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I'm Your Bestfriend Forum Happy 1st Anniversary Message Giveaway

anniversary giveaway

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#1 Velisha


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Posted 26 June 2014 - 08:08 AM



Hello Bestfriends,


Today is our very special day, 1st Anniversary of I’m Your Bestfriend – Boyfriend International Forum!

Exactly one year ago, we launched this forum and we picked the same date as Boyfriend’s anniversary.


We are happy to see that this forum has grown from nothing to at least something. We try our best supporting Boyfriend and represent International Bestfriends from around the world. We bow our heads to admit our flaws and lacks in many things,but we also bow to you, Bestfriends, for being an awesome fandom.


Please let this forum be your home, as long as you love Boyfriend. No matter who you are, where you’re from, what language you speak of, you can always connect with fellow Bestfriends here. And together we will support Boyfriend today and tomorrow.


Thank you for an amazing year, for all your participation and help for the forum and its projects. Even just visiting and posting in the forum means a lot for us. We, the staffs of I’m Your Bestfriend Forum, will continue to represent International Bestfriends for Boyfriend.




To celebrate our 1st Anniversary, we are giving away 1 Boyfriend Obsession poster. This giveaway is open to all Bestfriends. Just (register and) login to the forum, and leave a message here in this topic as a reply/comment. You can write anything, tell us what you think about the forum, your experience  from hanging out in the forum, your ideas, your suggestion for our improvement or just a cheering message. But it’s your message to us the forum, not to Boyfriend, okay?


Please tell us where you are from too or any short introduction about yourself if you want, because we always love to know our fellow forum members. We are Bestfriends, right?


One lucky member will get 1 Boyfriend Obsession poster from a random drawing. This giveaway will be closed at the end of the day of June 30, 2014. So please leave us a message here before that.


Note: IMYBF Staffs are allowed to join the giveaway, unless you want to waive the prize because you already/will get one yourself (for people who already buy the album/poster)   ^_^ But please don't hold back from writing down your complain or message ehehehe




And please join our other Giveaways & Contest:

We also host a birthday project for Minwoo on July 31, 2014

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#2 KaniaSukma



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Posted 26 June 2014 - 09:53 AM

hi bepeudeul... my name is kania, bestfriend from indonesia. hmm, maybe not too many bepeu know me here, because i'm not really active here since i got confused with so many things haha (and sadly sometimes my browser don't wanna work with forum url :( /i ever imagine it will be really easy if this forum have an application like daum fancafe ㅋㅋㅋ jk xD/)
i just sometimes comment on the post like this and once i ever share my failed sing cover of obsession >\\< (shyshyshy)
oh and the most important thing is HAPPY ANNIVERSARY I'M YOUR BESTFRIEND - BOYFRIEND INTL FORUM ヽ(^。^)ノ
thanks for all the staffs and translator for all your dedicate for bopeu and for helping us getting closer with bopeu
my only one hope for us is we can celebrate boyfriend first win really soon o:) and bestfriend always 짱짱짱 !!! ♡
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#3 pikachunijas


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Posted 26 June 2014 - 10:06 AM



hi, JAS here :D


Wow, can't imagine that it has been a year since the forum launched.. ( but tomorrow is my 1st year as the forum's member.. hehehe)


The forum is so daebak!!! This is where I learned to stay up so late just to spazz with bestfriends from all over the world and this is where I've met special people who have become my friends be it online and real life.. hehehe. And the best part of being a member of  this forum is that I was able to join/support best friends project for our dearest Boyfriend :D





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AwwwsoCuteDancinPikachu_47bf65_4679610_zmy pikachu^^


#4 Fanne95


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Posted 26 June 2014 - 10:17 AM

Hi Bestfriends!! ^^ 


I'm Frances Anne (you can call me Fanne) if you like XD hahah I'm from the Philippines. I like anime - I never expected that I would actually become a Boyfriend fan because I don't really like kpop that much XD but I guess they have something special to them  :lol: that's why~ This is my first time joining a forum and I'm really glad I did  :lol:


I just started to know boyfriend last May so I don't really know them so well but thanks to this forum I learned a lot haha XD Thank you so much for the translations, the pictures, the videos and everything there is about Boyfriend! ^^ This forum is really about Friendship ^^ Thank you for welcoming me here and being my Best Friend  :wub:  :lol:


Happy Anniversary!!  :lol:


Let's support Boyfriend so that their dream of becoming Number 1 will come true!


