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[SHOW/TRANS] 150122 BOYFRIEND on SISTAR’s Showtime ep 3

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Posted 23 January 2015 - 12:20 PM

[TRANS] 150122 BOYFRIEND on SISTAR’s Showtime ep 3 
trans: @beatrooot/youngmineekkeo | vid cr. bogofdang


—Finally arrived
—The group of boys seen from behind the window
—Dazzling steps
—Knife choreography
Bora: Can I go in?
—The identity of the younger boys who’s meeting with Bora today is?
Bora: Tadah!!
DH: Wah it’s Yoon Bora
MW: Wah hello
—Disappointment… What is this kind of reaction?
JM: Wah~~
HS: Tadah!!!
Bora: Ah what’s with your reaction, let’s do it again
Bora:  Let’s do it again, try and brighten up your reaction
Bora: They seem excited
JM: It’s real~
Bora: TADAH~
—Aigoo…there’s no point…
BF: Wah~~~
Bora: Look at this!!
—Hyorin’s quote: It’s hard to pretend you’re surprised when you’re not.txt
DH: I didn’t know you’d come
HS: We’ll eat well, we’ll eat well noona
—The guys who’s more happy in meeting with the snacks than meeting with Bora?
Bora: Ah what is this?
—6 member boy group, BOYFRIEND ★ Bora’s boyfriend
—SISTAR’s hoobae labelmate in Starship
—6 guys who steals the ladies’ hearts with their addictive songs and sharp choreography
—The reason why Bora met BOYFRIEND especially?
Bora: I always say that ‘I’ll buy you delicious foods’, ‘let’s go eat together’, right?
—Because of a busy schedule, Bora could keep her promise to buy them food
YM: That’s right
Bora: And so that’s why I came here as a surprise with these
—Both of her hands are heavy, A surprise attack at the practice room to fulfil her promise
DH: Yay! Let’s clap!
—Seal clap of gratitude!
Bora: I bought you some bread!
HS: I like bread!
Bora: Yah, I looked for the delicious ones
—Charming point for ‘dating’ a younger guy, bought the bread generously
KM: Let’s see how delicious they are
Bora: I think I bought everything from the bakery
KM: Ah really?
DH: You really bought a lot 
MW: Why did you buy so many?
HS: These are expensive though
Bora: There’s a lot of you so
—6 guys who’s being sorry for the first time for being a large group
Bora: Hey, who’s the youngest maknae here?
—As soon as they sat down, Bora looked for the maknae
YK: Him
Bora: Hey, go heat this up
MW: Ah what’s with the youngest maknae though
Bora: Hey twins, go with him too
—Feels like she’s a guy sunbae
YM: Go quickly~
—Or is she a club hyung?
Bora: Hey maknae, go get some cups
DH: Hey Bora, you’re really something today
—An oppa who’s older than Bora, Donghyun
DH: Yah yah yah! 
—Why are you unusually hyped up?
DH: Go get some cups! Why are you like that?
Bora: It’s because I’m excited and all
—Excited in meeting younger guys
DH: Bora-yah I’ll eat well! I’m gaining strength
Bora: You’re gaining strength?
HS: I’ll eat well noona!
DH: This is our first time doing this
Bora: Really?
—First time experiencing having them visited
DH: We’re practicing but a girl came to find us and gave us bread to cheer for us. I’m really gaining energy from this
Bora: Thank you
KM: Noona
Bora: Thank you~ For calling me a girl
DH: Indeed, SISTAR only have Bora
—If it’s SISTAR, it is Bora of course!
HS: Wah~~
—Are you listening, Hyorin, Soyou, Dasom!
KM: Noona
DH: SISTAR is all about Bora
—After receiving a bread, a blast of lip service (saying good things)
DH: You’re the one who gave us these
KM: Noona
Bora: Thank you
KM: Noona, sausage—
DH: You know what I mean right?
Bora: Thank you!
KM: Is there a sausage bread?
Bora: Here’s a sausage bread, there’s another one over there
KM: Ah there’s a sausage bread
—The sausage bread that is more special than SISTAR 
HS: The bread is really good
DH: Oppa, it’s this one
—Eat this one
KM: Oh it’s warm
DH: Oh it look good
—The honour sausage bread obtained from doing lip service
—That bread should’ve been mine
DH: Actually, Bora is pretty popular
Bora: Really?
DH: Don’t pretend you don’t know about it
Bora: No it’s not that, look. 
DH: Is it because no one is asking you out? Truthfully
—Urgently turning her gaze away
MW: She didn’t answer after 2 seconds so that means
—It’s confirmed!
DH: From what I see, I think she thought of 4 people. 1 2 3 4
Bora: Ah listen. Truthfully, during our early days of debut, there was one.
JM: Aigoo
Bora: But there’s really no one now
—Where could Bora’s men go…?
DH (jokingly): So why do you think it’s like that?
—It’s fun
Bora: With that, can you tell/find my charm?
—Bora’s charm seen by the young guys?
JM: Noona’s charm?
YM (jokingly): Wait for a moment, I’d have to go study that for a while
HS: Give us time
—Finding Bora’s charm is harder that SATs?
MW: I think we’re going to take some time
—Ah younger guys are not that easy
DH: You’re best charm is
—Bora’s #1 Charm? 
DH: ..your healthy beauty (appearance) 
DH: Pocahontas! 
—The princess who has been in a war, Pocahontas 
DH: She’s got a wild beauty 
—Her wild beauty reminiscent of a cheetah 
Bora: Wild beauty?
DH: She runs like a cheetah, I think it’s that
JM: Noona, I think it’s like this… 
JM: There are a lot of guys who love girls who likes kids, right. 
—JM’s thought: Guys who like girls with motherly affection 
JM: Noona is really… I think that you’ll be able to have an easy childbirth Bora: /laughs/ 
—po (embarrassment) wer
Bora: ‘I think you’ll be able to have an easy childbirth!’ 
YM: Why are you talking about childbirth out of nowhere?
—Buzzy upon having said the word ‘childbirth’  
JM: (in the midst of clearing what he said) No but-she’s a healthy beauty —Positive Bora who’s receiving his comment in a positive light 
—Because I’m healthy, you think that I can deliver safely 
 JM: Of course
DH: What do you think your charm is?
—What does she think her own charm is?
Bora: Me? My charm?
—What is there?
KM: Smile
Bora: Ah laughing
DH: Moms love that
KM: Yeah moms love that, our mom loves it
JM: Same with my mom
HS: Same
Bora (not believing): Really? Buy you guys, if you say that, would you also go to other noonas and say ‘Our mom really likes you’
KM: Then we’ll have to change it to our dads
Bora: He’s humorous
DH: My mom likes Hyorin
—She likes Hyorin?
Hyorin: Wow! 
—Thanks to Dasom’s oppa and Donghyun’s mom, they’ll have another company dinner
Hyorin: We’ll have a company dinner
MW: My dad like Soyou noona
Bora: Ah aigoo aigoo~
Bora: Of course they like us evenly
DH: You have a cool personality
—Indeed the cool girl Bora
Bora: Right now, you can go as the next group to be on Showtime
KM: Next week?
Bora: No the next one to be on the show
HS: For season 5?
—Not for next week, next participant!
Bora: ??
Bora: Should we go practice?
Bora: Appeal each members’ charm, BOYFRIEND’s charm appeal
—An offering to the staff, BOYFRIEND’s Show time!
—So, what is BOYFRIEND’s charm?
—Music START
Bora: Ooh you’re popping your hips well!
—Pop your hips
Bora: Oh you’re doing really good!
HS: Turn around and
KM: Ah you’re doing well
—SISTAR’s Touch my Body danced by BOYFRIEND?
DH: Bread move!!
—Manly BOYFRIEND’s Bewitching Touch my Body!
—Perfect facial expression! Perfect lip-sync! 
—Perfect, even doing little details of the choreography!
—Scene that Bora’s seeing for the first time
Bora: Like this
—To the side
DH: Hyunseongie go!
—Matching the timing to move to formations too!
Bora: Ah this is funny
—This is none other than BOYFRIEND’s charm
MW: Let’s go let’s go!
—Let’s go everyone!
—First time seeing <Touch My Body> Guy version
Bora: Turn!
DH: Hit it! Hit it! My butt!!
—This is the point choreography, hit the butt!
DH: That’s right
DH: Touch my body let’s go
—Let’s go all together!
—With young ones BOYFRIEND, the place where Bora is is paradise
Q. Please introduce SISTAR’s boyfriend!
A. Dependable boyfriend that is by my side whenever

