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How did you first find out about BOYFRIEND?

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#21 Velisha


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Posted 04 July 2013 - 03:39 AM

LOL I like how you all love Boyfriend.

I love Boyfriend to the point of crazy, but I am not delusional. I admit that Boyfriend is not as good as, say, Infinite or some other groups. But I don't like to compare things because it's not fair. Boyfriend has their own charm, and that what  matters,


My story with Boyfriend is kinda long.


I first knew Boyfriend when they released Boyfriend MV in May 2011. I was impressed because the MV was clean cut and well done, compare to any rookies who debuted before 2006. To me, that was impressive for a new boyband with such young members. After that, I had on and off relationship with Kpop due to real life, but I liked their performances for You & I.


Since August 2011, I had the hardest 3 months in my entire life. And those were the days when I said to myself, it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to go through this. I wish someone could save me so I could rest because I was so tired physically and mentally. Yet I believe in God, and I don’t care if you don’t believe in God, but my God made miracles. I’ve seen too many miracle NOT to believe in God. Accidentally I bumped into a friend, who later helped me. And I watched things get better in a miraculous way.  Everything happened to my favor. In a hard, imperfect and difficult way, but everything was done in time.


In the middle of it, I kind of stopped listening to Kpop (I like Kpop since December 2004), but I still checked out and read the headlines of Allkpop.com. I watched the MV teaser of Boyfriend’s upcoming single, Don’t Touch My Girl. Kwangmin shed a tear, but trying to smile at the same time. Somehow I felt that way too. I decided to watch Boyfriend comeback. I liked the song, the MV and the whole comeback concept. The song really pumped up my spirit with the sweet and cheerful tune. But then I found out that the lyric is sad. The bitter sweet feelings from the song made me love them more. After that it seemed that the song Don’t Touch My Girl cheered me up every day. Then I fell in love with Boyfriend. Not by their looks, but with their simple and natural characteristic. I was so used to SM idols (I was a big fan of TXVQ & SHINee), and these boys from a small agency seemed so different and less glamorous.


As I watched M!Pick that documented their debut days, I learnt that they had a tough time with their debut. Youngmin cried because he was mad at himself for not getting the dance step correctly. When I watched the other 5 members’ expression watching him cried, my heart cringed. Life is hard. Even if outside everything seems sparkling and glamour, only you yourself know what happens behind the scenes. All you can do is endure it and keep doing your best.


Back then, I hadn’t learnt all their names yet. Back then I knew nothing about these 6 boys. But they were there, cheering me up with everything they do. The song Don’t Touch My Girl was played about 50+ times every day. And I had no one to spazz with, so it was just me & Boyfriend. After that, my life picked up and everything started to get better. Even now, no matter how hard my work is, I love my life now. I love the me now. And now I have many Bestfriends as my good friends.


Without Boyfriend and Don’t Touch My Girl, I would have drown in negativity and just wanted to give up in life. That’s why I love Boyfriend with all my heart. I know Boyfriend is not as talented or popular as any group you want to compare them with. I know and I won’t try to be delusional and say that Boyfriend is the best group in kpop (although they did win a few awards). To me, Boyfriend is my one and only, because it’s personal. If people ask me why I love Boyfriend so much, I will answer: “They saved my life.”




Oh, and I managed to convert my best friend in real life to like Boyfriend, well... she likes Donghyun only hahaha better than nothing

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#22 loveboyfriend4ever


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Posted 04 July 2013 - 05:01 PM

wahhhhhh so long~~~

well i hv also influenced one of my fren to lyk Boyfriend haha she lyks minwoo tooo!!

사 랑 해 여 보 이 프 랜 드<3



#23 Mimi


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Posted 09 July 2013 - 02:11 AM

Well... I learned about Boyfriend after I saw  a post on allkpop about the twins looking like Kim HyunJoong from ss501(I'm a TripleS). I remember my reaction was like, "THEY DO NOT LOOK LIKE HIM." At first I was kind of angry that they would compare them to him, but eventually... I liked Kwangmin. I then watched the Boyfriend M/V and was like... O.O WOW. I made a fanbase for them on twitter after that and met my group of Besties, who sadly don't feel the Boyfriend feels as much as I do now TT^TT And yeah... That's how I found out about Boyfriend~ <3


#24 poojanura



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Posted 09 July 2013 - 03:11 PM

As for i m considered.. i was just browsing over and on the recommended videos i got this groups song boyfriend/.. first didnt like them but i started to grow affection for them after some time.. now over head to heel crazy over them.. by the way Jeongmin is my Bias...:-)

#25 riayna



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Posted 09 July 2013 - 06:02 PM

