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Tribute to Translators #2: Be closer with Miss Bea

special feature translator

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Posted 18 July 2014 - 04:44 PM

If you follow Boyfriend for the past year, you may have seen her username when you read translation for Boyfriend tweets or fancafe updates. She runs a tumblr blog dedicated to Boyfriend, and most specifically her bias, Jo Youngmin. Now, I’m Your Bestfriend Forum will get a scoop behind the username, who works hard to bring us translation for Boyfriend updates for Bestfriends so we don’t get lost in those Hangul.





Where to find me?

Twitter: @beatrooot

Tumblr: http://youngmineekkeo.co.vu/

Forum: beatrooot

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Beyah06

WP: http://boyfriendaus.wordpress.com/


My positions:

Chief Translator at I’m Your Bestfriend Forum

Translator at 0526 Subbing Team

Main admin at Boyfriend Australia fanbase




You have a few nicknames, what name you prefer Bestfriends to call you?

Well, 'Bea' is my nickname ever since I was a child, so a lot of people calls and knows me that way (though my friends here in Australia call me by my real name ^^). So I'd prefer it if you guys call be Bea


So you live in Australia? Do you think you have the Australian accent when you speak?

I was from the Philippines, but I live in Australia now ^^ Hmm.. Do I?? Well.. After asking a few people that have heard me talk already, they said I do. According to Jihyeon eonnie, I sound like those people on Masterchef ahahhahahahha


So when and how did you start learning Korean?

Back in 2011 before I met Boyfriend, I already knew a few words from watching few shows and clips on YouTubes of the bands I knew at the time. Just the commonly used words though, like annyeonghaseyo, jinjja, kamsahamnida; those types of words. But after I met Boyfriend back in May 2011, my passion in learning Korean became stronger. I just wanted to learn the language.


So I started watching some 'Korean 101' videos on YouTube. I tell you, YouTube was a great big help to me throughout my journey of studying the language. I can still remember the channel name of the first video I've watched, it was busyatomdotcom. I also stumbled upon this VIDEO of 'Professor Oh' from sweetandtasty. Basically, that's how I started. From those videos, I was able to learn how to read and write in Korean, and also learned a few couple of words. I also took notes of it on a notebook that I still have. I just laugh at all the spelling mistakes I had written down on that book when I was just starting learning Korean ^^;


Then, a few months later, I found out about talktomeinkorean through a friend who was a member of the K-pop flashmob I was in during that time. And that's where I actually learned most of the things that I know right now. It has everything you need to know about Korean so I highly recommend that website. Really though. if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't even be a translator right now. TTMIK 사랑해~!


As I was still attending school at the time, I was only able to learn Korean for 1year (Jan~Dec 2011). After that, I just learned more Korean while watching more and more K-dramas and shows. I still read some of the lessons on TTMIK in 2012, but it was not as often and serious (in a way) as I did it back in 2011. But really, exposing yourself more to the language was a big help.


If I would give you all an advice in learning Korean more efficiently, I suggest you find yourself a Korean friend to practice with, just make sure they're fine with it. Like literally, I learned butt loads of Korean from doing so. Actually, I met my Korean friend on Boyfriend's fancafe, in one of the chatrooms. We first started as strangers, then we exchanged kakao IDs, and now we update and talk to each other every day! I really learned A LOT from her, especially the way Koreans send text messages, and also with Korean slangs. She helped me point out my mistakes and helped me fixed them. She's such a great friend <3 우경아 따랑해염~! 


How did you first find out about Boyfriend and start liking them?

It was a long-ish story. It was the 27th of May. Yes, a day after their debut on MCountdown!, when I discovered our precious boys ever so randomly.


Back then, I only knew big bands like SHINee, SNSD, 2ne1 >_< (I joined the Kpop fandom late...;;   ;). At the time, none of those big bands were promoting. So I thought to myself, 'Why not give the other bands (that were currently promoting) a chance'.


