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[2014 ANNIVERSARY EVENTS] I'm Your Bestfriend 1st Anniversary Giveaway

anniversary giveaway

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#1 Velisha


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Posted 16 May 2014 - 02:19 PM

CELEBRATING BOYFRIEND 3rd ANNIVERSARY & I’m Your Bestfriend Forum 1st Anniversary


I’m Your Bestfriend 1st Anniversary Giveaway


It’s time to celebrate our forum’s 1st Anniversary!

As one year went by, we are grateful to all Bestfriends who joined us and support Boyfriend with us.

Through 365 days, we truly feel the strong friendship among Bestfriends from all over the world.

When many fans left Boyfriend, when many fans thought that Bestfriends were falling apart, when we thought we were the last ones standing with Boyfriend… all of you proved them wrong.

There are still so many Bestfriends everywhere, still love Boyfriend and we are all standing with Boyfriend.


Thank you.


With our 1st Forum Anniversary, we’d also like to honor our beloved Bestfriend, Joan (hyunseongkiss), age 16 from The Philippines, who passed away on April 26th, 2014. Many Bestfriends don’t know her personally, but we all love her and her contribution to Bestfriend world.


What is friendship to you? How much does your best friend mean to you? What makes you feel blessed to have an important person you call a best friend?

Just send us your most memorable BFF moment with your best friend. IT MUST BE A TRUE STORY.

It can be Boyfriend related, friendship with fellow Bestfriend, friendship with just a Kpop fan (non-Bestfriend) or even your non Kpop friend. It can be with a member of your family too. This giveaway is open to anyone.

Friendship is a wonderful thing, and I am sure you have many (true) stories and memories to share.


Two ways to send your story:

1. Join I’m Your Bestfriend Forum, login and post your story in this topic. Only 1 story per person please. You can post a picture along with it if you want. You can change the name of the friend featured in your story for privacy reason. Your story will be visible to public who can read it without having to login.


2. If you don’t want to join our forum, you can send your story to info@imyourbestfriend.com with title “I’m Your Bestfriend 1st Anniversary Giveaway”. You have the option of sharing the story in the forum or not. We will post the story on your behalf unless you don’t want to share it.


DEADLINE: June 30, 2014


The story you send will not decide the winner. All participants will have the same fair chance to win the giveaway.


We will announce the winner on July 10, 2014 via forum and our twitter. We will also notify the winner via email.


- 1 BOYFRIEND JANUS album (courtesy of tsopao, 0526 Subbing Team Captain)
- 1 BOYFRIEND new mini album OBSESSION
- 1 voucher for one Kpop album of your choice up to US$20 worth (availability apply)

If you have any question, you can ask via info@imyourbestfriend.com, ask here in this topic, or click to PM me: Velisha.

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#2 Velisha


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Posted 16 May 2014 - 02:23 PM



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Posted 18 May 2014 - 05:06 PM

rahmadiwi here :)
I'm really sorry if any wrong words in English..sorry

My Bestfriend like My Twins

My Bestfriend's name is Gendis. Really like Java person name's,but we're really live in Sumatera :D
First time, I met her,is when I and her in our first month in Junior HighSchool. We are not close, but someday, after Social examination, her and I know , just we two got perfect value. We become more close after that. Do all together. And many my friends, if we met their always says we're twins. We always laugh hear that, because we're not twins.

I and her always compete, sometimes Gendis got 1general and I got 2 general ,and on the contrary I got 1 general, she got 2 general in our schools and our class.But that not make we become be enemies, we really more close. Sometimes we one another avoid because one problem, but that not longer,after one hour we like before again.

We not sitmate in our class. Actually, we want become sitmate but our teacher not allow that. Our teacher says if we sitmate, only we become more smart. But, we equally don't want that. In fact, we not sitmate just when our teacher teach in our class, in other teacher study, we always sitmate.

Her and I always like same Korean Drama, but we watch that in our own home :D because our home very far. But when the Korean Drama was play in Tv , we always talk about that from bbm.

Gendis , she have a boyfriend. But because she have a boyfriend ,that don't make she with slowly become far with me like some people do. She always with me, always sitmate with me till our last year in Junior High. And do all together . Now, we not one school , but we always one another communication although just from bbm.

