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Inside My Mind #6

Posted by auxilia , 22 May 2017 · 834 views

Long time no see, huh?
Not so much different from Inside My Mind #5, this is all about BF Japan releases or to be exact Japan promotion. Ah, and their hiatus.

Here is what Inside My Mind #6
To start with, let's talk about bf japan activities. To be very honest, I still, even now... regretted that bf part ways with being. Yeah that being, the agency that in charge of bf Japan promotion before kissent. I don't know if it just me but till now i think bf japan more stands out with being, somehow. They had more chance to be on Japan TV program more, they promoted as if they are a japan idol with all the concepts etc. (is it a good thing or not? I personally think looking japan-ish to promote in Japan is a good thing). What I regretted the most is... they could've had another anime soundtrack (with being as a main provider of detective conan's soundtrack. This also is the reason they can sing a conan ending, bcs being gave the right to them, I think). psst yeah, I'm a huge fan of conan but it's not the problem to be discussed about.
I remember back to the day when there is announcement about bestfriend japan closing its official page, I really wanted to shout "please don't break up with being". But then it really happened. Being announced the perfect best collection dvds. "Sigh, this must be a farewell release", and yes, that's true. BF part ways with being. I almost cried back then, feeling upset to why they did not extend the contract. But when i think again, maybe it is the right choice. Around that time, bf was planning their first ever world tour (event though at first they didn't call it world tour). Maybe being offered to continue bf japan activities. But a world tour is a chance they shouldn't let go. So they let go the Japan activities (they doesn't even have a promotional events for the farewell release). Anyway, BF Japan activity is one of the reasons of bf's 1,5 years of hiatus, isn't it? So I thought Starship was thinking about bf's future in Korea. They don't want to lost bestfriends japan either. I think that's why they signed with Kissent. From my point of view, Kissent is an agancy that specialize in handling korean idols who promote at Japan too. Japanese staffs working for their songs and release events (or other promotional activities), meanwhile Korean staffs working on MVs and jacket shoot and any other works (like recording maybe) which can be done before the promotions at Japan. This way, there's no need for bf to stay in Japan longer than promotion time for an MV or jacket shooting. Thus, they have more time for Korean activities (and saved some budget for accomodation?). But still with this extended 'home' time, they don't have any Korean comeback.
That's what i thought, but a plot arise recently. Maybe they didn't want bf to promote at Japan anymore, maybe they've had enough of Japan activities, and wanted to focus more on their popularity in Korea (and/or China, bcs as soon as they part ways with being, there is YueHua who signed exclusive contract with starship, and to thank Chinese bestfriends contribution to bf's 1st win). But fate (or should i just say starship) didn't give bf the chance to gain more popularity in Korea (and China bcs they don't have any China activities after bewitch in China). Even though they started to gain more attention... It can't be helped that bf promotion time for bounce is short because of the world tour. But then after those overseas activity has finished, starship already had debuted another boygroup. The new group which gained so much attention, that starship should use it to make them big for their company's sake too(?). The time slot for bf Korean comeback is eventually be givent to another artists as starship grows bigger too. With no activities, bf is not profitable for starship. Then they remember that bf still have fans in Japan. The plot ends here. BF once again were sent to Japan. This time it is to cover their inactivity at Korea.
As time passed by, I bring myself to like kissent, chase away a little bit of my sadness due to break up with being. With glider released, I knew bf new Japan songs still have their identity. They are as good as their old releases. The new bf japan is still the same as we knew back then. Their Japan restart single did its task well, to fill the emptiness of how bestfriends felt within more than one year without Korean comeback. Then Jackpot single woken up my worries. The songs included are okay to me, but not for the MV (at first I really... really squeal, getting to see those scenes was a pain!!). Thank goodness I could control my feelings. That MV could've gotten worse, you know. Besides the views on youtube is clearly higher than glider. Public like jackpot more, obviously. Entering I Miss You era, I feel it's totally okay for bf to stay with kissent. Even though I still comparing how bf is with kissent and how bf was with being, like concert venue, events (bcs with kissent the promotion feels like kpop which aims for chart/?), and the MV quality (I usually take a screen cap while choosing frame by frame, and hard to choose from new MVs, the image isn't smoth/?). That is to be said, sometimes I miss the time when bf still with being. Maybe I will be less worry about their inactivity at Korea because I really like being's flawless management.

Well I actually still have something inside my mind about bf's no Korean comeback, but this post is too long already for a chit-chat, so I'll just leave it for now.
See you again on another occasion. BF 6th anniv is getting closer though, I wish I could post some edits.

Best regards,

p.s. I don't want to talk bout kpopstar duo who used bf name now. I do have some thought about that tho...

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