I LOVE YOU!  :wub:  :lol:

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#5 Suminnie


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Posted 26 June 2014 - 10:18 AM

Hello~ ^^ I don't post much, sooo here's my intro since I'm sure not many people know me! My name is Jasmine, but my Korean friends call me "Soo Min" since Korean names are usually only 3-syllables so Ja-Soo-Min. Hehe so that's where my username came from.  :P


It would be great if we could somehow get more exposure for our projects and for the forum in general because I gotta say I love this forum and It would be great if we could get more people to participate~!  It's really awesome that such a great community of Bestfriends are gathered here~  There are sooo many wonderful things about this forum; News, photos, videos, support & birthday projects, fellow Bestfriends all in one place!


Lastly, I just want to say.. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY~~☆  Thank you so much to all of the staff and translators for all of your hard work! Keep up the good work! Hwaiting~!  :lol:

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#6 spiritkiss501


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Posted 26 June 2014 - 11:55 AM

hopfully staff can enter too. if not well I guess it was a waste to login via my phone after coming here fron twitter. ok enough of that blabbering. hello folks its ne your friendly forum kitty luna, anywho wow 1yr already! ive been a kpop fan for a whole lot longer then a year that's for sure. oh im a good ol us bestfriend. ok im bezt go im not feeling too well and looking st my mobile screen is naking me dizzy. bye all.
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sig is down will put back soon thank you!
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#7 babeluvsu


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Posted 26 June 2014 - 01:18 PM

First of all Happy 1st Anniversary to I'm Your Bestfriend Forum . ! This forum has brought much joy to bestfriends from all around the world .  To us , this forum has long been part of a one big family ;)

Is been a really a great job done by the admins to start from stretch to  today now what we see. Jus to see that we have so many bestfriends helping out in the subforums is heartwarming . Even though bestfriends especially the subbing teams and admins have their own life to lead they still managed to put in alot of time and efort to maintain this forum, So kudos to them. 


Remember the times When i first joined this forum still a newbie , practically unsure of how the forum works . thankfully to some bestfriends who guide me along and the forum instructions is clear so it makes me easier to access this forum well. 

I personally think that the 10 word rules is important to ensure free of spamming in the forum , keeping the forum organise.


hopefully more bestfriends will join our big family ;) getting to meet more bestfriends global is a nice experience. borders is not an obstacle to communicate. 


Lastly , to the forum fighting ^^ and bestfriends hwaiting yeah .

more years to come let's contribute to the forum as much we can . 1st ANNIV is jus the beginning keke.


- Bestfriend origin from Singapore ;)

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#8 tsoul



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Posted 26 June 2014 - 02:47 PM

Happy Anniversary I'M YOUR BESTFRIEND! FORUM!!


It has already been a year. When I first found out about this forum I was SO EXCITED and I register here only a few days after it opened and I have no regrets!!  ^_^ 


I have met amazing people thanks to this forum, real bestfriends from all over the world whom I can spazz freely with! It really amazes me how people that are so different in age, career, country, religion and in so many other aspects can come together in one place like this thus the forum is something amazing too!!!


I really have to thank this forum for making me a more sociable bepeu and for always trying to find a way to support Boyfriend and Bestfriends anyway they can!! Really thanks to all the staff that works hard to make this a great place for Bestfriends to hang out!! REALLY THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


I am Tsoul btw, from Peru (all the way to South America)  :D 

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#9 rafacha


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Posted 26 June 2014 - 02:51 PM



Wow it's been a year.

First of all, I'm very grateful to everyone who found and manage this forum. Because of it, I can find a place where I can talk with Bestfriend all around the world. 

If I can access the internet, I always visit this forum everyday, although just wandering and not leave any of post XD


I hope this forum will stand forever, keep support and loving Boyfriend whatever will happen, more Bestfriend join this forum and pleach friendship together.

If I'm here, I never feel that Bestfriend is a tiny fandom. I always feel that Bestfriend is the biggest fandom of the world, because we're here together. 

I always want to say this,

Out there, we may defeated by number, no matter if we are a little, no matter if we are defeated on a music shows(?)/award/everything but our love is the greatest and invincible among all the fandom, that's us, BESTFRIEND.



Ah ya, about me..

