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Posted by Velisha on 06 June 2013 - 06:51 AM

Welcome Bestfriends!


First of all, thank you all for joining.


It’s been 2 years since our beloved BOYFRIEND debuted. There are Bestfriends who follows them since May 26, 2011, there are new Bestfriends, all over the world. But we are all BESTFRIENDS.


Here is the place for Bestfriends to hang out, to meet other Bestfriends and support Boyfriend together. That is the main purpose of I’m Your Bestfriend: to provide Bestfriend one place to communicate with each others.


As the name suggests, I’m Your Bestfriend, not just to Boyfriend, but to all Bestfriends.


If you have your own Boyfriend community or group or fansite, please join us regardless and introduce your group to all Bestfriends. We support every community that support Boyfriend and we don’t force you to merge into something else. We respect diversity and differences.


Please take your time to read the RULES and GUIDELINES and FAQ. Respect each other and be nice. And have fun here!


Thanks to all Bestfriends that support I’m Your Bestfriend and give your time and effort to make this happen. Please show your love to Boyfriend forever!


If you have any problem, please contact ADMIN anytime, or send email to info@imyourbestfriend.com

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Posted by Velisha on 10 April 2014 - 04:55 AM

Since there are too many rules violation, we decided to give warning points to whoever break the forum rules.
The purpose is to keep the forum clean, organized and free of spammers.
Please refer to Forum GENERAL RULES and SIGNATURE RULE


Warning Points:

1 point for each violation of General Rules
2 point for each Signature rule violation

5 point for any major argumentation or starting a flame war

Your warning points will stay in your account for 60 days.
If it accumulates into 10 points, your account cannot make any post/reply for 48 hours.

If it accumulates into 25 points, your account will be suspended for 24 hours.


Major violation depending on the case will result in banning your account completely.


Please read the rules again and try to keep the forum organized and respect people who work hard to maintain the forum.

If you see other forum members violate any rule, you can click the “REPORT” button on the specific post/reply or kindly remind them that they are breaking a rule.


Note on the "Spamming/Less than 10 words" rule:

Post/comment/reply that are less than 10 words are considered spam. 

If you think you posted less than 10 words and you want to avoid the warning spam, you can look back into your posts and fix them.


You can go to your profile and look at the left side bar, click Posts or Topics



(Thanks spiritkiss501 for the image)

you can go to the main page www.imyourbestfriend.com/forum

on the top right side there is a "Search" box
type your username and choose "Forum"
you will see a list of post/topics that has your username in them




This "Spamming/Less than 10 words" rule DOES NOT APPLY for GAMES subforum


You can fix your post or leave them be, it's all up to you. 





Post Moderation

Moderator/Admin has the right to edit/move/delete anything you post without prior warning, if it is considered to be inappropriate, misplaced or breaking any rule.


If you think there is a misunderstanding about you given a warning point or post moderation, please contact Admin.


Thank you for your cooperation.



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#13441 14.02.07 Staff Diary: BOYFRIEND XMAS PROJECT 2013

Posted by Velisha on 07 February 2014 - 01:59 PM



Bestfriend Selca Banner Making


Hello Bestfriends,


This is Velisha, your admin. I am so sorry for the late post. But here is the report of our 2013 Xmas Project.


We did our first International project for Boyfriend. It started with Kelly’s (leejeongminnie) idea, since she already made Christmas project for Boyfriend for the last 2 years via her BoyFriend News tumblr. I’m Your Bestfriend Forum joined forces and planning the Christmas project. Let me tell you how it goes…


Sending them gifts are common, right? I wanted something different this time, and to be honest, right now I don’t remember how and why I came up with the selca banner idea LOL

So aside from sending Boyfriend the Christmas gifts, we also had Bestfriend Selca Banner. I wanted Boyfriend to see Bestfriends’ pretty smiles. I wanted to show them that they are not the only ones who can take cute selcas ahahaha…

The project itself was launched on August 22, 2013. Unfortunately, with the lack of Boyfriend activity in Korea and there was no news about the long-awaited Korean comeback, not many Bestfriends responded to the project.


We worked so hard to promote the forum, we asked many fanbases to help too, but sadly still not enough responds. Were Bestfriends gone already? Did they leave Boyfriend already?


Of course not.


