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[2014 ANNIVERSARY EVENTS] I'm Your Bestfriend 1st Anniversary Giveaway

anniversary giveaway

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#21 Velisha


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Posted 17 June 2014 - 01:02 PM

From Shannonminwoo_


I'm Shannon,  15 this year,  from Singapore.  My username is Shannonminwoo_.  Twitter @stxq_ 

I'm going to share me and my bestfriend story(: . 
My bestfriend's name is Rachael(: . I've known her for 3years now.  When I first met her,  it was the first fagoting of our secondary school registration day. I didn't know that she'll one day become someone that is so important to me.  We share so many problems together went through so many ups and Downs together.  And we're so close that even if we don't talk for a month , we know we will never be separated. I really appreciate what she did for me.  On my fifteen birthday,  she made me a card,  with alot of sweet quotes on it.  With our pictures on it too. She's always there for me when j need her and I'm always there for her when she needs me.  She always remembers what I like.  She knows like everything everything about me.  When I say I'm a huge fan of minwoo, she got me his posters, and talk to me about him.  She tolerate me alot. When I talk about minwoo I can go crazy. Really.  One thing that I really admire my bestfriend is that no matter what happens she's always standing strong with me supporting each other,  I love you bestfriend ♡




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Posted 17 June 2014 - 01:03 PM

From Luanna


My best friend is indeed an Angel. 

My best friend’s name is Angelyn.  She’s been with me since we were only thirteen in high school, till we graduated and now we’re both college freshies. It’s amazing because she stayed with me for the past four years. It’s amazing to how we became the best of friends even though I used to ignore her back then and I didn’t find anything special about her. I don’t remember how, but we just did. 
I had a lot of good memories with my bestfriend. Like, I would call her almost every day when I’m home from school and during the weekend. (Her parents even advised her not to stay too long on phone lol), talked about the boys at school and share a mountain of good and bad secrets. When we eat lunch together everyday at school, that time when I had this crush on a certain boy in class, she was the first person I told to. That time when I had a “boyfriend” which she didn’t root the guy, she still supported me. She helped me cope with my studies (because she’s very smart) and one time,  she  gave me a card on a normal school day with no special occasion as a gift of her gratitude, and on Christmas party, she gave me a complete set drawing materials which was exactly I was looking for. But no material gifts can replace how much I love my best friend.(●´∀`●)

In truth, I wasn’t always there for her like how she’s always there for me. But I thank God because through it all, she stayed. That one moment I cannot forget was when she talked about our friendship in speech class. I didn’t had any idea at first until one day she came running to my classroom and hugged me saying “I miss you!” and I just went blank XD she had other friends at her back smiling with awe, and I got confused. She told everything what happened in her speech class and I was really touched! No friend has ever done that to me before and it was only her. She always makes me feel special and I am happy that she came to my life and she will always be a part of it. I feel so blessed having her <3
To me, friendship isn’t about giving or receiving gifts just to make one of us happy nor isn’t about whom we’ve known for a long time, but it’s about someone who came to our lives and never left. J




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Posted 17 June 2014 - 01:04 PM

From Megan



Hi guys! I’d like to enter the giveaway for the Boyfriend contest~ 

First of all, my deepest condolences to Joan. She will be in our hearts forever. I hope that she is happy right now and that she is looking over all of us. Rest in peace, Joan. 

Here’s my BestFriend story: 

