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New great experience

Posted by LeeJeongRhie , 05 April 2016 · 713 views

school life
Alright, so this is my first time writing on this blog section.
Last year (2015) had been a quite good year for me. It turned me from the shy unknown girl into someone more confident. I am always being someone that considers as a ‘freak’ yeah, I am still even now… XD
But yeah, who cares… because these years God has been really good to me. He gave me some experiences that I would never forget. The great experiences actually.
Believe me or not I’d never got into a competition before last year. I used to be someone that said I can’t and I might mess the things up. Because I think it was that has always happened. I messed up in many occasions, not that bad, just I act a bit different ‘or freak’ you can say when everyone turn their attention to me. That’s why I might be a bit different when you know me in person with you know me on twitter etc.
So, it was begun when my lectures offered me to join a debate competition. It is English debate competition everyone… like it’s National University Debate Competition where I had to speak English almost all the time. And how could I know if I wouldn’t mess anything up this time.
Then, another thing was the competition took place in Surakarta, quite far from my hometown and we had to stay for three days there. My anxiety became more and more growing.
You know what… they told me about this competition a week before it actually started. And I didn’t even have any experience in debate, unlike my partner.
So, with my partner we started from the faculty before we got to the actual competition. I was afraid that we might get defeated by other faculties, but we could win it and go to ISI Surakarta.^^
There was someone who made me a bit hurt. Well, when we officially represent our university we needed to fulfill the registration. And one of the staff of our campus -the third bureau- said, “You sure you could do it? It wasn’t because of your head faculty that made you win?” Oh God, that hurts when he said we didn’t play fair in the selection among faculties. I just gave him a small smile and chuckle, didn’t bother to talk back or being rude.
With full of worry and anxiety ( I was actually really stressed and pressured with the responsibility and hope that were given to us. I couldn’t sleep well in days before we were going. Guess that I was too nervous.)
Well, we made safe arrival in Surakarta, with my partner, my lecturer and a driver (believe me or not the driver was used to drive an ambulance car. You must know how he drives. It seriously freaked me out)
Nervousness swallowed me up when we enter the hall where all the competitors gather. Many of them are from well-known Universities in Central Java. My university was just a year-old and my class is the first generation. Wow~ now you know how it feels like. When some people just looked at you like you were outcast and you just want the earth to swallow you up. Hahaha.. okay, I was quite panic at that time.
We debated using British Parliamentary System with collecting Victory points. So, a team consists of 2 people. And in one debate there are 4 teams. So, for the first time I went up to the podium to state my arguments I was shaking and trembling badly. My team can only afford 4 minutes for each of us from 7 minutes that had given for each person. We ended up being the third. Okay, not that bad as a newbie university. Our lecturer kept assuring us that it was fine, we were there only to get some experiences.
There’re teams that didn’t understand well about the motion given, so they ended up defending the wrong sides. Lucky us! Well, it was ended around seven or eight in the evening. I was so exhausted because we just came and then did the debate until then. I was glad I didn’t get carsick.
We went to our hotel. I was excited to see it. And yeahhh~ the room is nice. Nicer than I expected.
The morning came and we had to fight again XD
Then it happened, we did debate again until we got 1st position >_<
Then today, it was the decision whether we would join the quarter final or going home just as participants.
The announcement of the 16 Breakings teams that made into the quarter final from 33 teams was painfully slow. There are names that we expected to be on the top and well yeah they were.
We didn’t see our University’s name until 15th breaking team. My friend and I looked at our lecturer hopelessly, asking for forgiveness.
Just like in the movies and dramas, you know what happened next. The monitor showed our university’s name as the 16th Breaking team. I was too happy I could cry. :”)
Some people saw us with unbelievable expression. We were rejoicing our victory and squealing like weirdoes. XD
My eyes are teary, and as we went out from the room and saw our lecturer already on the stairs, giving us two thumbs up. This evening the quarter round would continue and we were in a ‘Hell Group’ because we ended up with 3 big universities in Central Java. My shoulders slumped down of the chair but I managed to gather my confidence.
The funny thing was I unconsciously let out my Javanese language in the middle of stating my arguments. I said ‘Apa iku’ (what is it..) coz I was to confused and nervous, of course everyone was laughing.
There was definitely no chance for us to go to semi final. We had expected it since the group divided. When the announcement was made we could still smile because we rubbed to everyone’s face that we could survive until then. However, when I looked on my left side the guy from my ‘Hell group’ was almost crying. I wanted to comfort him and told him everything is fine but he went away. I could feel his feeling because he is from one of big universities so he has a big responsibility to represent his campus.
When we went to the parking lot our driver came to congratulate us >_<
“Hey, Mr. Chuz said that you two made it to the quarter final. You had to see his face when he came to me and told me about it.” He said excitedly.
We grinned and smile wider. “Really? We couldn’t make it to the semi final to go to the national level” we shrugged a bit disappointed but still happy.
“Hey, he really is proud of you two. You did a good job.”
With that our face got red because of the laughing and also the compliments. I was so thankful and sorry for ever rejecting with excuse that we had a lot of assignments. When the truth that it was right, but we could manage to get extension to submit our assignments.
I write too much sorry...  just feel like sharing~ ^^
See you later…

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