Despite the lack of respond, I am surprised to find great responds from some Bestfriends. They helped us a lot in promoting the project, even translating it into different languages. Little by little, I saw the result of their hard work. I cried and thanked them from the bottom of my heart, and feel proud to be a part of Bestfriend fandom. I clearly see that Bestfriends are nice and they love Boyfriend so much.


When all selcas were collected, then it was time to make the actual banner. It sounds easy ne? Just stick all the selca to the banner and done. Well… in reality, it is not that easy LOL


The initial plan was to have the banner printed, which is pretty easy aside from the Photoshop work. Unfortunately, we had to cut the cost and I decided to make the banner myself.


First thing to do is to design the banner.




Look simple right?


Not really. Because everything needs to be measured. How big is the fabric base, how big is each selca to fit the banner.  Everything needs math (I hate math).

After calculating all the measurement, next is making a dummy. Because what if something is wrong, there is no way I can make another banner.


I worked on it until late at night.




When morning came, I could see the dummy better LOL




Next is to make it come true.

How I wish I could make this banner together with Bestfriends. It would be so fun making it while listening to Boyfriend’s songs and spazzing about their awesomeness.

But if you live in the USA, you can forget about having a fellow kpop fan come over to your house. Most of us live far away from each other (missing my hometown, Jakarta & Bandung, so much LOL).


Okay, on to our BF mission!
My first stop was my favorite craft store downtown, where I could get all the material for the banner. But picking the fabric was not an easy task!




After discussing it with the Project Leader, Kelly, we finally decided on Blue & White/Silver Christmas theme instead of the traditional Red & Green theme.


And we need some decorations too. Aren’t they pretty?




Actually there are some more but I forgot to take picture OTL


So I got the fabric, but all the selcas were still in my computer. I wish they could magically fly out and stick to the fabric LOL Time to do the magic of Photoshop.


Before I could do more, I had to travel out of town for Infinite Concert, but I still worked on editing the selca along the way. Of course, Boyfriend always kept me company.

After editing the selcas with Photoshop, I had to try the printing out to make sure it would come out with the correct size. It only missed a bit but I had to fix them. Mind you, there are a few hundreds of selcas.


Finally got the selcas printed!!!








And handsome.

Yay for BOYFRIEND Fanboys!


Now I had to work on the fabric. After I bought it, I had the rim sewed with sewing machine. There was electric sewing machine at the craft store where you can use for free, but alas, I am not a good crafter and the last time I used a sewing machine was years ago with my grandma’s old manual sewing machine LOL I failed.


I had to undo all the stitches and decided to use fabric glue to do the rim of the banner. I also had to iron the rim before applying the glue so it would not come off easily and it was neater that way.




Done ironing, done gluing. So tired. And my best friend, Miss Sassy, is tired too LOL


Next is sewing the ribbon for the hanger, just in case Boyfriend wants to hang this banner somewhere *wishful thinking* Thank goodness my mom taught me how to hand-sew. Bestfriends, learning how to hand-sew is important for girls!


I also sewn the blue ribbons to mark all the folding. You will see what I mean later.




Now that I had the fabric and the selcas, let’s lay everything out. You can see it was getting real now.




Time to glue all the selca!





If you ask, why the selca are placed un-evenly (more like in groups/blocks), it is not because I grouped selcas in any particular order. Selcas were put in alphabetical order based on the country.




The reason is… to make room for the folding. To make sure when the banner is folded, no selca get folded in the middle. That is, Bestfriends, called logic. And math. I still hate math eventhough we need it.


That is the purpose of the baby blue ribbon sewn on the rim, to mark where it is supposed to be folded. Even after sewed it in advance, the folding missed the mark a little bit, but it didn’t really matter.


And the banner slowly came to life.




I decided to make simple decoration, less than what was planned in the beginning. Sometimes less is better.


Silver heart as the symbol of our love for Boyfriend ^__^



These silver bells are tribute to Kwangmin’s “DING DONG!” in Pinky Santa’s MV LOL



The hardest part was the blue & silver letters for our forum text. I couldn’t find the right paper, and the one I had was SO HARD to cut! It was messy, but I hope Boyfriend won’t notice ehehehehe Mianhae~~




And this is the final result.




I had to stand on my bed and put my camera waaaay up high to capture the whole banner.