I met her in my theater class in 7th grade and I didn’t talk to her for half the year since I had other friends in the class and she had her own as well. We were partnered up to do an acting exercise one day and we immediately hit it off. She was shy and I was outgoing; she was quiet and I was loud; she was ‘hipster’ and I was mainstream(LOL)…it doesn’t seem like a very unlikely friendship right? But anyways, we spent the rest of 7th grade together. Everyone said that we were inseparable… it was so strange because I can’t imagine my life without her now but I wondered how I lived before I met her??? During the middle of 8th grade year, she was crying during lunch and wouldn’t tell our other friends why. She asked me quietly if I would go to the restroom with her and I obliged. She told me with shaking breaths that her father had gotten cancer and I was hit by shock. I knew that her father was the most important person in her life; she loved him immensely and looked up to him in every way possible. I’m not really the type of person who knows what to say when people are upset though. I hugged her until she stopped crying and during the 6 months that her dad had chemo, I called her every night to see how she was doing. I hated seeing her like that because out of all the people in the world, I couldn’t understand how something as terrible as that could happen to Bella. She is the most compassionate and caring person I know and I’ll never meet anyone like her. She ALWAYS listens to me and even though I know I am selfish, she never blames me for my flaws. She accepts me the way that I am and I wanted her to be happy. Her father passed away 6 months later when the chemo stopped working. It was really upsetting though because towards the end of his life, he started to lose his memory and Bella would call me, crying, whenever she came home from school and he asked who she was. That broke my heart into a million pieces because Bella only had a few days left with him and he couldn’t even remember who his daughter was. This isn’t a happy story but it’s the most memorable moment with my best friend. I would’ve written all the memories that Bella and I shared together(happy memories) but this one meant the most to me because I wanted to pay some respect to her and her late father. This was a memorable moment with her because she had always been there for me and this time, I wanted to be there for her as much as possible. He died peacefully in his sleep with Bella beside him and I was thankful that he had some idea who she was towards the end of his life. She is the most caring and kind person I know and I’m blessed to know her. 

Thank you,




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Posted 17 June 2014 - 01:13 PM

From Thais Yamauchi



First of all, Happy Birthday to imyourbestfriend forum o/ I'm a fan of Boyfriend since their debut and you guys make an amazing work with the forum, I always read the posts, news and everything <3 
And I felt really bad when I read about Joan, I didn't know her so much, but I know how is the feeling of lose someone, she's looking from the stars everybody and thinking how all of you are doing a great job with the forum =) 
Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But you know that exist, that it's important, that you need it, that it's wonderful, make you happy, make you strong and you can live a better life with your friends.
Well, my bestfriend of the world is my MOM, her name is Celi! 
For her I can tell anything, she helps me so much, when I'm in trouble, if I'm in love, if I broke up, she is with me all the time, she tells me what I need to hear not what I want to hear.
We always do everything together. Our friendship became so strong when my dad leave to Japan and my grandmother was sick. We were a lot of time at home taking care of my grandmother and like this we talked a lot, we became closer and closer and now we are inseparate, cook together, watch TV, go on shopping, go to restaurant. I always was a person who didn't talked a lot of my personal life to anybody, but with my mom I know that I can talk of everything, she is my confident. Me and my mom like to take a lot of pictures, with her I thought that I'm in my 15 years again hahahahaha I will send some pictures of us for you, I hope you liked ;D
I have the best mom and the bestfriend <3
She's my all and I'm so thankful to have her in my life
This is all!! Happy Birthday again *-* and thank you for this giveaway, enjoyed so much.




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Posted 17 June 2014 - 01:15 PM

From Elizabeth



Hi. My name is Elizabeth Audine and here is my story.
What is friendship to me?
Friendship to me is like an expensive car, it might be very satisfying temporarily; but if you don't take care of it and just leave it, it will rot to non existence. Friendship comes and go, just like how you need to pick one car (friend) that you like and will stay with forever.
How much does my best friend mean to me?
Everything, we do pretty much everything. My best friend is like a family member, I can tell her everything without having to worry about her telling other people, and we always help each other out. And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING, stuff we don't even tell our parents. I've known my best friend since we were nappies, but here's the sad part, she passed away 2 years ago, there is one thing she never told me, she had a sickness. I've always known she was not like other kids because she has always been on a wheelchair, well she had legs, but they don't function. I was depressed for a pretty long time, I'm still stoked, but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have liked me like this. Sure I have other best friends, but none of them are as nice as she is. I miss her, but I have to move on in life.
What makes me feel blessed to have an important person I call a best friend?
Every time we feel sad, and we always have someone to comfort each other. Even the smallest thing like talking about boys, makes me feel blessed that I have someone to speak up my opinion with and the best part, someone who agrees with me. Every friend is a blessing, and I hope that my friendship never dies. :)



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Posted 21 June 2014 - 02:23 PM

My bestfriend is none other than my husband.. Yes you read it right.. ^^ Before we became husband and wife he is my ever dearest bff.. We hang around together like brother and sister, for almost 4 years.. We talked about our likes, dislikes,,, met his girlfriend,, met my boyfriend.. 

