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Trade rumor grade: Phillies showing fascination with Giants’ Andrew McCutchen

Posted by mmotony , 11 August 2018 · 129 views

Some trade rumors are surprising, some are outlandish, and a few are more of “Oh, that’s the tactic Team X is certainly going with? Makes sense, yeah.” This is definitely an illustration of this that last item.

The rumor

MLB.com’s Jon Morosi reports that multiple teams have an interest in Giants outfielder Andrew McCutchen, which San Francisco is specifically planning to trade MLB 18 Stubs players who will likely be free agents after the season since they look towards the future. Teams involved are reported to add in the Phillies, Yankees, and Indians.

Why the Giants would trade Andrew McCutchen for the Phillies

As said succinctly above, as they’s a free of charge agent after this year. The Giants got him from your Pirates within the offseason with all the expectation he, as well as the rest of these offseason acquisitions, would squeeze Giants inside a position to compete inside tough NL West. Instead, they’re 6.5 games back from the division with three teams prior to them and six games back inside NL Wild Card race with four teams in front of them.

With McCutchen nearing the conclusion of his contract along with the Giants settling on keep the majority of their pieces but leverage rental players for just a few prospects in some places that could enable them to down the line is smart. It’s not much of a full fire sale, but it is usually a savvy hedging of bets this coming year. If they are able to still do a comeback and earn the postseason (unlikely) then that’s an additional benefit when you take a look at where they currently stand.

But currently they can’t depend on that happening so getting returns on players who are not much of a part of the near future in San Francisco is necessary.

Why the Phillies would trade for Andrew McCutchen

We understand the Phillies don’t mind stopping a few pieces for any rental determined by their reported offers for Manny Machado, therefore we know they’re seeking outfield help determined by their talks with all the Orioles about Adam Jones. With Aaron Altherr struggling and demoted to Triple A to change his bat around, and also the Phillies which has a real chance to accept the division to make a postseason run in a very year where that wasn’t amount of protection, finding a bat as well as a reliable glove inside the outfield would have been a boon for their

McCutchen is hitting .253/.348/.405 having a .753 OPS, a 107 OPS+ and 10 home runs so far in 2010, down from last season but far a lot better than what Altherr was providing them with. Also, at 31, he may very well be a helpful veteran presence on the team that may be filled with young talent.

Rumor grade

B. The Phillies have swung and missed on some potential rental trades though things coming down towards the wire this may seem like a legitimate potential for them to finally close and upgrade at among the final positions where they must do so. Previous deals fell through because either side or another balked on the asking price or the fact that was being offered, if the Giants and Phillies may come to a MLB The Show 18 Stubs reasonable agreement ahead of the deadline this is one of many more likely trades to take place.

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