Height: 1,31 m // 51.5 inch (4.3 feet)

Weight: 2,84 m // 111.81 inch (9.32 feet)


Not bad huh?


And I wrapped the gifts from Bestfriends.




Printed out the messages.




Finally it’s time to fold the banner….




Jihyeon-ssi added a cute gag message, to prepare Boyfriend for our surprise.




When everything was done, I shipped all to my friend in Korea. She delivered the project to Starship Ent office on Tuesday, December 18, 2013. It was a day before Boyfriend Movie Date. My friend messaged me afterwards and said the receptionist let her go up to the 2nd floor, and one of Boyfriend member opened the door for her and bowed to her 90 degree, but she didn’t know who. My friend is not a fan (she went to Kim Woobin fanmeet before went to Starship LOL) of Boyfriend, but she knows the Twins. She said one of the twins was there too. She said, now she respected Boyfriend because they are so polite. The Starship staff didn’t allow her to take proof picture ‘though.


So, how was it? I hope all Bestfriends who participated in this project are satisfied. I tried my best but I am not a good crafter. Please forgive me for my elementary student crafting skill.


The banner stayed in my room for weeks and when it was gone and sent to Boyfriend, I really missed it LOL


I must say that this is one tough project. Mainly because I had to do almost everything by myself in making the banner. And there were many problems along the way that stressed me out, but finally we could pull this off.

But I also have to say that I got help from so many Bestfriends in the world. I heart you all. I am so happy and touched.


If you are a Bestfriend, I hope now you know that Bestfriends are everywhere and still loyal to Boyfriend. Even if we don’t speak the same language, even if we are miles apart, even if we never meet each other. Bestfriends exist and are standing with Boyfriend until the end. I am proud to be a Bestfriend.


Let’s support Boyfriend together!



All the forum members















All our twitter followers


Bestfriends from Arab, Argentina, Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Khazakstan, Mexico, Myanmar, Peru, The Philippines, Russia, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Venezuela and Vietnam.

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#18987 14.10.05 Forum Official Statement about Boyfriend Witch Comeback issue

Posted by Velisha on 05 October 2014 - 09:43 AM




Dear Bestfriends,

A lot of Bestfriends have told us about some negative comments upon Boyfriend's WITCH concept. Mainly, the comments are accusing Boyfriend have copied other groups’ past concepts. Since the comeback date is nearing, and also [please keep in mind that] other groups are coming back too; we would like to share our view about this matter.


NOTE: We are NOT telling you what to do, but this is just a friendly suggestion.


What should you do when you read/hear negative comments about Boyfriend’s WITCH?




We advise you not to say anything or respond in any way. Why?


Reason #1

Aggression only breeds aggression.

We fully understand if you are angry or hurt because you love Boyfriend so much. And because we are human with hearts and our hearts are not made of steel. But let’s imagine how Boyfriend feel if they know that their beloved Bestfriends are angry upon someone else’s comment, thus can trigger more anger and negative situation.

So by doing nothing, you stop the negativity right there.


Reason #2

Not all negative comments = haters

It may sound they hate Boyfriend and want to bring BF down with harsh comments. However, sometimes people just say whatever they want to say. It’s not necessarily they have something against Boyfriend.

We are in a social media era where anyone can say whatever they want in public. Maybe they don’t mean to hurt anyone with their words, but somehow they do. Misunderstanding, miscommunication and lack of netiquette add up to the negative side of freedom of speech in the virtual world.

By doing nothing, you don’t pass on your judgment and not contribute to the misunderstanding.


Reason #3

Bestfriend is a peaceful fandom.

We are living up to our name! That’s the main reason we love this fandom so much, because we really find best friends and feel like home here. No matter what language you speak, no matter what country you are from. If we can be civilize among ourselves, why don’t we also endorse peace in the entire Kpop fandoms?


Reason #4

Let’s enjoy this comeback!

Boyfriend work so hard for WITCH comeback. They want to see us proud of them, they want to see you all cheering on them. Not argue with other fans, not spread negativity. So stop it by doing nothing and move on. Focus on supporting Boyfriend, show them how happy we are to see them back with a different and “adventurous” concept [quote from a nice Youtuber’s comment ^^].