We separated our ways when his "girlfriend got jealous of me".. I never saw him since then.. But one day when I opened my facebook I saw a message from him.. He wanted to see me.. To make the long story short.. I fell inlove with him and vice versa.. ( I think I'm creating a love story here)

He is the best bestfriend that I ever had.. now he is my husband he is always there in my ups and down,,.. comforting me when I am sick.. Loving me even I am not that perfect.. Accepting me from my mistakes and shortcomings.. Loving me unconditionally... He always listened in my dramas in life... I'm so blessed to have him,..

The funny thing is that we always argue about Kwangmin.. well those are the old times.. I think he is a BOYFRIEND fanboy now.. He even bought me a BOYFRIEND headset last month... We also planned to go to the Kcon last year unfortunately we didn't make it.. 


For 2 years I only have my husband as my friend.. but when I joined this fandom.. my circle of friends got bigger,, I met you (vel), my eonnie foroogh, my loves pikachunijas, my vampire buddy yanna.. and my sisters bea, jiya, cacao... Thanks for accepting me here.. I am a really one PROUD BESTFRIEND... and forever will be one.. 
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Posted 26 June 2014 - 04:29 PM

i post my entry via email because i don't know how to put the pictures here ㅋㅋㅋ~ i hope i'm not too late ^^

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Posted 27 June 2014 - 12:28 AM

is it still open ?? i wish it is i will submit my entry tomorrow wait for me  ^-^ thank you :))))






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Posted 27 June 2014 - 10:54 AM

Best friend is a person who knows every little things about you and still love you despite of that. A best friend is God's gift to us. So when you have a bestfriend, never ever do anything that will make him/her walks away from you... 
Before I tell you about my best friend, let me tell you first how I am as a person.
I am:
~a middle child; it is really hard for me to trust people and I also don't know how to fit myself in the crowd.
~soooo moody, it changes real quick. If one second I am laughing hard, the next second you will find me at the corner of the room (having my own little world)
~bossy or simply I like to demand for things.
Those are just some of the characteristics I have that is why it is really hard for me to find for a friend who can actually stand by my side and accept me for who I am..
So lemme introduce my best friend, her real name is Donna but she is known as Yan and I really really love that nickname :)
How important a bestfriend to me?
Yan, is sooo important she is like a part of me that I would really really would not love to lost. She is a part of my life, though it may seem a little corny or whatever but she is really my LOST SISTER, I always told her that maybe we are really meant to be siblings however we are separated because of fate but fate still brings us together (like how lovers will describe it.. hehehe)
There's alot of things that we've done together like doing music videos, sharing our plans and dreams for the future, staying up late at night spazzing while doing our research, cheering for each other during our defense on our last year in college, reviewing and passing our qualifying exam in order for us to continue with our course,rendering our training on the same company, telling white lies to our boss just to go out early to watch Boyfriend's live streaming on ASC,being each other's confidant when one has a problem, buying Boyfriend merchandise, breaking school's regulation during graduation by sitting side by side each other even though they've already arranged it alphabetically, wearing the same dress even though we are not twins and TOGETHER WE WATCHED BOYFRIEND PERFORMANCE DURING KCON.
How lucky I am to have a best friend like Yan?
I will say I'm the luckiest earthling, because with an attitude like mine, I am so greatful that the good Lord still send me a wonderful person like Yan. Maybe if it wasn't for her I would not be able to do those things, she is always telling me that she've learn alot from me but what she didn't know, I've learn and I keep on learning more things in life from her. Yan maybe is younger but she knows more about life, responsibility and have bigger faith than me. She is the POSITIVE one while I am the NEGATIVE. For this, I will always be thankful to have her and I promise to keep her as my friend as long as I lived. I just hope she will not gave up on me.....
I made a video to show what we've done last year... 
(sorry for the bgm, I .... :3 )