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Posted 19 May 2014 - 01:35 AM

Hi! This is my entry for this Anniversary Giveaway contest~


But first and foremost, to Joan, I'm pretty much sure that she's so happy with God, looking over our fandom and Boyfriend from above. I bet she might be bragging about how perfect Hyunseong is to the angels <3

Second, congratulations and happy anniversary to imyourbestfriend forum! I'm glad I'm part of its first one! :D Though I haven't been a Boyfriend fan for a year yet, I feel like I gained lots of knowledge and people through this forum's help so thank you for existing ^_^ Thank you for all the hard working staff and admins here for taking care of us and doing all these through it all~ I pray that you won't get tired of all this and to still continue until the end!~ Fighting!!!
Cheers for this forum's 1st anniversary and for more to come!!!!



NOW here is my entry~
I have written my story by answering the 5Ws (Who, When, Where, What and Why) style :)



Who: My big brother


>Yes, friendship or having BFF moments doesn't have to be limited with just friends but with other significant others as well, just like what was said from the very first post. I choose my brother because, truthfully, it has been a long, long while since I have a person I call "MY Bestfriend". So that is why I have chosen him~

(BTW, he doesn't have any interest in Boyfriend in case you're wondering)



When: Just last weekend :)


>Whenever we go out to do some important stuff, we usually like to enjoy it as well by eating our fave food or by discovering something especially if it involves eating :D


Where: In my story, a Japanese restaurant



What: Definition of friendship; most memorable moment


>What friendship means to me is really broad and deep at the same time. It's a connection about something you both like, love or hate; something you both share; something you have in common or in uniqueness with each other... Something you have and/or don't have... In short, BFF is someone you are common and uncommon with; it's complicated but the friendship still 'click' :)


>There isn't just ONE memorable moment with my brother; we have been together for so looooong to just have one but I will only give a recent happening instead to make it easy. Hahaha
This happened last week, when we went to the supermarket. We used to have a habit of eating at any restaurant before doing our grocery list, but we don't do it anymore to save money (except on occasions that we celebrate). But last week was different because we both felt we wanted to eat out of a whim since we haven't done so after a while. So we went and ate at a cheap Japanese fast-food restaurant, ordering different meals from each other so I can taste his choice of meal and vice versa. I didn't order desserts but since he knows that I have a sweet tooth, he ordered a Japanese cheesecake for me :) It was a memorable moment because it took me back to those days when we used to do that a lot especially because we do the groceries every weekend~ But since times have change; we need to budget the money; manage our time, so it was one of the things we have to remove from our habits to make ends meet ^_^ The feeling was nostalgic, light and VERY fulfilling (literally and figuratively Hahaha) at that moment, it made me very happy (especially my stomach :P).


Why: Lots of reasons


   1.) Why look far when you have someone that fits the criteria right in front of you?
   2.) You have been together for so long/some time that you already know each other in and out

   3.) You don't have to keep all/some of your skeletons in the closet, so to speak

   4.) Can give you a lot of advice from situations you might have problem sharing with others

   5.) Easy availability in case of emergencies, like you craving for fast-food late at night and you don't have a Boyfriend to fetch you especially on days you feel "moody"

   6.) Can be your body guard from jerks

   7.) Gives you insight(s) from a "guy's point of view"

   8.) Teaches you non-girly ideas/things to try (games, T.V. shows, etc)

   9.) When you get into an argument, you can go talk it out (immediately if you want) since you can reach to him easily since his just a room away (or something)

   10.) There's probably a lot more that I don't know what I should write next Hahaha

So that's it, I hope you didn't get bored reading my entry... This actually took me a while to compose but made me too happy reminiscing those times~
Again, thank you for the opportunity!~
Happy First Anniversary, ImYourBestfriend Forum!

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#5 Luanna



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Posted 21 May 2014 - 08:30 PM

Yey <3 i'm gonna participate on this one. :) I have a lot to tell you about my bestfriend :)
And congratulations on your anniversary! <33 I am truly happy to be here. 


Minwoo is makes my kokoro doki doki 



#6 ashry



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Posted 24 May 2014 - 01:59 PM

First off I would like to say! Thank you for being such an amazing Forum. & Thank you Velisha for showing me this place! I'm so blessed to have met you! And I'm so happy to be able to call myself a Bestfriend! & to be here around other Bestfriends is simply amazing! Please keep up the wonderful work! <3 & Thanks for the Opportunity! 