If you see a non-Bestfriend likes Witch, please thank them for the support. Let's spread the love, Bestfriends~


Please check the TUTORIAL forum & learn how to support Boyfriend's WITCH comeback!




I'm Your Bestfriend - Boyfriend International Forum

Home of International Bestfriends

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#4477 NEW SIGNATURE RULES - Please read

Posted by Velisha on 11 July 2013 - 01:07 AM

We received many complaints regarding the signatures, therefore we set up a new rule for signature.
1. Internet connection in some countries are slow, and big signatures makes the forum lag and hard to load.
2. Big size signatures are taking a lot of spaces in the thread
Your signature picture(s) must not exceed 500 x 160 pixels. (Width x Height)
This is the example of the size:
Accepted format for signature:
Still image (.jpg, .png,etc)
Animated image (.gif)
Blinkies (.gif)
NOTE: The maximum text size allowed in signatures is Font size 5 [or size 18]
Maximum images for your signature are 3 images
Blinkies or animated avatar counts as 1 image. You can mix and match, but all counts as three.
These count as one image each:
692160k68dp18m79.gif     OR    original.gif
Line Count:
Your signature cannot exceed 5 LINES, includes both text and pictures as well as spacing. Even if a line is blank, it still counts toward the line count. Images cannot be in TWO lines (stacked together), only Blinkies can be in another line.
Line 1: Text
Line 2: animated gif 1 + animated gif
Line 3: Blinkies
Line 4: [Enter]
Line 5: Text


GIFFFF.gif  692160k68dp18m79.gif


gif by boyfriendcollection.tumblr.com



Sometimes when you hit the Enter key, an extra space is added in between both of your lines. In order to have your lines directly below each other, hold the Shift key, then press the Enter key at the same time.
Uploading image
You may either use the upload option for your signature images, or you may embed the image with 6e5a1e2e-8a9b-42cd-be62-82aee74fdeba.jpg around it.
We strongly suggest that you have an account in image hosting website.
More information, please read here.
Back up your image
Please keep personal backups of your signature pictures, especially if you are just using links to an external web host. If your signature is removed, there is no guarantee that any of the contents will remain left behind. Due to this, several users have lost any chance of simply resizing their signature pictures to follow the rules.
What not to post
Please do not use obscenely bright signatures, flashing signatures, explicit signatures, or signatures advertising other forum sites. If the content of your signature picture(s) bother many other users, you may be asked to remove the picture, or simply have it removed by a moderator. Advertising your own blog, Facebook or Twitter is allowed and must be in text format. Please put credit if necessary.
Forum staffs and Donors have the privilege of bigger size for the signature: 700 x 200 (Width x Height). Other rules apply.
You can resize your GIF with these website:
Online Image Editor
After uploading the photo it'll look like this with the resize options using EZGIF.com. You can save the output image to your computer (or later upload it to your image hosting account).
Warning and Deletion
If your current signature is breaking the rule, moderator will message you asking you to modify your signature. If we don’t get a respond within 3 weeks, we have the right to remove your signature.



This rule is subject to change. We will announce it of we make any update.


Updated 13.07.10

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#14521 FAN ACCOUNT: BOYFRIEND USA Showcase - CHICAGO & DALLAS March 11 & 13,...

Posted by Velisha on 21 March 2014 - 01:23 PM

You can share this fan account BUT PLEASE PUT A LINK BACK TO THIS POST. 
Please DO NOT CUT or just take a part of it. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea if they read this fan account without knowing about my position as forum representative and the whole story behind this. I hope you understand and thank you for reading.

