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Tribute to Translators #1: Get to know Miss Jihyeon

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Posted 25 June 2014 - 09:45 PM

Have you ever got a question: “Why do you listen to music with language you don’t even understand?” just because we like Kpop and we’re not Koreans? Of course, we can answer: Music is a universal language. But the idols still speak in Koreans, and no matter how much we love Boyfriend, we wish we could understand the words they speak to us, right?


This is when “fansub” comes to save your day. Fansub means translation provided by fans. It goes way back in times when people still translating videos of anime and drama to make English subtitles available for fans. Fansub has developed so much, it also covers translation of  text, talk shows, blog entry, and social media posts. Fansub is by fans and for fans. Most of the times, people do fansubbing merely because they love the artists (or their works) so much. They play an important role in the fandom. Without fansub, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy videos from interview or TV shows. But not many people respect and appreciate their hard work.


Boyfriend doesn’t have a big fandom, compare to other groups. We don’t have many people who are willing to translate Boyfriend related stuffs. But it doesn’t mean there is none. We have 0526 Subbing Team who work diligently translating Boyfriend videos, and a few translators who translate everything else.


I’m Your Bestfriend Forum observed this over the year, and noticed that these translators needs to get more respect and appreciation. They came to our rescue so many times, even in the middle of their busy lives. Therefore, in the light of celebrating I’m Your Bestfriend Forum 1st Anniversary, we would like to honor the translators with the Special Feature: Tribute To Translators.


Thank you for reading, and please remember to respect and appreciate the translators’ work.




On our first part of Tribute To Translators, we will get to know more of Miss Jiya, translator from 0526 Subbing Team. You probably know her as @hyeonjia on Twitter, but she goes with username Jihyeon in this forum. She is one of the members who helped a lot in building this forum before launching last year. We owe her a great deal.

She is a very nice Bestfriend, the kind that you can get along easily and at the end of the day you want to gift her a teddy bear or something sweet. However, this gentle and sweet Bestfriend falls for our 4D Rapper Kwangmin. Liking the bad boy type eh? Let’s see what other charms behind the hard working translator.





You have a few nicknames, what name you prefer Bestfriends to call you?

Hahaha it’s really confusing, right? I introduced myself as ‘Jihyeon’ for quite a long time and refused to tell my real name… but since everyone already know now, Jihyeon or Jiya, either one is fine ^^


So, which one is first? Boyfriend or learning Korean?

It’s learning Korean. The reason I started learning Korean was really silly. Back then in college, I took a Japanese course outside the campus because I’d always wanted to learn Japanese. After finishing  3-months course, I wanted to take another term but the price was just too expensive ㅠㅠ Then I found out that they were opening a new language course with really cheap price (less than Rp 200.000 or US$20 for 3 months term) and the teacher was a native speaker. It was a really awesome deal *0* but.... it was Korean ㅠㅠ I wasn’t really interested in Korean that time ㅋㅋ But since the Japanese class was totally unaffordable, I ended up taking this Korean class anyway. I turned out the Korean class was really fun!! The teacher is just the best so I started to gain interest in Korean language too and kept taking the course for about 2-3 years until early 2013.


How did you discover Boyfriend and start liking them?

Although I've been listening to Boyfriend songs ever since their debut, I didn’t really become a Bestfriend until February 2013 (which is the biggest regret in my life ㅠㅠ). Honestly, the first time I saw them performing "Nan neoeui boyfriend~ eh eh eh~" I was like, “Omg they are babies!!” So basically I told myself not to like them despite the fact that a certain member with blonde hair totally caught my attention (ahahaha if I didn’t stop myself to like Boyfriend that time, maybe my bias will be Youngmin, not Kwangmin) but I just told myself "nope nope they are waaayyy too young for you".

At the end of 2012 I had the toughest time in my university days. Something happened and I was forced to wait for 2-3 months before I could continue my research. Basically I spent those 2-3 months doing nothing except watching Korean dramas, until I was totally sick of watching anymore. So one day I started searching for MVs on Youtube. That’s when I found Boyfriend old MVs. I remember how I really liked I'll Be There MV, and then somehow I found one of Boyfriend’s reality show subbed by 0526SUBBING TEAM. I don’t remember which one it was, Hello Baby or Wonder Boy or W Academy, but after I watched an episode, I just totally fell in love with those 6 dorks and ended up downloading all of their reality shows and interviews. I think that is when I really started to become a fan of Boyfriend. Watching them working hard and giving their best since debut gave me great strength to overcome my problems that time. After watching those videos I just fell in love with the innocent 4D Prince, Kwangminnie


Why do you like Kwangmin?

