s project, sadly there was a problem with the printing process so I had to go again the following day to pick up the stars. I arrived at Hyo Young’s house with the backpack safely placed in a box and a couple of stars as sample and then we started measuring the banner and left everything in order.


In the past days I had been talking to Vel about sending a cake for Donghyun’s Birthday, I wasn’t sure at first because I didn’t know if he was going to be in Japan for the Musical or not but in the end I decided to send one anyway. That night I talked with Vel about the cake, I told her how I wanted it to be and she sent it to her friend that makes cakes for idols (how cool is that!!)


On Wednesday 4th I went for printing while Hyo Young went to the tailor to sew and iron the banner. Finally, we meet and went to a mall to buy one last gift, a Mario star stuffed toy. Since a while ago I was always thinking about giving him a stuffed toy but didn’t know which one until I saw a Mario image in a store and I just had to buy the Mario star.


When we arrived to Hyo Young’s house we started by painting the title of the project ‘Wish Upon a Star’ in

the banner, it took us a while because the paint was yellow and the fabric blue so in some parts it looked green BUT we added more paint and problem solved!!


After painting, we pasted the paper stars one by one and by the time we were done it was already night so we called it a day.





On Thursday 5th after work I went to Hyo Young’s house to check on the banner and realized the paint wasn’t dry and that some of the stencil had stuck into the fabric. We panicked and started cleaning the fabric around the letters to make it look pretty!! It was such a hard work, our arms hurt after doing that T.T


On Friday 6th I left work around 3pm and rushed to Hyo Young’s house to pick up everything!! I met with my friend Jazmine for lunch but instead we went to look for a box big enough to fit the gifts. We arrived at the DHL office and they were about to close!! We yell and run like crazy person so they won’t close the office and they didn’t ^^


We entered the office and we had to wrap the whole box with tape and we were sweating by that point because the office didn’t have air conditioner and WE WERE DONE!


After that, we went to a Korean restaurant and ate until we literally couldn’t move!



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#3 Velisha


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Posted 13 February 2015 - 02:30 PM

I love how the project is done
It's stylish & classy, and the plushie adds a cute accent to it

(sorry, I am always being technical in a production)


Good job, tsoul!

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#4 spiritkiss501


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Posted 13 February 2015 - 03:26 PM

wow... it was really pulled off. glad i was a part of it. never one for projects much but every now and then maybe... lol i may or may not be jelous of a plush and im twin bais! haha either way glad it was a sucess
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#5 devin_sora



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Posted 13 February 2015 - 03:39 PM

Waaaaah!!! Really Good Job... :) I think Donghyun Oppa will be happy when he received this pretty gift.. Ah~ I hope when he received that gift, he will take a selca with them.. Bepeus in the world must be happy  :wub:

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#6 leejeongminnie


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Posted 13 February 2015 - 04:36 PM

omg this project is so nice!!! I'm so glad it turned out well and I bet DH liked his gifts a lot! 

THe project looks so cool and I bet DH was surprised when he saw it! Thanky ou so much for putting time into this, you are truly amazing tsoul!

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#7 HelloBestCat


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Posted 13 February 2015 - 10:41 PM

That's my girl!!! YOLO!!!! XD
I'm happy that you completed your project, I always knew you can do it^^
Congrats!!! Wahhh you seemed fine when I talked to you! A little bit of stress, but I didn't think it be this much!! O_O
Hahaha you are amazing!! BepeuSubs!! Whoo~~~
Such an accomplishment!!! :')
Love ya so so much, and I will support you on any other projects you'll have in the future ;)
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#8 smudgebaby


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Posted 14 February 2015 - 02:00 AM

That bag totally suits his style +___+
(as expected of a Donghyun bias)

Oh my goodness, I can never imagine how amazing people who do these sort of projects are.
I crumble under stress and I can only imagine how chaotic it was from your staff diary @_@
Thank you so much for all your efforts and everyone else that had contributed <3

(sheesh, buying a star. gotta take my hats off to you though, i'd never have thought of something like that @_@)
(it's like the "I'll catch a star for you" sort, awwwwww <3)

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-inserts witty comment-
-too lazy to think of anything rn-

#9 myonlyweakness 0892

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Posted 14 February 2015 - 04:47 AM

Good Job Tsoul. You did an amazing job putting this together. The cake is so cute :) and the Mario star adds a nice touch. I'm sure Donghyun loved it. :)

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#10 BmerangCheoroem


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Posted 15 February 2015 - 12:55 AM

AUTHORNIM!!! woaaah!!! you worked hard!!!
  ITS SO BEAUTIFULLL!!! BE-AU-TI-FUUUUUL-- from the bag, to the stuff toy, cake, banner... everythiiiiiiiing!!!

Thankyou so much for doing this :"") and representing all the international bestfriends!!! Fighting!!^^ ~♥


and yeah... i also dont tell my mom how many albums i have... i only display 3... or else she'll  yell at me xD hahahah

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#11 Suminnie


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Posted 15 February 2015 - 06:33 AM

Thank you for your hard work~~ ^^ hehe I'm happy I was able to help even if it was just a tiiiiiiiiiiiiny bit. The project came together so beautifully!!! I'm sure it put a huge smile on Donghyun's face when he opened the gifts and saw all the wishes.

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#12 jhayeminwoo


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Posted 17 February 2015 - 09:06 AM

I'm really really glad that I was also part of this project even just a little.

Congratulations Tsoul eonnie, you worked hard for this project.

I congratulated you also on your twitter account last Feb 12, teehee.

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#13 HyoYoung (Andy)

HyoYoung (Andy)


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Posted 24 February 2015 - 11:39 AM

You will have always my support! U know it c: Let's work hard Tsoul! You're always with me when I'm sad, stressful or happy ^^ In the bad and good moments... So that was my moment to show you how grateful I am~. 

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