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A Perfect Day At School

Posted by Angelic Demon , 06 November 2014 · 580 views

Since it is Wednesday, we had a mass at school. So, me and my classmates sat to where our section's assigned to. My crush wasn't there because he was with the other CAT members who went to the church to fetch one of our school's patron saint. When they returned, he didn't went to our section unlike the others. While listening to the mass, I accidentally heard my other classmate that he didn't come there because he's tired. My body would like to go to our room but our classmates might notice, and... You know, spread it? So I waited until the mass ended. When we went back, he was there sitting with one of my best buddies. We didn't have any subjects that morning because of the vigils and the teacher's personal matters. In the afternoon, I caught him looking at me. I pretended that I'm looking out at the window, but when I looked in front again, I saw him looking at me... AGAIN! It's so awkward for me, because... I feel something special for me. So I just thought, “Maybe he's looking at the props we made this morning”. Actually, before our vigil time starts, we made a coffin (paper masche) for our play. At around four o'clock, our class and the SPJ's class will watch a movie. Before it even started, my crush went to me and asked me to let him hear some Boyfriend songs, maybe he wants to know what I'm interested in. Unfortunately, our teacher came and ordered him to do something (great timing ma'am -_- ) . When he came back, the movie started so I didn't have the time to let him hear it. The movie was kinda boring so most of the students in our room laid down (but I didn't >_< ). Two of my girl classmates asked if they can lay their heads on my lap, so I allowed them. On the middle of the movie, the other one went to my other classmate because she can't see the movie in that spot. Then! Something really, really, really unexpected happen!!! My crush wrecker (LOL is there even something like that?) Went to me and asked if he can lay his head on my lap too! And since I have uh... I can't explain it! Feelings for him? Uh... I just let him lay his head on my lap! (Hey! We have skirt! Not short, it's below the knee, 'kay?) After doing that, I noticed that my crush went in front of us and did the same on my other friend's lap. When the movie ended, my other classmate went up. I told him to go up but he said that he's so comfortable in that position that he don't want to get up! I think I'm blushing but I just continued listening to our teacher. At six o'clock (our class' time to do more props), my bias wrecker helped me and the other props men to do the coffin. I looked at the casts and saw my crush looking at me with serious eyes. When he saw me looking at him, he turned away and gave comments to our actors' presentation. After that, I already went home. The moon was sooo bright! And to be honest with you guys, whenever I see the moon like that, I feel refreshed. So yeah, that's my day, how about yours?

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