Ahhh… I dont know, I just fell for him. Maybe because he looks really cool on stage but turned into a completely different person in real life. Bright smile, lively, excited about smallest thing, can’t stay still, just like a little kid. He just never fails to make me smile, but at the same time he is really passionate about what he’s doing. His rappeu gets better and better and I’m just so proud.


Who is your bias wrecker in Boyfriend?

Kwangmin’s twin brother oTL Mr. Charisma’s killer smile and those dandy seutail ugh;;;;;;;;;




When & how did you start translating about Boyfriend?

Like what I wrote before, I ended up falling in love with Boyfriend thanks to videos subbed by 0526subs. How the subbing team provides English subs for Boyfriend videos and spread the love to international fans, I think it’s just awesome!!  So I turned into 0526subs' fan hehehe….  One day on February 2013, I saw a tweet from 0526subs that they were recruiting more Korean-English translator! I was totally excited, like this was the chance!!! But I wasn’t confident that my Korean is good enough to join the teamㅠㅠ  So I didn’t apply until the end of March. A few days later, on April 2, 2013, I got a welcoming news from 0526subs saying that I could start taking projects whenever I’m ready. I was just ;~~~~; I couldn’t believe it, that I became a part of the team ;~~~~; And that’s how I started translating for Boyfriend. It’s already more than a year since then, and during that time I met lots of amazing Bestfriends, thanks to 0526subs. And thanks to 0526subs too, I became a part of I’m Your Bestfriend Forum and meet more awesome Bepeus. Come to think of it, everything related to Boyfriend that happened to me is thanks to 0526subsㅋㅋㅋ


It seems like translating for Boyfriend brings good things for you.

Yes. Firstly, my Korean improves a lot while translating for Boyfriend. Besides, joining 0526subs and translating for Boyfriend basically just open doors to amazing things related to Boyfriend for me. And most importantly, I get to know loooots of awesome Bepeus


It really sounds like fun! But is there any of the not-so-fun stuff about it?

The only negative side is because my parents really hate what I’m doing. They think it’s useless and a waste of time (which is not true!!). So I play hide and seek doing all of these behind their back ㅠㅠ


Do you have any memorable moment that happened during translating for Boyfriend?

It was when one of Philippines Bepeu, who is also staff of 0526subs, asked me to translate a message from PH bepeus to Boyfriend that would be included in the video for PH KCON 2013. That time I translated the message literally instead of breaking the complex sentences into shorter simple sentences.  so I wasn’t really sure if that translations make sense. And it turned out it did not!! LOL after the event, she told me this:

"While I was backstage, I was watching their reactions while reading the message. DH+minu+young+jeong were seriously reading the message. Then Seong, just read the first few lines then started doing something . The epic part was Kwang was trying to read the message, but it was obvious that he was struggling to read it then he looked at Minu. And based on his facial expression, he was probably thinking 'Does Minu understand this?' and then Minu suddenly looked at him. So they looked at each other then they did the 'AHH' face then they both laughed HAHAHAHAHHA"

HEOL THAT WAS REALLY EMBARRASSING!!!!  >____<  but at the same time I was also really thrilled and happy about the fact that Boyfriend actually read something I translated and reacted(?) to it ahahaha But seriously after that time, I never ever translate complex sentence that I’m not sure of, without breaking it into simple sentences. I dont want to make the same mistake again >__< I’m so sorry about that incident, PH Bestfriends ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


How about the most memorable moment in following Boyfriend?

It was during Boyfriend's 2nd anniversary, 26 May 2013. Remember how Bopeu surprised us with a sudden geurilla chat on fancafe? I remember it was started with Youngmin's post on Bestfriend board. I was leisurely translating his post when I realized that he was saying that Boyfriend would be on fancafe chatting room in few minutes, and Youngmin gave the password of his chatting room in that post. I was just ?!$@#!&*#^@%#/$ so I hurriedly finished the translation and rushed to open the fancafe. After that, Minwoo and another member (I forgot who) also posted about the geurilla chat. I didn’t even bother to translate and tweet those posts. I went straight to the chatting room with a racing heart. And then suddenly BAM!!  Huge thunder and my wifi suddenly died!! ㅠㅠ  It was raining really hard that day. I thought,  ‘omg maybe this is a karma for not translating and share the great news to Bestfriends’ ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