And so, I went to allkpop.com and looked at the list of groups that performed that week and watched their performances on YouTube. I can't remember exactly which band and videos they were though. But I can remember that ZE:A's Watch Out was one of those videos I've watched. Anyways, as I was watching a groups' live performance, I saw this featured video on the righthand side - Boyfriend's M Countdown debut performance. I was like, 'Oh, cool title, interesting thumbnail...'. So, I clicked on it and watched it. And I was.. mesmerized. They were so in sync with each other, the boys were good looking and the song was.. kind of different than what I usually listened to, but in a good way!! I can't exactly remember how I felt tho TT^TT. All I know is they left an impression on me.


So I watched the whole video, and again on the featured video section, Boyfriend's first ever MV was there. Well, you guessed that right, I clicked on it. I remember being so fascinated when I watched their MV for the first time^^ I just loved everything about it- the song, the choreography, everything! You know, I actually didn't know that two of the group members were twins. Cause in my eyes, they didn't really look alike, and this is not based on their hair colour. I mean their facial structure, it was different.


I don't know why, but I noticed that I had a thing for blondes before (Like my ultimate bias was Taemin from SHINee before Boyfriend existed). And so I obviously fell for Youngmin after watching the MV. But it was not purely because of his hair colour! It was also because of his charm that... I can't even explain... It is VERY hard to describe. And from that moment on, I just fell for him.


After that, I watched more and more of their videos and got more familiar with their faces. I tried to remember and learn all the members' names, their biography, group discography, basically I just learned everything there is to know about them.


Ahahahah funny story, I can actually remember how the fans became so lost and confused on who's the older twin between the two. I remember that one time when a lot of people thought Youngmin was the younger twin and Kwangmin was the older twin. And people actually said "Ah it's easy to remember who's the younger twin!| He's got YOUNG in his name and so I'll immediately know he's the younger one!" I actually fell for that ahahhhahah A few hours/days later, Starship officially confirmed that Youngmin is the older twin while Kwangmin is the younger twin by 6minutes.


The feels that I had that day when I first met them was just.. in was too intense that it cannot be explained TT^TT It was a really really good experience of having overflowing feels. AND I REGRET NOTHING.


Actually, our next question is who your Boyfriend bias is ahahahaha…. We can skip that now, but can you add a few more words about why you like Youngmin out of 6 members of Boyfriend?

Joyoungmin mah goosehh. Youngmin has stolen my heart ever since they have debuted. I'm not exactly sure how he did it but, he got me. Oh he got me good. I just love everything about him. His face, his overflowing talents (yes including his exceptional recorder skills), his idiocy, his dumb moments (him caressing goosieee just made me love him even more *U*), his personality, his determination, just.. EVERYTHING!


Why do you call him Goosie?




Okay, we can’t deny Youngmin’s charisma charms you, but do you have a bias wrecker in Boyfriend?

Hmm.. rarely happens. My love for that boy (Youngmin) is strong.


Back to translating, when did you start translating Boyfriend updates from twitter or fancafe?


Hmm.. Back then.. I just translated their updates for myself so I can practice my Korean. Like when they would update their twitter account, I would read their tweet out loud and try to understand it as much as I could. After that, I'll just look for the english translation of the tweet to check whether I got it write or not^^ If you count that as a start, then that's exactly how I started^^


I'm pretty sure my first ever public translation was my Donghyun fanaccount that happened during their 1st ever guerilla fanchat event    :D So basically, I started translating publicly since 2013. Fun fact, I only joined Boyfriend's Official Fancafe around April 2013. It was that stage in my life when I got so passionate about translating Boyfriend's updates. From there, I started posting and translating their updates on tumblr, then officially became the forum's translator~

 Also recently, I became a kor-eng translator for 0526subbing team and I'm really really happy for that. Like, it has always been my dream to be a part of the subbing team (I actually wrote that on my forum introduction post burried somewhere in the forum ㅋㅋㅋ) And now I am one of them. I'm just over the moon :'D


Translating about Boyfriend seems like fun, especially because you love them. However, is there any negative side you would like to share with us?