          ~  I began to know abt Boyfriend when I took MV "Boyfriend" from my friend. I think once I play it and keep it as a my collection (sorry....). :unsure: And maybe I will love this group one day (now I loved it). At that time I liked other group. At the end 2012, I was kind of feeling attracted to and not attracted by the Boyfriend appearance.~

           At that time Boyfriend has just released individual teaser image "Janus" in Allkpop. :lol: Then when the music video out "Janus" I've become to addicted and love it. :)

            I like the MV outfit, image, song, voice and everything.Every week I watch Boyfriend performance and I never miss it. I began to make a research abt Boyfriend, and identify each member from watching Boyfriend shows. ~

             ~ Now I love all Boyfriend song and can't wait Boyfriend comeback.... :D :wub: ~

                                     4Ever Remember  :lol: 

                       ~11.11.2014~ #BOYFRIEND1stWin

                   ~24.03.2015~ #BOYFRIEND2ndWin  :wub: 



#26 tsopao


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Posted 09 July 2013 - 06:47 PM

I was watching Sistar videos and I saw a new music video from Starship. I thought, "Wow Startship's boy band." Clicked the link and I crumbled at their cuteness so I watched out for their debut performance and monitored M!Pick every time an episode comes out. At first I was bored with their show but after Coffee Prince I WAS BACK TO BEING HOOKED and I have been a best friend ever since. :) 

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#27 YoungYan07



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Posted 14 July 2013 - 12:45 AM

I met them because of my friend she said to me that their is a new kpop band in Korea but I just ignored it ! She even try to show some pictures to me the first picture it was Minwoo and then i just ignored it then the next pictures -


boyfriend.youngmin3.jpgyoung-min-boyfriend-24717241-500-564.jpg boyfriend-youngmin-kpop-boyfriend-302081


i was so schocked when i saw a BLONDE HAIR (sorry im so attracted to a blonde hair )  and I said WHO IS HE ?? then she told me the name of that guy " It was Youngmin"

then i said he is cute  ^_^ ! and she also said that guys have a twin and i said "really ??"

then i said to her also ok i will search that guy what is his name again - oh Youngmin right ?


That day we have a plans to go to their home then when we are arrive in their home suddenly she give her Cellphone to me and I WATCH their MV Boyfriend "ok this Blonder Hair is MINE ! and that day NOVEMBER 7,2013

I become a bias of Youngmin  :) and take note i spread their VIRUS to my fellow friends  :)






#28 katharinelove


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Posted 14 July 2013 - 01:55 AM

I saw Youngmin in WB ep3, LoveStyle era. My heart has been beating for him since. Lol:)

#29 KishaJeongminnie



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Posted 03 September 2013 - 06:04 PM

I came to Boyfriend when I was such a big Sistar Fan ♥

I went on Starship Entertainments Channel on YT and they uploaded Boyfriends Debut MV :3

I watched it .. and .. I was totally addicted to them! 

First I liked Minwoo but when I saw Jeongmins smile it just happened to me xc 


Crazy Little Jeongmin 


#30 pikachunijas


    Kwangmin's dream buddy

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Posted 04 September 2013 - 12:26 AM

I find out about Boyfriend because of my friend, as a matter of fact, I didn't even try to focus on what she was saying at that moment, I just keep on replying "Yes, I'll search them up." again and again whenever she asked me if I already watched their MV ( There is really a personal reason why I am being a snob to Boyfriend back then ). They show me some picture and the first picture they showed me is Youngmin's photo. And my friend ( YoungYan) keeps on insisting that the Youngmin guy is cute. So I just told her " If that guy had his hair black, I may like him." Right that moment, she showed me Kwangmin's photo and I was like " That guy is the definition of handsome." BUT DEAREST BESTFRIENDS, THEIR LOOKS DIDNT CAUGHT MY ATTENTION, I PRAISED THEM BUT I STILL DONT LIKE THEM THAT TIME.


Then one day, I got my new phone then I borrowed Yan's phone because I'll be transferring some songs of her to my phone. Then, I saw Boyfriend's Boyfriend. And I secretly sent it to my phone. When I reached home, I played it and I was like " Oh my gosh, the song is great. " And I searched it up, download the video and starts looking for another songs. And that was the start. I am a late bepues, I came to like them around Nov. 2012. The following days, my phone was known to be a BOYFRIEND-OVERLOADED PHONE. at first Yan is the one who keeps on sending me Boyfriends photo then moments later I am the one who keeps on sending her Boyfriend's videos and songs.. 


I know the story was kinda long. Sorry about that. I just can't help reminiscing how I found out about Boyfriend and I am so thankful about it. It really changes my life from the moment I came to know Boyfriend. And it also made way for me on finding real and loving friends.. For that, I will be eternally greatful. 