Friendship to me, is somebody who puts up with you and is always there, through all the good times and the bad times. Somebody who is not afraid to speak their mind even tho their words might be harsh or even hurtful. They just want to be honest with you, and you are honest with them as well! That's the base of all friendship relationships. Is trust and loyalty!
My best friend is named Katy. And she is one of the best things that has ever happened to me to be honest. We met online about 8 years ago and we have just been great friends every since then! She is simply amazing and the one who got me into kpop a couple years ago! I owe her a lot to be quite honest!

Anyways my story with my best friend goes back to the November 26th. The day of KPOP Masters in Las Vegas. I won a pair of tickets and obviously there was only one friend I wanted to go with me. The line-up was Sistar, 4MINUTE, SHINee, Mblaq, Brown Eyed Girls, G.NA, B2ST, & TVXQ. Quite an amazing line up if I do say so myself. Anyways the day of the concert we walked around the MGM grand hotel all day, hoping to run into idols of course since they where all staying in the same hotel! We got the opportunity to see Sistar, a few members of B2ST and BEG, and also a few members of MBLAQ. The highlight was when Gina Choi (g.na) walked past us in one of the hallways and I was so happy to see her, since I love her so much! I remember bowing my head and I spoke softly. "I love you Gina!" And she smiled and dipped her head and replied. "I love you too baby!" I squeaked and waved before clinging happily to my best friend who was so happy for me. It just made my night. Well we explored the strip a bit since we heard rumors of idols going to some of the shops but we honestly where just having so much fun together hanging out, and the hotel was kind of stressful since idols where getting crowded and we needed air just as much as they did!  We ate a lot and talked about everything. It was such a nice experience visiting her since she lives all the way in California and I live over in Indiana. 

That night when it was time to go to the concert we got in line at a decent time and made some decent friends as well. Our tickets weren't super great due to the fact that we had gotten free tickets for free. Which was understandable! Well we got our seats and started to settle down and waited for the show to start. Well suddenly a bunch of other's started rushing down to get closer seats since SO MANY seats where open. Katy was one of them, running down looking for a better seat. I followed her, although I was so worried we were going to get in trouble. But we ended up getting a decent seat and I was so glad for that! Unfortunately for the others who had sat near us where all getting moved since the owners of those seats showed up, but lucky for us we got to stay were we where! It was great! The show then got underway and it was all such a blur because It was almost a choked up moment for me. Not only was I here with my best friend.. I was also finally seeing my first kpop concert with her. I remember crying happy during the concert, and she told me she felt the same. Afterwards we headed back up to the room. Squealing and fan-girling about moments of the concert. It was great, and so memorable. It was the best birthday present (birthday was two days before.) ever!

In short I am very lucky and spoiled to have such a wonderful best friend.. I can't imagine my life would be as happy as it has been without her.. She came in and changed my life and I never want to go back. Thank you for everything Katy. Your Unnie is forever in debt to you. I hope we stay in each other's lives forever!

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Posted 25 May 2014 - 08:49 AM

Having a best friend is the best thing in the world. When you're best friend is around, everything is just funnier. My best friend is like a sister to me. We tell each other secrets and do the most funniest/stupidest things together. My best friend (let's call her Lisa, for privacy reasons) have always been there for me, through ups and downs. She's always by my side through my break ups and hard times. Lisa and i forgive each other easily to keep our friendship. We would always said, " Don't let things get in the way of our friendship," and we live by it. 

When she moved to live in Florida, that was the saddest day of my life. Lisa was my only best friend, when school started that year i didn't know who to hang out with. I was pretty much a loner at that time. The thing is, we would always facetime. The fact that she moved didn't ruin our friendship. We text everyday and just talk about random things. I tried to make some friends, but no one just click like how me and Lisa did. 8 months later, she send me a text "Dude! Guess what? I'm moving back! :D" something like that. When i saw it, i literally was jumping up and down like a little kid. My parents and I went to the airport to pick them up and she slept over at my house. I realized how much she mean to me, and how much of a loner i was when she moved. BUT NOW SHE'S BACK SO EVERYTHING'S GOOD!  :D 

 Lisa takes a huge part of my life, words can't explain how much i love her. I am so blessed to have her in my life. I have never met a person that ACTS and THINKS like me. She's one of the those people that i could count on every time. I love you Lisa <3  :D