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AwwwsoCuteDancinPikachu_47bf65_4679610_zmy pikachu^^


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Posted 27 June 2014 - 01:51 PM

Hi! ^^ Fanne here~ so this is the story of my Best Friend ^^ 


Well.. Here goes~  :lol:


Her name is Danica, we met in elementary school... back then I don't have a lot of friends, I'm the shy type of person (still Am though XD) I don't talk to anyone unless they talk to me first.. she was a transfer student at the time... years passed and we stayed as classmates... When we were in our first year of High school we became close that's because we realized that our homes are really close to each other (it was a 5 min walk from each other's house XD) and we liked playing onlline games and most importantly we were both addicted to Anime and drawing it XD hahaha so Whenever it was a saturday we  would play online games and whenever we have few homework we'd go to my place and do it then watch a movie. :lol: But those time didn't last long because we we're getting busier by the year to prepare for college. But still we kept a close relationship.  :lol: 


When ever she has a problem she would talk to me and I'd help her. I'm not really the type of person who opens up. I keep my problems to myself but sometimes when I can't keep it anymore She would be the only I would seek advice from. I can completely tell her everything and she would listen. She's the only person I can do that to. i guess I really trust her XD hahaha Sometimes, I think we can even do telepathy (you know like when you just look at each other's eyes you'll know what they think, or get the same idea? XD hahaha ) It's really amazing! :lol:


Now we're no longer classmates, but we still visit each other and watch movie marathons if we have the time. :lol:  I really love her. It's like we're twins and part of each other's family. I'm really glad I got to meet her.  :lol:    


So to me friendship is about trust. It's where both person feel complete knowing they have a shoulder they could lean on whenever they have problems. A best friend means a lot to me. I think I wouldn't be able to have the courage to talk first to other people and make friends XD. I feel blessed knowing that i can be myself around my Bestfriend. :lol:  

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Posted 29 June 2014 - 06:27 PM

it's my story...


at junior high school, i have a good friend. Her name is Amelia intan, but i just call her as intan. Actually she is a nice person, but her friends just a little bit. (because.. if someone talk to her maybe the story isn't match)

But she always smile and kindly to each other. Sometimes she always ask me to help her if any something that she's can't understand (at lesson) and she always talk about everything to me, and i'm will be nice listener (?) lol.

I remember if i talk about some my life story, she's laugh.. altough my story isn't joke tbh, but she happy hearing my story..and me too. All my friend in class know that i'm close with intan.

someday, she's absent for several day. And then i know something from other feiend that she's have victims 'cancer'. Altough she can come to school again, it isn't long. Because she must get operation. 

I don't remember how.. But someday i hear that she's passed away. I'm cried. I lose my good friend. But she is always being my good friend ever after.

i learn something because her. Just open our ear and listen.. And sometimes we can be a good friend for other person. :)

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보이프렌드  :wub:

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Posted 29 June 2014 - 10:19 PM

          First off, I would like to congratulate this forum for being active and getting bigger until now. Happy 1st Anniversary IMYBF! I still remember the day when this forum announced its completion last year. After reading that, I immediately register myself as a member and got confused at first in streaming the site but as day passes by, I got used to it but hehe, I'm inactive here, so I'm really sorry. I'm so thankful for the birth of this forum, how it manage to gather many fans of our dearest Boyfriend. I hope it will last longer and get bigger and stronger and wider! I salute all the staffs behind this magical place!


          And wherever you are, our dearest Joan, we hope you're in peace now and watching us over. We will take care of our six boys, don't worry! We love you so much! We miss you badly!



          "Bestfriend." It has a lot of definitions to a fangirl like me.













          Since I was a kid up until I've grown up maturely, having them beside me makes me strong and the bonds we have shared when we are still highschoolers, aah, I missed my circle of best friends outside kpop life. We may be dealing our each and own paths and careers respectively in college, we may not see or hang out every day and talk rarely, but we know in our hearts how we deeply value each other and how deeply we love each other. So to all my best friends out there, don’t you ever forget that there is this girl who’s been thinking of you and wishing you are safe darlings because I love you bestfriendsForever!