My real name is Rafida, I'm from Indonesia.

Being Bestfriend since July 2013 (I forgot the date DX) by BOYFRIEND MV, I fallen for them until now.

My bias is Kwangmin-gun

I'm 99 liner

My english isn't good, so I apologize if there are any mistakes I did DX (I'm sure there are...)

If you want to know more about me just message me keke~

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#10 Brent Lee^^

Brent Lee^^

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Posted 26 June 2014 - 09:17 PM

I am really really happy that I joined this forum , and i am really thankful because this forum help me really alot ,because of this forum I meet BestFriends from around the world ,meet new friends like Rahmadiwi unnie(who helped me to enter this forum) and Songheerin unnie, and I want this two unnies to be added.. Even if it's only a month+ since I joined here ,it's like I joined here for already how many months ..
Everytime I got home from school , I will open my account here immediately ,because this Forum is like a HOME for me..This forum makes me really updated about Boyfriend,this Forum makes my day Complete and Happy..

I want this Forum to be active Forever..

I wanna say THANK YOU VERY MUCH specially to the IMYBF TEAM keep up the goodwork unnies ! All of you helped me a lot (BOW TO YOU ALL ! ) :) :) :)

By the way My name is Brent Buenaobra from the Philippines
A Bestfriend since 2011(Boyfriend era) ,but just joined here since 2013 :)
My ultimate Bias is JEONGMIN (but the twins are wrecking my Bias List)

I'm still 14 years old .. :)
Supposed to be my message is very long but my English can't do it anymore HAHAHH XD :D
I am very PROUD that I am a BESTFRIEND
I want to meet more friends here !

I just wanna say.... " Boyfriend and Bestfriends let's do FIGHTING TOGETHER and FOREVER!! "


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#11 BmerangCheoroem


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Posted 26 June 2014 - 11:57 PM

Haaappy anniversary IMYOURBESTFRIEND forum... ^^


I dont know how to start so i"lll just introduce myself first. Hello! My name is Jo (and yes , as in "Jo" like the Jo twins... i thank my mom for naming me that xD)


When I first started liking Boyfriend, I didn't know about this forum.... I just watch their videos from Youtube and find their pictures from facebook fan pages. Then one summer, I got so addicted to them , that I saved every pictures of them... And yes, I was greedy and wanted more -.-.... I was searching in the internet, then I found this forum.... joining this forum is one best things that happened to me. I got to know more about Boyfriend , watch their videos, and meet new Bestfriends, 


Words cant really describe how much I am grateful for the people who are part of this forum. i just wanna hug all of you!!!


This forum is the first thing I check everytime I go to internet. It also gave me a chance to interact with BOYFRIEND and that is because of the staff's projects.... I wont have any chance to talk to Boyfriend or tell them my thoughts and feeling about them without the help of this forum..... 


So cheers to all the staffs for all the time and dedication !

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#12 YoungYan07



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Posted 27 June 2014 - 12:20 AM



sorry for my grammar






Hi it's me YoungYan07 or Yanna or YAN for short ^-^


So it's been One year already since this forum is published, and tomorrow is my anniversary also together with Jas..

I'm so thankful because this forum is made/ born, cause i really i don't know where can I spazz everything about Boyfriend, I'm so happy because of this forum  I met new friends,new sisters, new FAMILY.

This forum is already my second home, when I'm stressed i visit this forum and check some updates about boyfriend and tenen my stress is already gone , when I feel so sad i visit this forum to chat my friends , our fellow bepus and that's it I feel so happy already, getting to know each other ^-^. When I'm bored i visit to forum and make some spazz time, flooding the chatbox ( sorry for flooding the chatbox).


I still remember the day i join this forum I'm so happy and excited at the same time. And I already sleep late at night maybe it's already 2am thank you for the vampires who always stayed all night to spazz with us. For sure our parents already angry with us with that time ^-^.


Their is a lot of happy memories that happen here and made because of this forum, the contest, discussion, projects maybe that is the one ingredients that's why this forum is very active specially the members who join in to this forum.

Every time i entered in this forum i think I'm in the different place that not exist in this world, I feel happiness every time I'm here.

Thank you for the staff for making this forum so daebak, tha layouts, the subbing team, the translator, the admin, the moderator ALL THE STAFF thank you for your effort and sacrifices that you have made to us.