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#8 Luanna



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Posted 25 May 2014 - 08:23 PM

I submitted mine through email! I hope you'll take time to read it ~ thank you ^-^ 


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Posted 26 May 2014 - 03:48 PM

Hi! Sky here~ Hope my story doesn't have a lot of grammar error  :lol: 


   My best friend and I met at our school hall 4 years ago. It's been two weeks since the school term just started and I just started high school back then.Then, she said "Hi" to me when we were sitting one day. We didn't even know each other but the funny thing is, we're classmates for already two weeks! And didn't even realize it. Then, one day, both of us got transfer to another class. And we get pretty well along.  And I already know from that moment, well be best buddies ever!


   When we're 15, I told her about the K-Pop world and what group did I like back then (BOYFRIEND of course XD). And I tried to pull her in as well. But not that much success. But I never gave up! I sing beside her, show the pics of the twins. By the end of the year, I finally did it! With the help of her sister too of course. And she told me a secret when we first met two years ago. She actually didn't like me at all! She said from my face, maybe I'm an arrogant kinda person and quiet and fierce kinda girl. And I thought all along I'm the kindest person in this world... But that's a joke I like to bring up sometimes just to tease her. Kekekeke.....


   Last year, I bought Boyfriend's Seventh Mission Concert DVD and we're like so excited and a wild fangirl while watching it.. This year,  we're not that active because of exams and studying but I promised myself to save up some money so that when Boyfriend came to our country one day. And we can go there together. Oh how I hope that dream will come true...




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#10 HelloBestCat


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Posted 27 May 2014 - 05:08 AM


My best friend is Thu who some of you may know as bestfriend72 on the forum. Obviously I met her on here and so I'm very thankful for being apart of the forum.
A memory we shared? Um... I guess the U.S Showcase. Technically we didn't really spend that time together, but I'm so happy we both got to experience our first concert and it was Boyfriend. She, her twin, and I had a blast. I just wished we met in person. I admit, I didn't know how I felt that day because months before I got the happy taken over with sadness and I guess it stuck, Boyfriend Live ^♡^, and that she couldn't attend. I really wanted her to go because we both were spazzing about it and I think we got to know each other more that time, so good thing she just said that so it'll be a surprise. Our dreams both came true that day.
But honestly I think the biggest memory is talking to her almost everyday. I can trust her with anything. She's also my unnie and I look up to her alot. She's pretty much the only one who understands me when I make a mistake and I can count on her words. Haha sometimes I wonder if she dislikes talking to a kid.
I hope our friendship will last a long time. Thu is truly an amazing person and I'm determine to give the same kindness she gives to me back. So Thu, if you get to read this, even though I can't tell the difference between you and Thao, we're not as close, and my engrish drives me crazy to write, I hope we meet in person one day. Thank You for being my Best Friend.

TO IMYOURBESTFRIEND FORUM! Let's keep supporting Boyfriend! :)
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#11 JoongKi



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Posted 28 May 2014 - 10:51 PM

My Bestfriend means a lot lot to me! :D

Bestfriend is always there for you no matter what.

Friendship is the Best thing you should precious in life!


My Bestfriend is always there for me. SHE guides me, cheer me, laugh and cry with me...

Her name is Dianne. We first met on 1st Year Highschool, at first we just ignore each other.

But one day we had an group activity on weekend. We decided to do it in one of our classmate house, While I'm walking on the road going on our classmate house I saw her so I called her and get closer to her.

We decided to walk there together and this time we started to get closer at each other...

At the road we talk about our dreams and joke around. She told me about her boyfriend(THAT MAKES ME JEALOUS CAUSE I DONT HAVE ONE) and ask me if I have one, and I lied... I said I have one and Im so lucky with her but one time we broked up. :wacko:

That time she cheered me up and said I'm OK. /its a lie/.


That time I got hooked by her personality she is so cheerful and funny. That time we never stop talking.

That time we started to become friends. We always eat together at recess time.Chat.Laugh.Study Together.

We always shared our Dream that until now were reaching it.!


One Day I saw her crying... She broked up with her boyfriend.

I cheered her and said its Ok and that He is not worth it, just focus on yours studies.

Our Friendship got stronger because whenever I got Depressed because of studies she cheers me up and vice versa.