1/ The biggest factor that affects me from translating all their updates is no doubt, hands down, time zones. As Australia is ahead from everybody else (except New Zealand ofc), at first it was pretty hard to keep up with their "update time", especially because they usually update late at night (9:30~11pm KST, sometimes even later than that). Australia is an hour ahead from Korea. Because of that, I actually became nocturnal at one point, sleeping at 1am every day. This affected my overall performance at school as I would always get sleepy in my classes. I was able to fix that habit though, so I graduated high school well^^ Obviously, I'm back to being an owl againㅋㅋㅋ Did you see the amount of updates Boyfriend left for us in just one night/midnight?!?!?! Basically you turn into a nocturnal person when you become a translator. ahahahaha


2/ My priorities went all over the place >< You get really addicted to translating that all you want to do is translate everything there is to translate about Boyfriend instead of doing your tons load of assessment. At one point, I actually valued translating BF updates than my assignments, and so I had to cram a few assignments.


3/ You only remember the Korean word for some English word and vice versa (like there are certain Korean words that doesn't have an exact english equivalent)  I'm not really sure if you could count this as a negative thing but yeah. It's definitely one of the effects of translating/knowing many languages.


4/You get frustrated as to how Boyfriend speak at times, cause sometimes you just can't understand what they're saying even if you put the volume up to 100 and use earphones, it's that bad. Sometimes they don't open their mouth properly, and so their words are all slurred. especially joyoungmin dear jeebus save his soul


5/ Whenever you hear someone speak in Korean, you just whip your head towards their direction automatically before you could even think. I know people judge me by doing so but I actually couldn't help it ^^; Sometimes, I even eavesdrop to their conversations and see whether I actually understand what they're saying or not ㅋㅋㅋ That's a bad thing to do, right??? ><


Despite the downside, I’m sure there are a lot of good sides from it too, right?

1/ You actually understand what they say and feel their emotions as sometimes, reading something in Korean is far more powerful than reading it in English- it has more meaning in my opinion as it is their native tongue.


2/ Korean does not sound like a foreign language anymore, it feels all natural; It feels like it is now and will forever be a part of me.


3/ Being able to talk to other K-Bestfriends. I'm actually pretty surprised that they didn't notice I wasn't Korean when I first joined a chatroom at Boyfriend's fancafe^^ Then when I told them, they were amazed of how "good" I was in speaking in Korean. I actually gained A LOT of Korean friends from doing this. We actually still keep in touch through kakaotalk^^ But some of them became discouraged to talk to me from the moment I told them I was not Korean.. That really made me upset.. all I wanted was to make some friends but.....   


4/ Helping Boyfriend to send their message across to International Bestfriends :DDD


5/ It improves my Korean skills. This is the BIGGEST plus side of being a translator. Like you have no idea how big my Korean vocabulary has grown by just translating their updates and videos.


6/ Actually being able to make and hold a conversation with Koreans- talking to them face to face. Now this is THE biggest, MOST IMPORTANT point/event that I will never ever forget, though it doesn't really relate to translating. 


It was that day, on Minwoo's birthday, that I met my "Korean Father" (Korean teacher). You can ask me more about it if you want, but that experience was just waaaaaaaaaay too special and precious for me, and it just boosted my motivation to learn Korean even more. I learned so much from this experience and just, it was so amazing *u* 선생님너무 보고싶어요한국에서 다시 만나요!!! !!!


Any memorable moment in translating Boyfriend stuffs? 


1/ Finding hilarious moments in videos that you've  actually never noticed the first time you watch it cause you're too busy spazzing and focusing on opparrrr        (meetngreet and 1000th day interviews oh dear lawd)


2/ Hating the narrator's and the MC's voice from Wonder Boy >< cause it was hard for me to understand them at times;;; Sometimes he would speak so frickin fast as if he's rapping a whole book and sometimes he just wouldn't speak clearly ;~;


3/ Getting so frustrated whenever Boyfriend updates ever so late at night/morning;;; and when I say morning, I mean 2am morning. Either that, or they just update at the wrong times, i.e. when I'm at uni, studying, sleeping >_<  Well... isn't this the case for all of their updates anyway... -___- Like from what I've noticed, they usually post updates around 9:30~11pm KST. And for me, being a girl who is living in the future (;D), it's really hard to keep up with it, especially if you're not a night person. 