I tried to connect again using mobile data but the connection was so slow that by the time I finally could open the chatting room, all Boyfriend members' chatting room were already full ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Really disappointed, I thought, 'ah, let’s just go into one of the chatrooms made by bepeus. At least I can spazz with K-bepeus'. So I randomly chose one of the chatting rooms and started chatting with other Bepeus who came late and couldn’t get into Boyfriend members' chatrooms. We were just spazzing randomly when someone suddenly entered our chatroom. The nickname was B.F Kwangmin!!!!! OMG it was the 4D BF member who decided to randomly come into our chatroom and said, "Oh? There’s not that many people here... Nice!" I just froze in disbelieve. JO KWANGMIN!!!! Out of other members, it was Jo Kwangmin shsvsgsgsksbxghsgs;

Ahaha so well, yeah, we had a random chatting with him for few minutes. It was so much fun >< It’s just unbelievable that I got to chat with my bias after what happened. I was really shocked and happy and excited and hsbshsksndhsk

When I got out of my room, my dad saw me and asked what happened. I don’t even know why, but that time I burst out crying and told everything that just happened to my dad while sobbing uglily.  My dad was like 'Huh? What’s wrong with her?' Ahahahaha that was embarrassing, but still the most memorable thing that ever happened since I became a Bestfriend



What song/album would you recommend to someone who doesn’t know Boyfriend?

I’ll Be There, the one made me fall in love with Boyfriend


What video would you recommend to a newbie Bestfriend to enjoy?

Hmmmmm.. W Academy? Honestly, I think they should watch all their variety shows, including BF Missionㅋㅋ (please check out 0526 Subbing Team subbed videos, Bestfriends)


You seems to know much about how to use Boyfriend Daum Fancafe. Do you have any tips for Bestfriend about the fancafe?

Hmm… for international Bestfriends, make sure you read and follow the tutorials then you’ll be fine. You can’t really do anything in BF Fancafe without levelling up first. I really regret Starship decision for locking BF Talk Talk and only provide it for "special" members now. It’s almost impossible for international fans to meet the requirement to become that "special" member on fancafe, so it’s really frustrating. BF Talk Talk is one of our favorite BF updates and to suddenly taking it away from us is just harsh ;; If they really want to provide something special for their "special" members, they should've made a new section for "special" members on fancafe and keep BF Talk Talk as it is.



What do you think of Boyfriend new concept, Obsession?

Shocking! Those pretty boys turned into rebels OMG I almost couldn’t recognize them >_< but like people say, girls like nappeun namja   :wub: 


Now that Boyfriend have individual twitter accounts, do you think it will make your translating work more difficult? Or are you excited to see what they will share with us via their personal twitter?

Six more accounts means more updates so I’m just excited. When they update almost at the same time like  during their Obsession comeback tho’… it’s overwhelming! but I love it. I really don’t mind translating more ohohoho~


If you can spend one day with Boyfriend (as Boyfriend the kpop idol), what would you do? Or maybe you prefer just with Kwangmin?

I’d like to go to an amusement park with all members. That would be fun >_<


Pick your Boyfriend! cannot be the same person

-to go to the haunted house: YOUNGMIN, this would be fun because we are both afraid of ghosts ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-to go to a party: DONGHYUN, I’m extremely shy, so this social butterfly lideo oppar would be perfect!

-to go travel to the country you've never been before: MINWOO, the most dependable Boyfriend membeo, i would just feel safe to travel with him

-to be study buddy: JEONGMIN, he might be quite distracting but at least studying would be fun and less boring with him ㅋㅋ

-to be a shoulder to cry on: HYUNSEONG, he cares about his surroundings more than he looks. He seems to be a good listener too

-to have a romantic dinner: KWANGMIN, of course! i just cant imagine having romantic dinner with other members instead of my bias, even though i dont think romantic dinner suit kwangmin really well ㅋㅋㅋㅋ




Below Miss Jiya will answer the questions via Ask Box from Bestfriends. If you want to ask her question or just thank her for her hardwork, tweet to her @hyeonjia or PM Jihyeon


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#2 Velisha


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Posted 25 June 2014 - 09:45 PM

From Velisha:

Since I follow you on Twitter, I notice that sometimes Boyfriend give you headache by updating the fancafe very late or during your class. How do you feel about it? Timezone-wise, did Boyfriend update very late in Korea? I am sure not many Bestfriends understand this because we are not online in the fancafe and didn't know what's going on there. Please share with us.