Sometimes we got into fight but after one day we always said peace at each other.

Our Classmates tease us but were just friends.though.


Until today were friends(Besfriends). No matter what we always support each other no matter what ups and downs. We rise.!

And we both love Kpop!(Everybody Love it!) Its our hobby! We always listen to Kpop music! Its our pasttime...

And until today were reaching our dreams to reality together.... :D :D :D

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#12 julietofrap



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Posted 02 June 2014 - 10:43 AM

my bestfriend is basically family to me now

a bestfriend is always there, no matter where and when

no one can replace my bestfriend


my bestfriend is someone I've known ever since she was in her moms stomach. i knew from that moment i first felt her move in her moms tummy that we were going to be bestfriends just like our moms, and ever since then we've been stuck together like glue. I can't even call her a bestfriend anymore cause were so close that shes like the sister i've always wanted. through thick and thin shes been there. Since our families are pratically the same we know exactly how it is to deal with our families. My bestfriend means EVERY UNIVERSE AND BEYOND to me. Nothing can describe our friendship. Its almost impossible to find someone like this in a life time so im eternally grateful i have met her. She is my only true bestfriend. 

I just can't name one memorable moment in our everlasting friendship. I mean, there are WAY too many! I guess my favorite moment was when she was the one who introduced me to kdrama and boyfriend, even though she's not a kpop fan, she knows what i like. That moment was memorable because thanks to her im in love with BOYFRIEND, i have broaden my kpop knowledge cause of her, and i have more kpop friends that knows the feels i go through with these groups. 

No matter how much i always bug her with all my kpop stuff she's always there to listen. Its sad though, shes moving to germany in less than a few weeks. When she found out, she called me and cried, and since she was crying i was crying also. Just thinking about how were going to survive without eachother for 3 years. were just so used of just going to eachothers house like every weekend. Its going to lonely without her here but we'll survive. Our friendship is stronger than anything in these universes. 


to my bestfriend, thank you. 

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#13 BmerangCheoroem


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Posted 02 June 2014 - 01:47 PM

Friendship is not something you learn from school. It is a relationship between two people that 
trust,and understand each other, and knowing when to be there. My bestfriend means so much to me. She is like my savior,
my sister, sometimes she is like my mom and also my coach. i cant explain how happy i am that she is part of my life. My most memorable moment with my best friend is of course, when we first met. We met at the church but we never really talk.When I see her in the hallway i just smile at her awkwardly. One day, I ate my lunch at school because there was a snow storm outside. I dont have any friends -_- So i asked her if i can join. She said "yes" and then our lunch went on really awkward and slow.
I really love my bestfriend because she accepted me for who I am and made me come out of my comfort zone. Well, I actually moved here in Canada when I was in grade 8. I didnt have any friends and I was really shy. I dont talk that much because I have a bit of an accent and I knew how to speak English but not fluently. I actually used to hate school and skipped almost all my classes. But that changed , when I was in grade 9 and my best friend, Rachel and I were put in the same class. She talked to me and as days and months went by, I got out of my comfort zone and I was really loud and funny, as they would describe me. Because of her, I joined basketball, track, piano, singing and musical theater. She would always give me tips and encourage me. Her family is also nice. They would invite me to their house and I even ate with them in a restaurant with her family after our basketball game. We always laugh and we looked like we didnt have any problems at all. However, that changed for a week. I was worried she was gone for a few days. Then one day, her mom talked to me privately in a room. She said something is wrong with rachel, she got seizures. Of course, as any friends will do, I cried because she is very athletic
and I know how it will affect her.
Rachel is very cheerful even though she had something going on. I know it is really hard for her, especially during our basketball season. She would wander around , but I aways held her hand and keep her close to me. There was also a time when she needed to be sent to the hospital immediately. Since we live in a town and not in a city, they need to drive her to the city nearby but that is 1 hour drive. She can't also drive because of it, and it slows down her brain when it comes to studying because she takes more than 9 pills a day. She never really told anyone about it except for her friends considering me.
I would also describe her as brave bcasue she never really want to be the center of attention when it comes to anything. But during track meet she told everyone herself.That she has a seizures and if everyone can take care of her. Of course, we are teenagers and have crushes too. but she wasnt afraid to tell it infront of her crush.
So, thankyou Rachel for accepting me , even though we are completely different colour. Even though i speak different language and thankyou for trying to speak my language :). hahah you always make me laugh! Thankyou for being caring and nice to me. Thankyou for being there for me especially when we do some pranks xD you never leave me hanging! and remember that..... .........I will always be here to protect you. i'll never let go of your hand. ♥

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#14 songheerin


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Posted 02 June 2014 - 05:13 PM

12 years and counting!