4/ Meeting other translators <333 특히  하나뿐인 현지현지 펭지마마 ㅋㅋ


5/ Being able to inspire other people and Bestfriend in learning the language. I never really thought that some Bestfriends would actually like to follow my footsteps in a way, if you get what I mean. I never really thought that I would be a big influence to anyone! And so when I heard words like this for the first time, "I'm currently studying Korean because I was inspired by you and your ability to learn Korean by self studying. I want to be just like you..." I was SO shocked! I didn't know what to say, nor think! My Korean is still lacking by a lot. But despite that, people actually see and appreciate these small little things that I do - translating Boyfriend's updates for Int'l fans to understand. I.. I got so touched by these messages that I thought I would cry. And also, when I heard things like "You know, there was A LOT of people who looked for you during KCON '13. They really wanted to meet youngmineekkeo." I was so surprised. I thought to myself, , 'People ACTUALLY wanted to meet me? Why? WHY? I'm just a nobody in the fandom.. I'm no one special.'  And that's when I realised.. that my translations DO help a lot of International fans, that my efforts were not going waste, and that people actually appreciate what I do. I have made a right choice.  


How do you feel when someone posts your translation without crediting you?

If it's not a major translation (like just a few words/phrase), then I'm fine with it. But if it's translations for staff diary updates, interviews, magazines and long materials as such, I feel really really really bad and I feel like all my hard work has gone to waste.

As you know, I try very hard to post translations on a real-time basis, to the point that I would even translate real-time updates on the train on the way home after such a long and tiring day in university, just to keep all the Bestfriends up to date with BF's whereabouts. And to see people taking advantage of my hard work, I feel irritated; I even thought about quitting at one point. But then I thought about it. If I quit, if us translators quit, who else would translate all these updates for International Fans?


You seems to know about how to use Boyfriend Daum Fancafe, do you have any tips for Bestfriend about the fancafe?
At first, I really didn't know how to use the fancafe, and I knew little Korean^^; So I just explored it, clicking randomly here and there, and eventually got the hang of it.

(Bestfriends, please check the FANCAFE TUTORIAL written by Bea HERE)


What is your favorite Boyfriend song?
Oh gosh this is a hard question. um.. I really like all of their songs (like duh who doesn't), especially the ones from their Love Style album. It's my favourite album contents/song wise. Anyway if I would have to pick one song, I would have to say One Day^^ Though I also like Superhero.. Oh and Mystery too!! And Soulmate!!! Wait.. wasn't I suppose to pick just one song?? Oopsies ^^;


What song/album you recommend to someone who doesn’t know Boyfriend?

I'd recommend Boyfriend's first mini album - Love Style. I really love all the songs included in the album and in my opinion, it is their best one up to date. Though Janus full album is good as well. 


What video would you recommend to a newbie Bestfriend to enjoy?

I would recommend they watch Boyfriend's W Academy, like the whole show. It shows all the members' true and quirky personalities so, I think it'll be a good start in knowing each of the members.


What do you think of Boyfriend new concept, Obsession?

It's a sin for them to be this good-looking. No but seriously, I'm feel really proud seeing the whole process of how they matured, how they reached where they currently are. 


Now that Boyfriend have individual twitter account, do you think it will make your translating work more difficult? Or are you excited to see what they will share with us via their personal twitter?

I think it's both. it'd be a bit challenging cause that means 6 to 7 different updates in one time (BF personal and group twitter), but then with this 'freedom' they'd be able to post anything they want to share with the fans. I find it interesting^^


What is your most memorable moment in following Boyfriend?


I hope I can answer more than once ㅋㅋ^^


1/ When Boyfriend won the Golden Disk Award back in 2011. Seeing Boyfriend all teary-eyed with a smile plastered along their faces while they make their acceptance speech just made me think about all the hard work they've done in order to achieve this award that can only be won once. They have trained under strict rules and environment for such a long period of time, and was only driven by their strong passion of becoming an artist. And now that they've created this massive milestone in their careers by winning that award, I was so happy and proud of what they have achieved that I actually cried along with them (though they held back their tears). I think that was a really beautiful moment that needs to be treasured for a long time.