          The word ‘bestfriend’ is very important to me as to how I value my friends. What more now when I became an avid fan of Boyfriend? I am so proud to be their bestfriend. And what’s really memorable in this part, when I became a bestfriend, I met new virtual friends in social networking sites and eventually, became my spazzmates and friends in real life too. I started in a small group named “GSL”. (Hi there co-GSLs! Miss you so much!) We have founded our strong friendship, thanks to the ‘On and On Group Photo Contest’. Since then, my life became brighter in every time I’m with them or by just simply spazzing with them. And now, we are happily serving our boys by being the staffs of Boyfriend’s official fanclub here in our country. Yes, we all decided to apply and became staffs altogether and I’m really thankful for this opportunity and friendship and it’s BestfriendFever it got me.


          And because some of us got hired, we also met other bestfriends who loves Boyfriend so much, the older set of staffs of our fansclub. They welcomed us warmly and I’m really glad to shout out the fact that we are a big happy family! We always have our monthly meeting to talk about our plans on how we are going to make the fandom happier and bigger and every time we have offline meetings, I always feel excited on having the thought of seeing them and make some memories after our serious business. It’s like I found another family to treasure with and every meetings are really full of fun and laughters! What a BestFair-hairedFamily!


          And lastly, I find this fandom very daebak and very peaceful. I witness a lot of stories of how good and kind all the bestfriends are. I can even testify about it especially when I was just beginning to be a bestfriend. They all accommodate me well and welcome me very very warmly and friendly to the fandom. That is why every time  and in every possible way I can, I would want to cheer up the fandom and let other see how great to be part of this may be small in community, but are very passionate in loving the six awesome boys and the fandom itself. I would always end up commending how wonderful the people are in here and how worthy they are to be loved by the six cute and now hot, Boyfriend! It is indeed, BestFascinatingFandom.



I hope there will be another chance for us to meet Boyfriend in person. With that super BFF memory the date December 28, 2013 gave us was worth-remembering and worth keeping in our minds and hearts. I wished you had a great time reading my entry and got entertained. I also wish you felt the same feels kept in this very long post, because that is what I really wanted to share, how fun it is to be a Bestfriend!



Again, Happy Anniversary IMYBF! Thank you very much! ♥


twitter: @JeongMINEryelf

I'm Princess Arielle by the way.☺





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Posted 30 June 2014 - 06:19 AM