Back in 2002 (i was just 7 years old then), our family decided to move houses here in the province. Because of that, i also need to change schools because my previous school will be too far from our new house and i'm still in my 2nd grade that time. So yeah, it will be hard for me and my parents. I attended the nearest school (which is just a walking distance from our house) and there, i met this wonderful girl that became my Bestfriend.


I am this type of girl who is overly shy when in front of people i met for the first time. Yes i am, until now. (this actually gave me a hard time approaching people when we had our gathering here in the Philippines) So when i first attended my new school, i just sat quietly at the corner of the room without really talking to anyone (even with the teachers). With that, i really didn't manage to gain some friends on the first day of our school. But, one day, my aunt brought me to a neighborhood and told me that the child in that neighborhood is my classmate. i got curious so i just came along. and so, i met this girl named Jane. my aunt left me in their house so i got to know this girl more. we became friends and she introduced me to her friend, May (which is also just within our neighborhood). But, what i cannot really forget about our friendship is how i always end up having the same crush as her. it's not that we just ended up being like that coincidentally, i actually just wanted to copy her. haha! but of course, we're still too young back then to even argue about that. it's just a crush so we just went along with it. it's just like having the same bias right? haha. so, we became close friends for years, we've been on the same classrooms for years and we graduated together. we also got to know more friends. there are also times when we go and have lunch separately but that doesn't mean we're not friends anymore. we still go home together even if we had another set of friends. and also, we're still on the same group of friends within our neighborhood. and so, we still went together in highschool. that's when we formed a new group of friends. our group consists of 10 members (ohhh, it feels like i'm describing a kpop group. haha. forgive me). so that includes me and her and the other 8 were the members of the groups we had when we were on a separate group of friends (oh that's so hard to explain in english). to make it short, we just combined our own group of friends to form a new group of friends. and it went really well. we all got close to each other. there may be some arguments within us in the past, but that doesn't break our friendship. me and Jane actually liked the same guy when we were on our 3rd year in highschool. of course, that would be a lot different from when we were kids. this guy is actuallly someone who has mutual feelings with me but when Jane also liked him, he seemed to change his feelings. you know, that really hurts. i also got to see them walking in the rain under the same umbrella, i was there at their back and they didn't even notice me. and yeah, i don't have any umbrella that time. (sounds like a scene in a kdrama right?) but that's the truth. that guy really didn't deserve anything. how can he play with us. he almost break our friendship. yeah, almost. luckily Jane and i had the chance to talk (thanks to our newly formed group of friends). we settled everything and decided to just leave that guy alone. we made the right decision and so we became really close with each other again. after that, our friendship became stronger. actually she's the one who introduced Boyfriend to me. when we were in our 4th year (2010-2011), she was really into kpop and she always keep update on the new kpop groups. that's how she told me about Boyfriend. Before i saw Boyfriend's MV, i don't really like kpop at all but their MV is just too attractive so i came to like them. Thanks to her, showing me that music video, that i became a Bestfriend. Now, she's and EXO stan but i just let her be and she's also just letting me be a Bestfriend. We're just supporting each other's likes right now and of course even in the future. Actually, we wanted to go to Korea together and establish an Entertainment company (is that possible? haha). We also share the same dreams, so we will support each other even in the future.That's what Bestfriends are, right? So, we've been friends for 12 years and we're still counting on more years of friendship to come. :)


[i really wanna tell more but ..... uhhhhh. my head really hurts. i can't handle english this much. hahaha! forgive me]

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Posted 06 June 2014 - 04:00 PM

Deep condolance for joan.....