I learned so many things here in the forum " even you are in the different countries, different nationalities but if  all of us is have a unity then the little things that we want it will become BIG . and if you really love what are you doing, you really love what you want then  the boundaries, the distance is not the problem. if you want to spazz, to meet some friends, then don't stop yourself don't be shy just do what you want "


This forum become the connection between me and to all bepus around the world.


I wish all the best for all of us , and I wish this forum will last forever. More power, more blessings to everyone.And thank you for being a part of my life, i will treasure all the memories here in my heart :)


Saranghae ♥♥








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#13 steflaurencia



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Posted 27 June 2014 - 01:55 AM

Hello! I'm Stefani a 14yo bestfriend from Indonesia. It's been one year since this forum is created and i'm really thankful to you. Because of this forum i can know so many informations about boyfriend. I don't know if it will make you happy but i really appreciate your hard work. At last, thankyou for providing us so many updates and keep doing your best for us and also boyfriend. I wish you all the best always! ^^

#14 rahmadiwi



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Posted 27 June 2014 - 02:05 AM

Happy 1stAnniversary My First and Beloved Forum!! ~~♡♡
thankyou and really Thank-you because was give us all about My Beloved and only one idol I love "BOYFRIEND ''
and very thankyou too to all staff here because was help Bestfriend to know about our idol more than before I become one of here and thank you again for your all hardwork during I'm here..
Thankyou for all here because accept me become one of you all here :)

I hope BOYFRIEND can be more interested to this forum and always give the best to BOYFRIEND and BEstfriend

IMYBF.. Yu're always become the best forum for BOYFRIEND and Bestfriend ever :)

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He always become melody♪stars★and flowers🌸

In my heart


#15 HelloBestCat


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Posted 27 June 2014 - 03:53 AM

Happy 1st Anniversary to
This forum is truly the best! I come on here everyday to talk with best friends or see Boyfriend news.
Everyone is so kind, and it's really easy to talk.

Haha I still remember my first friend, tsoul! Lol we're still talking with eachother! So glad I met her she is an inspiration ^_^
And if it wasn't for this forum, I wouldn't have known Thu or Thao! What would I be doing without them??? Honestly, I never had friends like them. It's really hard to explain, unless u want like 5 paragraphs ><
So glad that we built a strong friendship, all thanks to this forum.

This forum has been running for a year! A year is a long time trust me! Look where I'm at now :D Thank you to the admins, translators, moderators, donors, global mods, designers, trainees, O526 subbing team, and the members. We all share one thing, we love Boyfriend! Whatever role we play, we all love and support them. We will not only cheer for Boyfriend but for eachother. Let's start another incredible year together supporting the hard work that comes to us! Fighting! Ppyong!

Hello! I'm HelloBestCat0526 or as some may know as Cat :D
I'm currently 13, turning 14 in October. Living and born in Texas. March 9,2013 I found Boyfriend and ever since then I Always love and support them :)
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#16 songheerin


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Posted 28 June 2014 - 03:42 AM

Hi! I'm Czerisse from the Philippines. But you all know me as songheerin on this forum and on twitter

BFPH members know me by my real name.


wow! i've always wanted to tell a story to everyone.

well. this forum really became my home.

just like what i have said in one of my status, my day won't be complete without checking the forum

thank you for always making my day complete and happy.

thank you for everyone who became my friend because of this forum.

actually, outside twitter and outside this forum, i don't have friends whom i can talk to whenever there are updates from BF.

yeah. it's really sad to spazz alone.

but thanks to this forum, i gained some friends.

and i can share all my feels to everyone.


so let me share how i came to know this forum.

i shared this once to tsoul on staff introductions subforum.

but since not everyone can see it.

i wanted to share it here too.

i've also shared some story on BFPH's weekly challenge before our gathering.

i answered their question about what is your greatest hardship on being a bestfriend? (not exactly like that but it's the same thought) and i won the first prize by sharing my story. hehe.

i'll try to summarize everything here.