2/ The glorious release of their teaser photos for each of their upcoming albums. I think everyone could agree that teaser photos just makes all your feels go wild, especially when they have a comeback after having such a long break from their last promotional cycle. Am I right, or am I right? Cause I know I completely lost it when Youngmin's teaser photo for Janus came out. I literally cried for joy and frustration; Joy cause they're finally making a comeback, and Frustration because Jo Youngmin was looking ever so perfect in that photo, making me lose my mind all together. This goes with the release of their I Yah teaser photos as well.


3/ Being able to participate in Boyfriend's Guerilla fanchat back in May 2013. Back then, I literally didn't know how to use the fancafe that well, and my Korean was SOOOOOOOO bad and insufficient as I was just getting back into learning Korean seriously after 2 years of not learning (Stopped on 2011, continued studying in 2013). This is how I actually got to know how to use and navigate through the fancafe- by exploring it without knowing anything. I just learned through my mistakes and experiences basically.


And so, I got sooooooo lost. I didn't even know where the chatrooms were! I only knew how to join one after searching it in google (oh google my best bud). Then when I got to the chatting place, there were HEAPS of chatrooms available that I got so confused as to which one was the legit one. There were so many of them that it got buried down at the bottom of the list >< 


4/ Getting in trouble from Boyfriend's Fancafe Manager, Manager Lee, herself. That was a horrifying experience. Well not really, I just can't handle getting in trouble well. It's nothing major so it's alright ahahahha I understood where she was coming from and I was in the wrong so, it was fine. She's really nice actually^^ And now Boyfriend's Fancafe Manager actually knows my existence. Once step closer to Boyfriend.




Beside translating Boyfriend updates, Bea is also busy studying in college, pursuing not just one, but a dual degree in Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Business. Isn’t that amazing? If those aren’t enough to keep her busy, she still manages to enjoy her passion of dancing and singing. You can check her dance covers at her youtube channel  featuring her latest dance cover for Boyfriend’s Obsession.


If you want her to keep translating, please respect her works, always credit and say thank you. Message her anytime, she is a wonderful Bestfriend!




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Posted 18 July 2014 - 04:45 PM

Now Bea answers questions from you guys!



Since I follow you on Twitter, I notice that sometimes Boyfriend give you headache by updating the fancafe very late or during your class. How do you feel about it? Timezone-wise, did Boyfriend update very late in Korea?
I am sure not many Bestfriends understand this because we are not online in the fancafe and didn't know what's going on there. Please share with us 

That’s actually a really good question! So from my observations, Boyfriend updates the fancafe around 9:30pm~11pm KST, and sometimes even later than that. I don’t really mind them updating around this time, but when they update later in the evening till the AMs, then that’s when I get a bit frustrated ahahhahah Well, not seriously frustrating but you know, just a bit annoyed ^^ I understand their schedule so, yeah.  
Whenever they update during my classes or when I’m studying and doing my assessments though, I go into tiger mode ahahhaha especially back in High School. Cause you know, you would want to provide real-time translations for their posts, but you really can’t cause you’re in class, you’re busy studying, trying to finish some assessments etc etc…. But now that I’m in uni, time wise, I’m a bit more flexible with translating real-time. Well, except when they update while I’m on my way to or from uni. I go tiger mode ahahahha 
I got used to it already so, all is well J Well, it still depends.
Ok well then I have a question for Bea. 
Since u recently kinda just joined the subbing team, how long did it take u? 

Did u learn because of Boyfriend? 

If you mean how long did it take me to gather my courage to send in a translator application to the subbing team, then I’d tell you that I actually thought about joining the team for about…. 2~4months before I finally applied? I always had thoughts like ‘I’m not ready, I’m not ready’ back then. But Jihyeon eonnie just kept on cheering me one, supporting me with everything so,.. I just went for it^^ I know I was going to do it sooner or later so.. ahahhaha
But if you mean how long did it take for 0526subbing team to finally accept me as a translator, it only took a day after I have sent in my application form. And that’s because 0526’s captain already have seen and considered all of my past translations on tumblr and on the forum. Usually you would be trained I think and will be under supervision for 3 projects?? Though I’m not really sure.. But yeah that’s how I joined. J
And for your other question, partially yes, I learned Korean because of Boyfriend. 
Hi J My message is for the translator - Ms Bea J
I know you're a Filipina and I just want to know how long did it take you to study/master the Korean language?
Right now i'm studying the language and it's really hard. seriously. but i still want to push through it because i really want to learn.
I'm studying because i wanted to be a part of the subbing team.
I want to be just like you J
Can you give me some advice so that I won't lose my dedication in studying the language?
Thanks for being my inspiration and thanks for the hard work J