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Posted 12 June 2014 - 05:25 PM

This is a recent story about my friend whom I've known for almost 10 years now. As you all know, BOYFRIEND had a US showcase earlier this year. My friend bought tickets to their show without me knowing. The deal she bought was buy two tickets get one free. She offered me the free one while she made her other friend pay. This meant a lot to me because the tickets weren't cheap and for her to offer it to me for free was a very endearing sign of how much our friendship meant to her. I am blessed to call this person my best friend! We went to the concert and had a blast!!! We fangirled together and screamed our heads off. It was the best night of my life haha! And that's how I became a fan of BOYFRIEND. My best friend made me a Bestfriend and that's my short and wonderful story about best friends! xD 


I hope my best friend and I will continue to go to concerts and fangirl together. We talk everyday when possible and we just spazz out about our biases. And even though we have talked with each other almost everyday for 10 years, we're not tired of each other and still have so much to say. We have seen each other grow and change and helped each other become better people. It's an amazing feeling to have someone by your side who is willing to listen to you fangirl about your bias and watch stupid Youtube videos you send them. My best friend means the world to me and I don't know what I'd do without her!


I hope everyone finds a best friend like mine! Those who have already found their best friends, please cherish them! And let's become even better Bestfriends for our BOYFRIEND!

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Posted 14 June 2014 - 06:16 PM

n.b. not joining this contest
Hello everybody, if you hadn't known already, I'm Lynn and I am a Chinese-Malaysian girl (now Australian) who was born and bred in Malaysia for 12 years before moving to Brisbane, Australia (where I currently reside). 
Due to the fact that I moved from one country to another, it was really challenging at first, to maintain a solid relationship with someone from my home country. I remember I kept in touch with my friend for about 6 months before we totally lost contact (I wrote letters to her and her to me but somehow I think our letters got lost in the way. what a shame she was such a nice kid). Being in a new country, it's inevitable that I need to make new friends (well, duh, unless you want to be a hermit), which I did! Today, I have, albeit having a small group of friends, several friends who are very, very dear to me. 
Lily is just one of those people who makes me light up whenever I see her. We had a really awkward start to our friendship. All we talked about when we saw each other was Mayday (a popular Taiwanese rock band)...but thank GOD that kick-started our friendship (haha). Now we know each other for almost half a decade (she's one of the first few people I made friends with in high school but is still close to me)! I don't think I've ever said this but I look up to her. She makes things look amazing and she knows what she's doing. Annnnnd, despite being the youngest in the family, she is never bratty (unless she's trying to tease someone) and has this leadership (not bossy ok) vibe. She's one who takes charge which is totally cool!! At times, she rambles a lot though but I think that's really cute haha -However she has a weird curtain fetish like we're trying to find accommodation for Seoul and Tokyo and she kept recommending these hostels and apartments with curtains either in the bathroom or around the bunk bed wtf- (jokes) Oh yeah, unlike me, she always has her emotions in control (teach me senpai how do you do it)? If you think I'm calm, she's so much calmer haha you can bring her to a haunted house and she wouldn't be faltered ok I think I'm just describing Lily to you now and that's going off-topic.
.......Honestly, I can't remember a time that wasn't memorable with Lily (friendships are supposed to give you fluffly memories, amen? AMEN). If I had to choose, it might be the time when we made a green tea swiss roll together hehe girly bonding time ftw.
My friendship with Lily has always been light and fun and playful. To me, a relationship should be nurtured by the people within the relationship, meaning that if you're someone's friend, or vice versa, you should be willing to give and receive (more on the giving part, though!). I had an ex-friend who solely wanted to receive - she didn't really give anything into our relationship. She was, in the main, bossy. She wanted to get what she wants, want people to obey her requests....are you sure this is what you want in a relationship, to climb on top of your friends' heads? Having a friendship shouldn't be a burden to anyone - that is exactly how I feel whenever I'm with Lily. 
I cannot emphasise enough how important Lily is to me. I don't mean it in the way that she's like air to me and if our friendship ends one day I'll die or something. It would be a massive shame to lose her though, considering that she's a really, really good friend and a positive influence for me (my parents would be extremely happy listening to this haha).
In the course of our 4.5 year relationship, I only said that I really appreciate her being in my life and I love her, once. I am no good with expressing my life in real life (nor online lol who am I kidding) but, I mean, if both parties have mutual understanding, there are no need for words. I know that I'm important to her and she is too, to me (once she asking me whether we were close although she already knew the my answer and hers, how adorable hehe)
That's, in a nutshell, my relationship with my best friend, Lily. 
p.s. Words didn't come out as smoothly as I wanted them to (sobs; ;)
p.p.s. eyecandy for y'all

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Posted 14 June 2014 - 07:24 PM

I'm not joining this contest but I was inspired by all your stories about friendship and being a Bestfriend and it really brought me to tears. (So sorry for being a crybaby)

Thank you to everyone who joined this forum and those who formed this forum so that I may once again know that Boyfriend has amazing fans.