so here it is:


i actually became BF's fan since their debut. but, wasn't really active back then. one reason is because i don't know much about kpop. i don't know anything about "fandoms" and everything. (well, BOYFRIEND is the first and only kpop group that i idolize until now.) another reason is that, i have no friends who like kpop. uhhhm. no. i have (highschool) friends who like kpop. but they only like SuJu, Exo, SNSD (mostly artists from SMent). so i still feel alone as a fan of Boyfriend. but then just this summer (April 2014) i started being active again. but i was so outdated. i was inactive for like 2 years? so there are many things that i don't know about BF. i started searching about them on net. i joined BFPH and i watched their shows (Hello Baby, Wonder Boy, W Academy, etc.) obviously, thanks to 0526subs that i can watch their shows with subtitles. :)  then one time, i was looking for WonderBoy Ep7 but i can't find it. so i mentioned 0526subs on twitter and asked them about it.  they replied me with the link to this forum, asked me to create an account so i can view the video. so i did. and that was how i became a member of this forum. i never knew that i will be enjoying my stay here and i will love this forum so much. i was navigating this forum when i saw the Trainee Room for 0526subbing team. i was so amazed and the first thing that came into my mind was to help them. i wanted to become a part of the team because they're the real reason on how i came to know this forum, and how i started gaining some "Bestfriends". yeah. they made my kpop life so beautiful. i owe them big time so i wanted to help. (now i'm a part of the team and i'm enjoying my job)


next thing i wanna say is that hoooooray for this forum!

wow! this forum is really peaceful and well-managed.

thanks to all the staffs and admins who work so hard in keeping the forum clean and peaceful :)


about my experiences here in the forum? i guess i came here at the right time. lol.

when i started joining this forum, what i became so bothered about is how i can catch up to all the posts here. HAHA.

i wanted to read all posts from the past but it was just too hard. HAHA!

but somehow, i managed to read some few posts from the past and i was like "omg! i wish i could have participated in this and that and there....."

but, good thing, there are still some active giveaways, contest and games here.

when i was still a newbie, i almost spend my whole day navigating this forum.

HAHA! it was really fun. and i end up replying to almost every posts. and then i went to the homepage and saw my picture all over the page. HAHAHA!

it was really funny but that's how i started loving this forum.

there are lots of interesting posts and they always update everything.

this forum just keeps getting better everyday. right?


also, thanks to bea and hyeonjia's tutorials in hangul that i came to know basic korean and now i'm starting to go deeper in learning the language. i was really inspired by those two. i wished i could also be a translator someday. kekeke.


for improvements? well, this forum is good enough for me. it's just, sometimes, it's hard to open. i have to refresh/re-open the page a couple of times before i can get through. i also wish this forum has a mobile app so it'll be easier to navigate through phone (because most people these days use their phones for surfing) but i guess that's too hard. someday maybe, when this forum really gets bigger.


well, lastly, YEAH! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! let me mention some people who really helped me a lot. i'm really really grateful to these people.

first off is our chief admin, vel unnie. you really helped a lot of bestfriends. thank you for creating this forum. this really became a home to many international bestfriends. i hope this forum will always be here for us. and yeah, you might get a lot of stress from working on this forum but that's why you have your staffs and other bestfriends to help you. of course you should take care of yourself too. Boyfriend don't want their fans getting sick. especially fans who are really dedicated like you :)


next is songil/desy unnie. wow, you're really a great help not only to the forum and to the subbing team, but also to me. :) you really helped me a lot. i might be slow at times but thanks for being patient on me while i was on training for the subbing team. thank you for acknowledging my work on my first training session. :) you don't know how happy i am when you said that i did a great job and that i can actually be a part of the team immediately. i understand i have to follow rules and do 3 projects, so i did :) thank you for always answering my questions. hehe. you're really really nice <3


also, thank you Cat and Tsoul for everything. i dunno. i just wanna thank you :) we're not really that close but i really like talking with you people :) same with rahmadiwi whom i think is someone who has same thoughts with me. well, we both like to become moderators and part of the subbing team. but i guess i'm the one who became a member of the subbing team family and she's on her way to become a moderator. fighting~!


i'd also like to mention JeDaLee. we may not be so close. but we became friends. we've already talked about many different things and thank you for sharing time with me. :)


lastly, my friend Debby unnie. she's also a member of this forum. one of the donors actually. she might be the closest to me. we talk a lot. she's also helping me a lot. so thank you thank you for everything. i wished we can meet sometime and become closer :)


To all members of this forum, THANK YOU SO MUCH! please enjoy your stay on this forum. Let's keep on supporting BOYFRIEND forever! This is the best fandom ever! I LOVE YOU ALL! <3 Ppyong~!