Hi !
It's hard to choose just one best friend because there are many good friends in my life. But there's one of my good friends whom I want to introduce to you guys the most because she is also 'Bestfriend' like us !
Back to the day when we first met, 10th October 2012, we talked to each other for the first time via MSN. We were Boyfriend role-players and most of Thai role-players used MSN back then. She took a role of Jo Kwangmin and I took a role of Jo Youngmin. (Her most favorite Boyfriend member is Kwangmin while my most favorite member is Youngmin.)
Since that day, we've continued talking with each other everyday until now. It has been almost two years and the time is long enough for me to call her 'my dear best friend'.
But there are always some problems between us. How should I explain ?
We’re really closed with each other and we like each other so much but we can’t get along well. Maybe we are too sensitive or we care too much about each other and every little detail of everything. So we get angry easily.
We do many things together like BF Thai subbing team, we manage our BF Thai fanbase together, etc. If our opinions / ideas aren’t the same with each other, we’ll immediately fight ! It’s always be like this.
We don’t only argue about our works, but also about any nonsense in our daily life.
There were many times when I said ‘I hate you’, many times when I said ‘We’d better not talk to each other again’. There were also many times she said ‘I can’t stand your bad behavior any more’.
But anyway, we somehow ended up talking to each other like usual everytime. Just one of us say sorry first, the other one will have no reason to be angry anymore. We can’t pretend ignoring each other for a long time.
It amazes me how we’re still with each other until now even though we’ve argued for more than a hundred time. Maybe it’s because of what we call ‘destiny’ ? Are we destined to be together ? Then I hope we can always go through everything together like this forever.
Let me show you something ! This is what I’m proud the most among many things we’ve done together. It’s Jo Twins 20th HBD Cake. (Click here <- if you want to see.) I’m the one who designed the cake and she’s the one who designed HBD card. But not only two of us, there are also some of our friends who made this cake project successful. 
It’s just one of many things we’ve done together. There are still many stories about us. But if I tell you all of my good memory about her, this post will be so so so long ! >_< Because there are many things happened between us and we are really closed with each other !
I even told her that I will post our story here and promise I will translate it into Thai for her later when I have time. So let me say something to her via this post. ^^
Hi, Yuki ! Actually, I don’t know what to say because we’re always together everyday and we’ve already told everything to each other. But let me tell you once again that I’ll never leave your side. I promise I’ll always be with you. I hope our friendship will be a never ending story. I LOVE YOU.
- - - - - -
Sorry, I never expected that my story will be this long ! It’s just because there are many things I really want to say. >_<
It is said ‘Just send us your most memorable BFF moment with your best friend.’ But for me, my most memorable moment is the whole time when I’m with her. So I told you about how our friendship has grown instead. 
P.S. There’s something else I want to say.
I’m really glad to know you, Velisha ! You are a very nice friend for me. You are very kind.
Since you said that the story will not decide the winner, so everything I said in this post is true from my heart, including what I said to you. There’s no need to lie. ^-^

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Posted 30 June 2014 - 11:16 PM



My favorite quotation is “friendship is the brightest star in the darkest sky of life” and yes i believe in that quotation.
Friendship is like love simple word but full of meaning, behind those word there is a meaning a plenty of meaning that hard to explain.

You want to find out what is the meaning of friendship for me, then this is the meaning of friendship for me. Enjoy reading!
And I m sorry for the wrong grammar >.<

Friendships are easily formed when we are young and do not demand too much out of it. Humans tend to form highest number of friendships at kindergarten and primary level. However, one tends to have fewer friends as one grows older and wiser. This is because we realize there are good friends and bad ones.

When I enter college life I said to myself that this will be the most unforgettable moment in my life, why ? cause I know that this is the start of my journey to enter to the real life. And yet to find a new friend also.
Even I have many friends during High school days I think the level of maturity of our attitude, of our self is not enough already. So I want to explore myself and meet new people and to know them better.

During College life I met 4 beautiful ladies , they are so hard to find you know that.. after 3 years in my college life finally I met those girls.

Their name is Kassandra Mae , Margie Ann, Lovielyn , and last but not the least my long lost twin Julie Ann Zapanta aka JAS.

This four girl is my strength when im down , I really don’t know but until now im thinking why these 4 girl is my friend ^-^

We have so many trials and struggles that happen in our life, especially when we are college maybe 3rd year college, in research study maybe that is one of the most unforgettable moment that I will treasure in my heart, we are so down at that time, we spent so much money to make that research , and it already comes the time that we lost our hope already we have a plan to drop that subject already and im so happy cause that research become successful thank you for the support of these 4 girls ^-^

Maybe even we finish our college life still our connection is still there.

I don’t know how to tell how much I love this girl but I made a video to express my love for them watch it and you will see how much thankful I am that I have these 4 girls in my life. That giving me some happiness when im sad, give me strength when im felling down, give me hope , love, inspiration. Thank you very much because you are always there at my side .

*** their are three videos hope you like it since i don't know how to express my feelings then by these videos hope you see how much and how thankful i am :)
by the way

and we all know that JULIE ANN ZAPANTA or JAS her bias is KWANGMIN
and my bias is YOUNGMIN :)




Specially to JAS thank you for making me happy in times of my mourning .. Im so thankful cause I got a friend like you. Thank you so much ..


one way to treasure every memories is to captured it ^-^ and behind those picture i know that their is a meaning and a story ^-^





hope that my entry is not late >.<

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Posted 11 July 2014 - 06:47 AM

From: realize_colbie




Time is gold because it's precious so does a Best friend.. A bestfriend is a gift from God and I thank Him for giving such a blessing, my best friend, my other half..