Their timing is really the best!! oTL yes, sometimes they update when people are in class (but I’m not so all is fine ohohoho) But this is actually good, because K-Bepeus are really fast to comment on BF Talk Talk (which is limited to 99 comments only) so when Boyfriend updates during class hours, it’s usually easier to comment their post ehehe but at night, they really update way too late, 2-3 in the morning KST. Mostly because they update after finishing their practice. Once Minwoo stayed until 4 in the morning KST to reply Bepeus comments on his To Bestfriend post, so we “played” in the fancafe until he left. It was “only” 2 AM in Indonesia but still;;;;;;


From Soniclove:

First I want to say that I really appreciate everything you guys do, you seriously need to start getting paid. It's so great that Boyfriend has their very own translating team!

As for my questions, what was your strategy for learning Korean? How long did it take you to learn it? Any specific way you think is best to learn Korean?


Wow thank you so much. I took Korean class for 2-3 years and then self-studied while translating things about Boyfriend for more than a year now. The best way to learn korean is to learn how to read and write hangul first. After that, learning basic tenses will be a lot easier than learning from romanization which is really confusing, I think.



From PikachuJas:

Hi our dearest translators ,

I know we've been friends for quite a while but yeah, still don't know everything about you guys, for my question. I just wanna ask, how hard it is to be a translator and to be updated on every single update that Boyfriend is posting? And how do you manage your time being a normal person and a busy kpopper?? and please, do give me inspiration on how to manage time wisely   :))


Ahahaha I’m not the right person to answer this question. I don’t know how to manage time wisely. What O do every time Boyfriend updates on fancafe or twitter is to grab my phone and drop whatever I was doing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Bad example! Don’t try this at home >_<



From Donghyuninvy:

How do you manage to update SOME (I think) of Boyfriend updates in real time?

I just can’t resist the temptation to do it every time Boyfriend updates. This is a disease, I need help ;;;;


Does your family member(s) especially your parents get into your business in doing updates like these?

My parents hate it, so I’m doing everything behind their back.


Do you have any personal or in real life Boyfriend-fan friend(s)?

No, unfortunately I have never meet any of my Bestfriend friend in real life ;;;;


To people who put subs/edit/etc. on Boyfriend videos, do you have any personal recommendation(s) on what website(s) to learn on editing videos (aside from youtube/google searches)?

If you want to learn about video subbing, you can join 0526sub’s training room  ;)


Does anyone of you have a twin?



Are you a Boyfriend fan only? Or do you have any other kpop group(s) you enjoy and be passionate about?

Boyfriend only. I like Starship artists and some other kpop groups, but not as much as I love Boyfriend.


Are there any frustrations of being a Bestfriend? Of being a translator or being part of the team?

The only frustration is because people around me hates me doing this, so it feels like I’m doing a crime every single day;;


If you are given ONLY one wish that will come true, what will you wish for (that is not related to kpop/Boyfriend)?

I want to go to Neverland and be one of Peter Pan’s lost boys ㅋㅋㅋ


Do you also know/understand Japanese? Did you self study Japanese and/or Korean?

A really really basic Japanese. I took Japanese class for 3 months and Korean class for 2-3 years, and then self-studied while translating for Boyfriend for more than a year now.



From Soul_BF:

What do you think about Boyfriend at the first time?

“Oh gawd! they are too young for you!”ㅋㅋ


Which member do you like more?

Jo Kwangmin


How long you know different face of Bopeu member? (I think at the first time they have same face lol)

I don’t remember. I think they are quite different tho. It took me some time to really be able to tell the twins apart. But since I like Kwangmin, I just know which one is him most of the time  The power of love?ㅋㅋ


Why you decide to be translator?

(Already answered before) I fall in love to Boyfriend thanks to 0526subs’ videos, so I really really wanted to be part of the amazing team.


From rafacha:

Thank you so much for your hard work and being a great translator!

I followed you on twitter and I see many times you tweet in hangul, so this is my question, does your laptop/pc/phone/etc keyboard provided hangeul letters? *idk what kind of question is this, but I'm curious kekeke   :P


Thanks for following our twitter ^^ yes, I have hangul keyboard on my phone and laptop ㅋㅋ\


How many languages you master?

Indonesian, English, Korean, and really basic Japanese. 

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#3 Velisha


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Posted 25 June 2014 - 09:47 PM

Thank you, Bestfriends, for all your questions. And thank you, Jihyeon, for answering. We honor your hard work!
Keep up the good job and if you need any help, I am sure Bestfriends are ready to assist you  :lol:


Please anticipate our 2nd part of Tribute to Translator with our Chief Translator, Miss Bea.

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