Well, I just want to share my friendships and feelings over the years with this fandom and how much it means to me.

First of, when I began becoming a fan, I met 6 amazing Bestfriends. Most of them from tumblr because I practically lived in that website before. It was a first for me to make friends online and sharing the same interests and actually caring for each other. Time goes by and not all friendships last forever but when I look back, those memories still makes me smile even though it is long gone.

Not too long ago, I've made more friends and even had a family (ehem to you awesome 0526subs, yes all of you, every single one of you, and IYB staff and all forum members). I am so touched by the love, care, and support that everyone is giving even though we don't see each other in actual flesh. I am truly blessed to have met all of you here since the day I became a fan and I hope we can all stay together because more than friendship, this fandom is also my family.

Each one of you has become a part of my life as Boyfriend has become a part of mine. I hope you don't get tired of loving Boyfriend and staying in our fandom. I just want to give each of you hugs and thank you for loving our 6 men (because abs and muscles). I hope we all stay strong and you know when you need an 'onni' or 'noona' or 'dongsaeng' to listen to you, my lines are always open because each one of you is special to me because we love Boyfriend.

Good luck to everyone who joined!
Happy anniversary to everyone! ♡ヽ(´o`;

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Posted 17 June 2014 - 02:57 AM

Friendship is to love, care, and understand. It gives happiness not only to you but to others. It is a relationship that gives life to someone who feels lonely and searching for another family to lean on. We are very lucky to find such a true friend to whom we can share our laughter, tears, and accept who we are and support everything that we do.


I have met these six Idiots (that was our group name.. honestly. Hahaha) when I was in 1st year college with new school, new professors, new classmates, and new environment. It is natural to feel nervous on the first day/first week of classes thinking if I’m going to have good friends or if they are going to accept me as to who I am (because being a fangirl in a class without any spazzmate sucks).


This was totally unexpected that until now, the seven of us are still together. Not all of us are kpop fangirls except for that one person. She’s a fan of BAP. We share info about our favorite group and she became a fan of Boyfriend because of me. I also get to know BAP because of her but my love for Boyfriend is greater and unstoppable. :D


These Idiots made me realize that everything and anything is possible. Why? Because they are the ones who give me strength and confidence to face the challenges that I never thought I’d accomplished.


I honestly do not want the program that I take this college which is Hospitality Management. It’s just that the one that I really want doesn’t have a slot for me. I do not want to transfer to other university because it is my dream to be there so I have to choose in the programs left, thinking that I’m going to shift with my desired program once I reach my second year but plans changed.. all because of them.


I remember that moment in my first year when I feel lost because I really do not have any interest in managing a restaurant or even cooking dishes and I get really frustrated. So I tell my friends, “I should have transferred earlier!” and they answer back “Okay, go! If that’s your happiness then fine.”


After that conversation, a sudden realization comes into my mind; my happiness alone is nothing compared to the happiness that I’ve shared with them. I treat these guys as my treasure and if I left them, it was like I’ve just thrown the most significant part of my life. It was crucial decision. And I choose to be with them.


Every semester with a passing grade is an accomplishment. And as the time goes by, the interest that at first was none is now slowly increasing big thanks to them. After all, I think there is a purpose why I’m still here with them as a third year student and continuously surviving the challenges.


Being with Idiots, I feel that my life is complete. I don’t remember a time that our group had a major problem or fight but if we might encounter one, I’m sure that we can fix it right away. When one of us has a problem, we are always there to listen and give advice if needed. When things get worse, someone from the group will lend his helping hand and remind us that “Hey! Keep calm. It will be okay.” I think the reason why we have this strong bond is because of the trust and respect we have to each other. All of us are very careful not to break this one because if we do, respect will not be gained.





FIGHTING! ^_________________^




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Posted 17 June 2014 - 01:01 PM



I read all of them and feel inspired. Kindly tell your friends or whoever you feature in your story about this thread so he/she can read it. It's nice when you know that someone appreciate your existence ^__^


Now I am going to post some of the stories that are sent via email.

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