How sweet it is to be loved by someone.. to be cared by someone.. to be understand by someone..

Once upon a time, there was a crybaby named Shane (me) and a strong girl named Yanni. My life was so peaceful until Yanni came. We always fight.. We always irritate and even hurt each other physically, mentally and emotionally. It's impossible that a day will pass without quarrels between us. But the unique thing is that we are SADIST with LOVE.. Fighting is just a normal thing for us because at the end of the day, we know that we still have each other :) We are like Tom and Jerry just like Youngmin and Minwoo [that's why I love YoungWoo], we can't live without each other.. It feels great to have someone you can fight with knowing that your relationship will remain unchanged.

Now that we're on our separate ways studying for our future lives, we're still Shane and Yanni 6 years ago :) We may not have all the time to have communication, we know that there's a connection in our hearts. We don't need to talk every single day. We don't need to talk to each other for weeks. But when we do, it's like we never stopped talking.


[Happy Anniversary I'm Your Bestfriend Forum :) Thanks for providing us a home where we could meet other Bestfriends.. Fighting! More power!]



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Posted 11 July 2014 - 06:49 AM

From: diamonddy


What is friendship to me?

Friendship is something very precious to me. Friendship is the thing that bring joys into my world. Without friendship, I would never know about korean, kpop and everything. Friendship can only form between 2 people when they decided to be each other's friend. Of course, there's many type of friendship. But when I met others, I would love to be their friend. I'm not that capable in socializing but I've always tried my best. So I met this best friend of mine that I know I'll never regret meeting her. 
How much does my best friend mean to me?
A lot, it's just a lot. I still remember the first time we met in Primary Five, she was this chinese girl who barely have any friends. I got close to some of my classmates and they said that she is racist , hard to approach and proud. That time , I really do believed them because she does seem that way ( no offense ). Anyway, we somehow met and got really close instantly. That was the time I found out she loved anime, I was back then too! So we got really close in a snap of fingers, now that I think back it was kinda cute for both of us. We were both almost-otaku like. We even made scrapbook about those anime that we loved, it was such a magical moment. We went to different school when we were Form One. Her UPSR results were better than me so she went to a private school and I just went to a normal school. We kept out contact and finally we moved on from anime to KPOP. Well, as a new kpoppers I fell in love with Boys Over Flowers' Kim Bum. Its a long story and finally we met up this one day she introduced Boyfriend to me. She fell in love at first sight with Kwangmin, while me in the other hand fell in love with Donghyun. Then, I fell for Jeongmin, I told her I would never like Kwangmin. She was really happy, we even wanted to participate in Jo Twins' Birthday Project but she was too late to send the letter so yeah. She meant a lot to me. Thats all I can say, I could not describe our friendship in any word.
What makes me feel blessed to have an important person I call a best friend?
Well of couse, she's smarter so through her I can learn a lot. I can not imagine what's my life without her in it. She bought a lot of good and sweet memories to me, it's just too precious. We often fight each other but eventually 5 minutes later, we talked to each other like we never quarrel before. We even wrote fanfics together , about Boyfriend. I love her dearly, loving her because she always think about me when she's going out, she would want me to join her. How could I let such great friend, great company and great girl leave my world? I can't. 



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Posted 11 July 2014 - 06:58 AM

From: Kania Sukma


hi, my name is kania, my forum id and my twitter uname is kaniasukma.