I knew about Boyfriend coming to the USA since around October 2013, but then I thought it was canceled until I saw the announcement in December. Even before that, a Puerto Rico fan told me about Boyfriend having a concert in Puerto Rico. With all the information, I found out that everything was true and legit.
Around that time, I was still busy with our Selca Banner Project and Xmas Project 2013 for Boyfriend, so I didn’t do anything much about the upcoming showcase in the USA. By January 2014, I worked through my network to get all the information and prepared the project. I understand that Boyfriend is not as famous as other groups in the USA, therefore I have the responsibility as the forum admin, to do something for Boyfriend. At that time, I worked in preparing the food support and the message book for Boyfriend. We also proposed a video project, but in the end that one didn’t get approval from Starship management.
I think the main problem I faced during all the preparation is the fact that most of active Bestfriends are not in the USA. And USA Bestfriends who are active, couldn’t make it to the showcase. So I came to a conclusion that I would have to do everything by myself in Chicago and Dallas.
The second problem is the negotiation with officials. We have to understand that Korean agency (in this case, Starship) has their own policy and has the final words on everything, that even Jazzy Group as the promoter couldn’t do anything. But I understand this, because I worked as event organizer before. As a professional, I have to respect their decisions.
Everything was not easy and not going the way I planned. In addition of all, I never visited Chicago or Dallas before. I didn’t know the area, so I couldn’t plan what I was going to do properly. To all who don’t live in the USA, just so you know that Chicago and Dallas are far away from where I live in California. I had to go by plane. From LA to Chicago, it’s about less than from Jakarta to Seoul. From Chicago to Dallas, it is 801 miles (1290 km). It is not like Seoul to Tokyo or Jakarta to Singapore. And we are talking about traveling inside the USA here, not out of the country.
Just a few weeks before my departure date on March 8, 2014, I got sick and I had to skip work in order to get better before my trip. That is why some of the plan didn’t go through because I didn’t have time to finish it. I am grateful that I got help from many people. Thank goodness, I managed to finish what I could and packed things up, ready to start a Boyfriend Week.
FAN ACCOUNT: CHICAGO March 9-12, 2014
I started my trip on Saturday, March 8, 2014. On that day, Boyfriend had their fanmeeting in Puerto Rico. I arrived in Chicago the next day, Sunday, March 9, 2014. Even though I prepared for the weather, it was still hard to adjust from warm weather in LA to a very cold Chicago. They even had snow the day before.
I knew that Starship crew arrived in Chicago already, and Boyfriend would join them after they finished in Puerto Rico. Since the showcase was on Tuesday, March 11, 2014, I had time to enjoy Chicago. Honestly, I was impressed by the city. It has the most amazing buildings with fine architecture. It has many nice places to see and good food to eat. I had fun exploring Chicago!
Boyfriend arrived in Chicago in Sunday evening. The arrival time wasn’t disclosed so they arrived safely and quietly.
On Monday, the volunteers of the showcase met me and took me to see Navy Pier. I am still amazed on how nice they are, because they didn’t know me, but they treated me like good friend since the minute they met me. Some even took me to see the “Bean” at Millenium Park.
On that day, Boyfriend also explored Chicago, but in terms of working. They were filming and taking photo session around Chicago and outside the city.
In the afternoon, my new friends took me to a Kpop Store. We hung out there and I met more new friends, that I came to a conclusion: people in Chicago are super nice!!! They gave me a ride back to the hotel, and there we met a cameraman who worked for Boyfriend.
We tried to ask about Boyfriend, he smiled and asked, “You know Boyfriend?”
I am sure he was quite surprised to see fans at the hotel LOL
The next day was the D Day. I met Boyfriend for the first time during breakfast. First it was Jeongmin. He was wearing his brown boots, dark jeans and black hoodie, with the hood on. As expected, he is the early riser in Boyfriend (remember that Hello Baby episode?) I couldn’t help to grin when I saw him walking. He put his hand up and bowed his head, saying “Annyeonghaseyo” to the Starship official who already there eating breakfast. I assumed he is the CEO of Starship, Kim Shi Dae, but I am not sure because I only saw him in picture before. He can speak English and he talked to the crew in Korean. I don’t understand Korean, but I heard he mention Youngmin and Jeongmin a lot LOL
One thing made me laugh in silent is the way Jeongmin present himself. He was so cool, full of swag and so charming. He also tried to speak English to the official from Puerto Rico who came to watch the showcase in Chicago.
I was so surprised when I saw Youngmin. Mainly because I was busy doing something and suddenly there he was. He was skinny and tall. His hair in lighter brown, kinda reddish brown. He was wearing a white tshirt and a greenish plaid long coat (you all might have seen the fantaken pic of him having breakfast in that outfit). He ate with the cordi nuna because Jeongmin left already.
If you asked me, how did I know it was Youngmin, not Kwangmin?
Because this one was definitely Youngmin ahahaha
I know it is easier to tell them apart when they are together, but this time I could tell that it was Youngmin right away (no,it’s not because I love this tsundere prince so much LOL) And later on, the more I saw them in person, the more I know how different they are.
Again, because I was busy chatting with my best friend on Facebook, I was surprise to see Hyunseong. The first thing came to my mind is how skinny he is. I thought Hyunseong would be more buffed. But in a long sleeved knit top, he looked so skinny. I just wanted to feed him more ahahaha….
After that I didn’t really pay attention to Boyfriend because breakfast hour was over and I was looking for Jazzy officials to talk to. I met them and talked to them, after that I went up to my room to prepare the food support for the concert. I went downstairs again to ask the kitchen if they had a used box for me to carry the food support.
While I was waiting I looked outside the window, and saw Youngmin outside on the sidewalk talking to some crews. I looked closer and I didn’t see any other members around. Then I realized that was why the CEO talked about Youngmin a lot. He had to film his part. So Youngmin was talking and walking with the crew, until they turned around on the corner of the block. Even before the concert Boyfriend still worked very hard.
I didn’t follow them because I wasn’t there to stalk. I had work to do anyway. I got my box from the nice hotel staff, and went upstairs. I had to go downtown to Magnolia Bakery for the food support, so I went downstairs again. At that time, all 6 members of Boyfriend were at the lobby near the door. Outside, their bus was waiting. I guessed it was time for them to go the venue. At that time, Youngmin already changed his clothes to a simple grey tshirt and plaid dark blue shirt. I didn’t go up to them or  say anything, in fact I hid in the computer area and waited for them to leave. Donghyun was waving to the Chinese fans who also stayed at the same hotel.
After I saw them get into the bus, I walked outside without even looking at the bus LOL I had my own work to do. After I got everything for the food support, I came back to the hotel and got ready to go to the venue.
At the venue, there were many people standing in line outside already. The weather that day was cold and windy, and rain/snow would come down during the night. I took the food support, and the volunteers let me in to the lobby. I got them to bring the food inside. At that time I could hear Donghyun’s voice singing Listen as they were doing the soundcheck. It made me shiver because it was the first time I heard Boyfriend singing live and Donghyun’s voice was so clear.
After that I went out and talked to the people who waited outside. I met my new friends again, and they had been there since around 10am, in the cold. People saw Boyfriend arrived and went inside the venue around noon. Outside I was thrilled to see excited fans, and I felt happy for Boyfriend to have fans who would wait in the cold and traveled quite a distance for this showcase.
Mind you, that the Chicago showcase was on Tuesday, in the middle of school days. Some people had spring break, but some people had to skip their school or work just for this showcase.
I was also happier than ever to finally met a Bestfriend I know from Tumblr, the cute bestfriendlacey. We were waiting in the cold but it was so fun with all the fans together.