Wow! I’ve never actually thought that I would be an inspiration to many other Bestfriends like you :’’D  That is just… wow. I don’t know what to say! Thank you so much, very very much!!! I hope you do well in studying Korean J Anyway, my Korean is still lacking in many ways, but I self-studied Korean for 1 year (OCT 2010-Late 2011). After that, I just studied Korean whenever I was free. I was in my senior year in high school during that time and so.. I really couldn’t study Korean much. So basically, I’ve been exposed to the language for 3 years now J
Advice to keep you motivated? Hmm.. I think one’s motivation and determination in doing things that they love depends on the person actually.. So instead of giving you advice on that, I’ll give you an advice as to how you could learn Korean more efficiently^^
Well first, expose yourself to the language more. Like whenever you see Korean letters/messages on the streets, or captions on k-shows, or even just the lyrics of your favourite kpop song, always try and read them out loud. This will help you with your pronunciation and reading.  Why not try learning Korean with your friends as well! The more the merrier, right? ^^ Oh and also, if possible, get yourself a Korean friend. Strongly recommended. It’ll help you heaps! 
Hello Translators!  First I want to say that I really appreciate everything you guys do, you seriously need to start getting paid. It's so great that Boyfriend has their very own translating team! 
As for my questions, what was your strategy for learning Korean? How long did it take you to learn it? Any specific way you think is best to learn Korean? 
Thank you very much for your time and dedication!  

ㅎㅎㅎ My strategy for learning Korean? Hmm.. Well, what I do is I try to expose myself to the language as often as I can^^ So whenever there’s a raw video of my favourite show or other idol groups that I like, I try to watch them and see whether I understand it or not^^ Just now I watched AKMU’s behind the scene footage for Give Love, and I was able to understand about 80-90% of it so yeah~ I practice my Korean this way J
Well, I recently went over my old tweets (just coz XP) and found out that I actually started learning Korean back in October 2010^^ (I thought I started back in 2011 but I guess not ahahhah) I self studied the language for a year then I stopped because of school. >< Since then, I just studied whenever I get time to do so (and whenever I’m not lazy ahahahha) So, I guess the Korean that I know as of now is worth nearly 4 years ^^ 
My tips for learning Korean? Expose yourself to the language as much as possible. And whenever you try searching for the lyrics of your favourite song, try and search for the hangul lyrics instead of the Romanized version. This way, you can practice your reading skills J Oh and if possible, have a Korean friend. It’ll help you by HEAPS, especially the slangs. 
Thanks a lot~!


Hi our dearest translators  
I know we've been friends for quite a while but yeah, still don't know everything about you guys, for my question. I just wanna ask, how hard it is to be a translator and to be updated on every single update that Boyfriend is posting? And how do you manage your time being a normal person and a busy kpopper?? ) and please, do give me inspiration on how to manage time wisely)
I know a simple thank you will not be enough, come here in the Philippines, the two of you and let's enjoy ourselves) Vel, you should come too ) 

It’s not that hard being a translator.. Well actually.. Yeah… You need quite a broad knowledge and vocabulary of the language. And since we’re not Korean natives, we don’t know all the Korean words there are in this world, so it’s sometimes challenging whenever I hear “new” Korean words (and this is when google translate comes in handy puahahhahahah, in fact, we’re bffs).
It’s kinda hard keep updated with all of their updates, cause they’re not posted consistently (like they post it on different times. They just randomly update whenever they feel like it ahahahha ><). And that’s another thing. Since Australia is 1 hour faster than Korea, it’s really hard for me to keep up with the updates, especially when they post at 2am in the morning or when I’m at uni. Other than that, I’m happy being able to post translations in real-time J
How I managed my time? I don’t even know it’s all over the place aahhahah Since I just started University, I’m still starting to adjust to it^^ But it’s actually hard… My priorities are all over the place… save me ;~;
How do you manage to update SOME (I think) of Boyfriend updates in real time?

