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Digimon World Re:Digitize Takes Place In A Post-Crisis World

Posted by mmotony , 06 September 2018 · 63 views

Namco Bandai have updated the state run site for Digimon World Re:Digitize that has a bit of new background information on the sport’s world.

In the overall game, “Digimon” is undoubtedly an Internet game managed and administrated through the GIGO Company. Players become Tamers many different Digimon and battle in another Digimon Masters Online Tera “dimension” known as the Coliseum. It’s a best selling game, with Tamers of any age joining in. The hype about the sport, helped along because of the GIGO Company’s robust infrastructure, is actually a social phenomenon. The current No. 1 ranked Tamer is someone called “Nyanko Tamer.”

GIGO symbolizes “Global Information, Global Organization.” It entered power back many years ago, when networks around the globe suddenly crashed for no apparent reason. Everything, up to government systems, were offline. In the midst of this all, one company stood strong—GIGO.

After this, GIGO expanded their networks to pay for everything, from distributing and managing basic, everyday utilities (like water and electricity) to stock trading online (including stocks). The technologies in the company are magic formula, and life continues on for most people, not aware of what keeps going behind the scenes that permits them to achieve this.

Now, let’s have a step back through the real world and look on the Digital World. This world exists parallel to the actual and is basically a global made of data. It’s inhabited by Digimon, who, despite being constructed from data, seem like alive and also have emotions. One tiny island with this Digital World is named File Island. The description just for this island is “An island how the Chosen Children journeyed through”. Keep in mind how the phrase “Chosen Children” was localized as “the DigiDestined” at the begining of Digimon seasons.

At the start of the action, the protagonist is usually to an area called Railroad Plains for this island when he wakes up from the Digital World. Railroad Plains is called a green plains filled up with abandoned, derelict trains. Another area on File Island is Gravel Wasteland, the industry desert area filled up with ancient ruins and giant bulbs. Both of these areas have been demonstrated previously in images.

Namco-Bandai weren’t kidding once they said we were holding reaching back to your DMO Gold roots with the series. However, take into account that, even though this may are the same Digital World such as previous anime seasons, it might not be the same down to earth since parallel universes from the franchise be the network.

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