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#31 kawaiirabefi


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Posted 04 September 2013 - 03:53 AM

before i was being a bestfriend,i already knew about Jo Twins from a program tv in my country. but i still didn't know that they are member of a korean boyband untill i watched their 1st MV.  i interested  to BOYFRIEND since i watched their 1st MV,BOYFRIEND on MTV asia and it made me fall in love to JO TWINS directly,especially to Jo Youngmin (cz recognized them too before) untill now. about my last bias-Lee Jeongmin-i like him since the Love Style MV era. but overall i luv them all always n wish the best for them too. :D

#32 kawaiirabefi


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Posted 04 September 2013 - 04:16 AM

for me,december 2011 was one of the meaningful time in my life. i already knew about Jo Twins from a variety show on a TV in my country but still didn't know that they r member of k-boyband untill i watched their 1st MV,BOYFRIEND on MTV asia in my office. i directly fallen for Jo Twins,especially to Jo Youngmin (i was shocked for twice,first.. when i knew they both are member of boyband n the second when i knew Youngie is the older one,waaaahhhhh). about my last bias,Lee Jeongmin,i like him since i saw him on Love Style MV,but overall i luv them all n wish all the best for them always too.. since that time, i deciced to be a Bestfriend n make Boyfriend is my last fandom (actually i am a multifandom). never regret to be a fangirl becoz of them i have another family n many friends too on FB,Twitter acc n in this page too. :D

#33 YanaKM



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Posted 28 September 2013 - 11:42 AM

Oh well. I knew BOYFRIEND since before their debut day. My friend introduce them too me. Then after that my auntie introduced about them again as I came back home from school. So then as I saw Kwangmin, I started to like him. *Till now I still do, my love for him never reducing. ♡
Then as their debut on Music Bank, from then, I watched all their videos.
My life change as Kwangmin exist in my life. ;)
Before I always don't get high marks like A or A+. Then as I know BOYFRIEND are still a student. I started to study hard. BOYFRIEND is one of my spirit to study. Then after that I even got 100% for my Maths twice (continuously) and for that, THANKS TO STARSHIP FOR CREATING A BOYGROUP CALLED BOYFRIEND!
And today, I just receive my Maths marks again, guess what? I GOT 88%.
Well, among all subjects Maths is the only one I'm not good. :)

#34 pujinuna


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Posted 28 September 2013 - 07:43 PM

i saw on first debut >.< curious about a boyband with twin kekeke and i saw minwoo's cute overload but hahaha jeongmin hair and i love him since that time xD

Posted ImagePosted Image

:wub: 永遠に BE MY SHINE 抱きしめて :wub:

#35 Ms.Eunhaxoxo


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Posted 27 October 2013 - 07:57 PM

I know these cute oppa since their debut in Music bank. A week before their debut the teaser displayed in Music Bank make me interested to them. Their teaser was really manly style but their debut song was cute. Loving it so much ! I also influence my friend to be a fan of Boyfriend. She was all over Minwoo. Not to mention my cousin. Her bias is Donghyun. We kept spazzing about Youngmin and Donghyun among us. Its fun. :lol:

#36 Naomi811



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Posted 31 January 2014 - 11:29 AM

Actually i didn't really love kpop before, i just heard from my friend bout infinite,big bang,shinee and bla bla bla..

and IM NOT INTERESTED IN ANY OF THEM(i'm sorry :( )..

but everything changed when i watched detective conan last year, and as you all know they did for ending theme right?

Hitomi no melody was the first song i heard from Boyfriend,and it's really catchy! :lol:

the melody, their angelic voice..ITS AWESOME! :wub:

and since then i searched about them, and the only special one that catch my heart when i watched hitomi no melody MV is...

Youngmin! and i learned he had twin too! 


Until now everything about Boyfriend i'll know and i WANT to know..hehe :P


p/s : i'm also realized that not any of them had plastic surgery, don't you think so?  :)



B.F MY SHINE~ :wub:  :wub:  :wub:

#37 tsoul



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Posted 31 January 2014 - 11:58 PM

Actually i didn't really love kpop before, i just heard from my friend bout infinite,big bang,shinee and bla bla bla..

and IM NOT INTERESTED IN ANY OF THEM(i'm sorry :( )..

but everything changed when i watched detective conan last year, and as you all know they did for ending theme right?

Hitomi no melody was the first song i heard from Boyfriend,and it's really catchy! :lol:

the melody, their angelic voice..ITS AWESOME! :wub:

and since then i searched about them, and the only special one that catch my heart when i watched hitomi no melody MV is...

Youngmin! and i learned he had twin too! 