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Posted 23 January 2015 - 10:42 PM

Thanks for the translations <333!
I love Jeongmin @__@ He's the oddest ball sometimes.
/Kwangmin gave him food to shut him up/

Here are the missing translations if anyone wants them ^^

—First time experiencing having them visited
DH: We’re practicing but a girl came to find us and gave us bread to cheer for us. I’m really gaining energy from this
Bora: Thank you
DH:Thank you (in accented English)

DH: You have a cool personality
Bora: Everyone has different preferences, everyone's different
—Indeed the cool girl Bora
Bora: Right now, you can go as the next group to be on Showtime
KM: Next week?
Bora: No the next one to be on the show
HS: For season 5?
—Not for next week, next participant!
Bora: It's really worth a shot

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Posted 24 January 2015 - 05:15 AM

Thanks for the translations. They didn't seem so surprised to see Bora. I wish Starship would have Boyfriend learn a sister dance in full and put it on Youtube that would be amazing. :)

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Posted 25 January 2015 - 06:30 AM

thanks for translating this one :D
boyfriend showtime~ its sound nice ><

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Posted 28 January 2015 - 02:52 PM

Thanks for the translations. They didn't seem so surprised to see Bora. I wish Starship would have Boyfriend learn a sister dance in full and put it on Youtube that would be amazing. :)


They prob knew in advanced what with a camera there and all and probably set up or something lol. These shows are scripted to some point. 


I loved them joking about being on season 5. Yes! Be on season 5!! They would be great on that show. 

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Posted 01 May 2016 - 08:29 PM

i really want to see boyfriend in that show or in one fine day.

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