I always try and post translations for their updates on a real-time basis^^ I think it’s a really good way of keeping the international fans updated with the idol J


Does your family member(s) especially your parents get into your business in doing updates like these? 
My mum knows about it ahahahha and she’s cool with it^^ But sometimes she gets a bit annoyed, especially when it’s dinner time and I’m still in the middle of translating updates ahahhahah Both my parent know that I know Korean though^^ Well actually, most of my relatives now know J So whenever we have a video call with each other, they always ask me to speak in Korean, even though they wouldn’t understand what I’m saying ahhahahah
Do you have any personal or in real life Boyfriend-fan friend(s)?
Nope. I wish I have someone to spazz with in person though; (all the kpop fans that I know don’t like Boyfriend;;;;;;;;; I crey)
Does anyone of you have a twin? J

Ahahahhaha that’d be cool XP

Are you a Boyfriend fan only? Or do you have any other kpop group(s) you enjoy and be passionate about?
I like other groups too (Sistar, APink, AKMU, 2ne1, After School, SNSD etc etc etc)! But I only keep track of Boyfriend’s doings J And they’re the only boy group that I like ^^ (and SHINee J But boipeu be number 1 forevar)

Are there any frustrations of being a Bestfriend? Of being a translator or being part of the team?
Hmmm.. there are times when I get frustrated ahahhah especially when I was translating Wonder Boy omg the pain. It’s because the MC talks really really quickly at times that I could barely understand what he was saying. I also get annoyed whenever Boyfriend spam the fancafe in the middle of the night. (like I need sleep too you know;;; oh boifeu…)

If you are given ONLY one wish that will come true, what will you wish for (that is not related to kpop/Boyfriend)? J


Oh this is hard… Um. Can I get more wishes?? .
Well, I would like to meet and spend a day or two with all my online friends <3 This way, I’ll be able to know them even more~ (Oh flapp and mah plapp and mah pengmama and mah 우경이혜선이oh and everyone elseuuuu ♡♡
Do you also know/understand Japanese? Did you self study Japanese and/or Korean?
I know little Japanese sadly ^^; My friend taught me some Japanese words though, and I did a semester worth of Japanese back in Year 9 J I kinda learned a handful more words just by watching Boyfriend’s Japanese videos/interviews ㅋㅋㅋ
Tumblr anon:
Are you also good at speaking in korean?
hmmm… i guess you could say that? But not really, not 100% good. Just enough for me to survive ahahahah ^^; well I talk to myself in Korean to practice my skills even more, and I’m able to hold up conversations with Koreans as well (like talking face to face^^ ermeghedd memories of mart ahjumma and mah korean dad ;^; ) so, I guess?? But not really ahahaha I still make A LOT of mistakes ><
What do you think about boyfriend at the first time?
First Boyfriend impression: cute beings ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Which member do you like more? 
joyoungmin forever
How long did it take you to know and differentiate the bopeu members? 
Well.. I was able to differentiate and know all the members right away^^ It didn’t take me a long time to put their names on faces XP

Why you decide to be translator?
To be honest, I’ve never thought that I’d be a translator… It just happened. It’s a Mother Nature call. ㅎㅎㅎ I guess I just wanted to help all the international fans out there. And it’s the only thing I can do for the fandom so.. yeah it just happened like that XD



Did you guys learn another language like Korean and Japanese at school or any classes or you learn it by yourselves?


When I was in Year 9, I took a semester worth of Japanese classes where I learned just basic Japanese (reading and writing hirigana, I learned some words as well though I've forgotten most of them already). Then when I was in Year 10, I started learning Korean by myself. And now, here I am^^


How many hours a day did you guys visit here often?

I check the forum everyday for messages and things like that. I visit the forum veryfrequently.



I followed you two on twitter and I see many times you tweet in hangul, so this is my question, does your laptop/pc/phone/etc keyboard provided hangeul letters? 

How many languages you master?


Yes, I change the keyboard settings of my laptop/phone/tablet every time I would type in Korean   :)

Well, my native tongue is Tagalog, second language is English, then Korean would be third. I know a bit of Japanese as well, but it's is very very limited ^^;

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