(aigoo. i've said so many things. i'm really sorry. hehe)

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TWITTER: @songheerin0526

#17 HelloBestCat


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Posted 28 June 2014 - 01:37 PM

also, thank you Cat and Tsoul for everything. i dunno. i just wanna thank you we're not really that close but i really like talking with you people same with rahmadiwi whom i think is someone who has same thoughts with me. well, we both like to become moderators and part of the subbing team. but i guess i'm the one who became a member of the subbing team family and she's on her way to become a moderator. fighting~!

@songheerin haha ight I see. Thank u though, u help me when I'm in need and we cheer eachother on. Plus u follow me on twitter.
By ur words, I guess we should take the time to be closer, ok? Sounds like a plan? :D
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#18 jeongminnielee



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Posted 28 June 2014 - 04:00 PM

Happy First Anniversary, Imyourbestfriend. 



I'm really thankful because you have done a lot of things for this fandoom. I really admire you because I know that, manage a fandoom, isn't easy. 


Well, as you can see I'm newbie, hahaha. My name is Ángela. I'm from Colombia. I'm studying modern languages and I really love my career. I remember the first time I saw Boyfriend. It was on May 26, 2011. At that time, I didn't know English, so I felt frustrated because I wasn't able to understand their videos ㅠㅠ. I started to learn English in order to understand those videos which you actually translate. I was really surprised because you put much effort to bring to Bestfriends all information. And no only that, but also you're doing special things like this. 


I would like to know more about this forum because I really don't know who the admins are, the translators... But wait; In fact, I have taken translations from Hyeonjia and Bea... And also, Tsoul has spoken to me sometimes. I would like to make friends. I think this fandoom is the best... Really. 


As my experience here is poor, I want to help you in whatever you need. I don't even know how to donate and that stuff;;. I don't have suggestions... Just because those things I have seen, have been wonderful. This forum looks organized and I feel totally confortable.


Congratulations to all those Bestfriends that have been working for us!

I really admire you.


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✧ Jeong๓innie l ee↝

You take my breath away

#19 PumpkinSquash



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Posted 29 June 2014 - 10:32 AM

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Hello! My name is Hattie (pronounced Hat-Tea). I am from the U.S.A. but have ALWAYS wanted to travel the world. I am soooooooo happy I found this forum. I've loved Boyfriend for a little while now and was always lonely because no one else at school likes K-Pop. I finally found people to connect with! Woot woot! When I found this forum, I felt at home because I finally had people to connect with. I think the forum is better than anything I have ever seen! It really makes you feel at home. Anyways..... I am currently learning Korean. HEY mabye in the future I can join the subbing team. I really appreciate the work you guys do such as keeping us updated on Boyfriend. Without this forum I would have no idea what Boyfriend is up to! Keep up the excellent work on the forum!!!! 

#20 Shirayama Yukiko

Shirayama Yukiko

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Posted 30 June 2014 - 10:57 AM

Hello everyone >u< well, first I'm introduce myself hehe... etto... My real name is Elena, I'm 16 and a Mexican bestfriend of all my kokoro xD, I kpoper since 4 years ago and I like anime so much -u- <3

About the forum, so fast to the 1st anniversary -3-, simply I like it, because not only I met many bestfriends around the world, sorry about my shyness u///u ( I love all of you, although we don't meet good ;u;) I see the newest updates about our boyfriends =u=, to see your talents with the edited pictures, videos , fanarts, fanfics, etc. Also I can share my hobbies as like your favorite Kpop bands apart Boyfriend, I found here are Starlights too(I love VIXX too) and to talk anime and manga too *u*  So, you can do many things here, well if you follow the rules of course.

Although I didn't be online so much, I knew many news about the group, this way I learned the comeback, who saw my post, drawings, in others things, also when our friend Joan dead unu. All those arrived me by my email.

For to finish, HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY (so... party hard xDD okno)... etto... I hope I can make friends here uvu, sometimes about the school and the work or to don't know about the theme you're talking, and to have the feeling to annoy all of you, usually I don't talk so much and about my poor English ;u;

So.... Kepp it up!! >u<)9 and I wanna in this forum we can talking with videocalls, and Boyfriend know about this forum, these will be so cool and can to talk with them hehe so... Bye bye Pyong! -3<)/ :wub: 



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