Until now everything about Boyfriend i'll know and i WANT to know..hehe :P


p/s : i'm also realized that not any of them had plastic surgery, don't you think so?  :)


Their agency, Starship enternatinment has a non official 'NO SURGERY' policy, they want their artist to be talented rather than caring a lot for their looks ^^

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#38 Nickita



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Posted 09 February 2014 - 09:45 AM

I'm relatively new to k-pop and since July I've been slowly dipping my toes into this new world of music. When I first started I only liked some of the big name groups like Bigbang and 2ne1, but then I started branching out and when I discovered B1A4, I noticed another group in the suggestions box on youtube, Boyfriend. Curious, I clicked on it and pulled up Boyfriend's On and On. I fangirled......hard. It was just too cute. Needing to know more I looked up of their videos and from the cute Boyfriend and Love Style to the more manly Janus and I Yah, I fell in love with them. Then I started looking up interviews and I found their season of Hello Baby and I learned more about the members, Donghyun is such a good leader and he's so sweet and when he plays piano...need I say more? Hyunseong is so adorable and funny and he's so good to the fans. Jeongmin is hilarious without even trying and he's got such pretty eyes. The twins, Youngmin and Kwangmin, are so freaking cute and though they look the same they are so different. Youngmin, though he seems a little cold at times can be really funny and he is so good in interviews and Kwangmin, though really quiet is so 4D that I can't even life. And finally we have Minwoo........oh Minwoo, seriously is it even possible to dislike him, because I really don't think it is. Anyway, Boyfriend is now one of my all time favorite groups and I will continue to follow them for years to come. <3

#39 casperlicious_



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Posted 07 April 2014 - 04:40 AM

My story is kinda different. I remember I was searching Yim Siwan from Z:EA on youtube after watching 'moon embracing the sun'. I watched that movie recently because of Kim Soo Hyun xD. After 'My love from the stars' though. While watching videos of Siwan, I saw a video on the recommended video section and then I saw MinWoo! It was a video about Dong Hyun washing his face on Hello baby together with Young Min and baby Jeongminnie! I clicked on it and thought omfg wtheck, who's this cute boy (Minwoo). Then I started searching information about him based on the comments under the comment section. That was the first time I know about BOYFRIEND. I've heard their song on the radio but didn't really bother about it, but now. I'm deeply in love with Boyfriend. I started watching their videos on variety shows. The first one was W academy, then hello baby, and the last one Wonder boy. I'm so desperate for the rest of episodes which they did not upload on YouTube and I ended up here, looking for the subbed videos xD. Obviously I can't understand Korean. Hahas, but I even looked up for Chinese subbed videos, kind of an advantage being multilingual. I'm currently watching m!pick when they first debuted. I know my sequence is weird xD I know they are filmed on different timing, but it's okay I get to know them well anyways. So this is how I first found out Boyfriend. I will be their bestfriend as long as I can! Hope you like my story :).
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#40 angeladolamulla



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Posted 10 April 2014 - 04:26 AM

well for me, i don't really remember how i got to know about them, since it was a long time ago, but i am pretty sure that i was listening to a couple of kpop songs on youtube, and then found one of their songs. i remember that the first song that i listened was Be My Shine. when i watched i was really confused and kept on asking myself if in the group there were two twins or if it was just one singer that constantly kept changing clothes and hairstyles, but then i realised that kwangmin and young min were twins, (yh i know, i was kinda dumb back then).  well, after that, i kind of stopped listening to them because back them i used to listen to other kpop songs. however recently while i was listening to all the kpop songs that i had added in my playlist in youtube, i heard boyfriends songs again (but this time i also listened to IYAH and Melody of eyes) , and, i really really liked it. especially Minwoo's part when he starts to rap in Melody of eyes. so after that i started to research about the members of Boyfriend, and guess what………. Kwangmin and Youngmin's birthday were on the same day as mine. so yh, by seeing that i became really happy. so now here i am, being a fan of boyfriend and completely going crazy about Minwoo, and the jo twins. Minwoo is so cute, and i absolutely love his voice and how he acts. he is just the cutest kpop idol i ever saw. and kwangmin and youngmin, they are like WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really am happy that they are twins, i mean they are always there for each other, and their telepathy moments are just soooooooooo funny. gosh, i wish i was in korea, so that i could go to every fan meeting and concert that they held and see them every time.

i even got more into boyfriend when i watched the summer event and realised how funny each of the members can be (kwangmin and his raps (they were so cool and hilarious) lol)

right now i am watching w academy. its just------- yh i kind of have no words

boyfriend, is ------------, yh you don't need words to explain how fantastic they are. they are the best group i have ever seen in all of the time that i have lived, and it will probably remain like that for the rest of my life. 

BOYFRIEND saranghe~ :D

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