first, deep condolence for joan, even if i didn't know her personally, but she must be very happy to be a part of us. and thank's for her dedicate as a bestfriend

i dont know how to put picture if i post this at the forum so i decide to send this via email ㅋㅋㅋ ~ i hope i'm not late so here we go, my entry~

friendship.. this is so awkward to write something about my 'awkward' friendship kkk~ i mean, another story must be a story about their sweetness friendship but mine is not sweet at all xD yeah, we are love each other, definitely, but we're all typically cold girls who cannot express their feeling well xD

now i'll introduce ourselfes, we are bestfriends in a real life, and luckily, i meet this two girls and we have same taste of boyfriend, yeah! we're all BESTFRIEND! in real life! i'm so blessed i can meet with them and get into kpop and being a bestfriend together!
me (youngmin biased), firda (kwangmin biased), and puput (minwoo biased), and i think we're totally perfect to reflecting our own bias,
me and puput, we're really close, but we also argue often (you know youngwoo couple, tom and jerry ㅋㅋㅋ~) and firda, she is smart (stupid sometimes ㅋㅋㅋ), but 4D, as 4D as kwangmin ㅋㅋㅋ~

our most memorable moment, i think it's when our pajamas party, it's the same day with boyfriend 3rd anniversary ^^ and for the first time we go far away from our home and far from our parents, we totally do what we want to do, we just slept about 4 hours (because too tired of singing, talking and laughing all night long xD) and we lunch at korean restaurant to celebrate boyfriend 3rd anniversary :D we blow up candles that we put on a bowl of patbingsu xD

even now, when we all graduated from our high school, we always keep in touch to sharing all about boyfriend and because i can meet them virtually, i'll never feel lonely in my real life, thank you BESTFRIEND ♡

not forget to say happy 1st anniversary our lovely forum and for all member! ♡♡♡





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Posted 11 July 2014 - 07:00 AM

From: Stefani Laurencia



I have a bestfriend. I think she's one of the greatest friend i've ever known. Her name is Jacqueline. We used to be in the same school and same class since kindergarden, but since junior high school we're in different schools so we don't meet a lot.

We played together a lot when we were in kindergarden. My days were a lot of fun because of her. When we were in elemantary school, she often got mad at me for no reason, i got confused so many times. But that didn't make me upset and didn't want to be her friend. I just waited until she's calming down and approach me. We grew up closer and closer since then.

The best thing that i have with my bestfriend is when she asked me to be her best friend forever. I was smiling so bright and couldn't hide my happiness. Of course i agreed. She looked so happy too.

Until now we always share about each other problems and talk about it together. Although we're apart we still stay connected through BBM. Even just chatting with her makes me feel different kinds of emotions. When she tells me a happy story then i'll smile a lot. And when she tells me a sad story then i'll drop my tears. Same goes for her too.

I'm really grateful to have such a great bestfriend. She is a precious person to me. I hope that we won't forget each other until we're adults. I love you Jacqueline! <3



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Posted 11 July 2014 - 07:03 AM

From: Ayra


What is friendship to you?

Friendship ? For me, friendship is like a diamond. We have to take a good care of it, because if the diamond broke, will there is anyone who will like the diamond again ? No. Sure it's same with friendship. If our friendship broke, there is will make they hate each others.

How much does your best friend mean to you?

More than my life ! I love my best friend more than anyone else ! My best friend is my biggest 'diamond' !! That's how much my best friend mean to me !

What makes you feel blessed to have an important person you call a best friend?

What's make I blessed ? It's because my best friend always there for me. Even she tired, she will always spend time for me. It's really hard to say more. But all moment with her make me feeling so blessed, grateful and make me appreaciated her as a best friend !



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Posted 11 July 2014 - 07:05 AM

From: Stela



My name Stela ,im BoyFriend's Jeongmin fan, im 16yo this year, and this's my story ^^. When im new in Senior HS, i don't have any friend, because im not the type that can speak friendly on someone, so when there's a group project im the last who get group

Time is running ,and finally there's someone who want to talk with me, breakfast,shopping,and chatting ,im so happy with that and im trust her

But that's just only lasted a few months and she go for another person, im really really upset cause im trust her but she destroy it, that's why i don't have a lot of friend ,cause i don't want to have that feeling again 

I only have one person in my life who is my Best BestFriend(except family) she is BestFriend too(Hyunseong's Fan) ,she's really kind and she's the only one who can i trust and support me with my dream ,her name is K***** and she's study in my school too but in different class, and her dream i think same with me....hahahahaha....^^

Thx for this opportunity , i can share my story to you....^^



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