I also met a kpop mom who had a first row ticket because she loves Boyfriend so much. She also brought gift bags for the boys. I was glad that Boyfriend have a lot of fans although I knew not all the audience today were Bestfriends. When I was waiting in line and talking to fans, suddenly we saw a flash of white from the window. We reacted a second away, screaming like crazy. It was Boyfriend in white outfits, walking down the stairs in the lobby of the venue, and we could see them from the window. That really pumped up the spirit of fans who were cold and anxious to get in.


After all the waiting in freezing weather, they finally opened the door and let us in. I sat on the 2nd row and had a good view of everything. The show was opened with Janus. The fans were ecstatic.
Here is the complete song list: (same for both showcases)
1. Intro + Janus
2. You’re My Lady + Don’t Touch My Girl
3. I’ll Be There
4. Standing With You (Short Version)
5. Go Back
6. Youngmin solo – Falling Slowly
7. Donghyun solo – Listen
8. Hyunseong solo – Whataya Want From Me
9. Jeongmin solo – A Thousand Miles
10. Minwoo-Youngmin-Kwangmin dance – Love Stoned + Baby
11. Not One But Two
12. Love Style
13. I Yah
14. Boyfriend
15. ON & ON
16. Superhero
In between songs, they had a Q&A session. And it was enjoyable because we got to see the boys answering question, trying to speak English and they had this “members’ moment” here and there *JeongSeong alert*
The boys did introduction and greeted the fans in English. Kwangmin said before they went the the US they were busy preparing for their Korean album. Again, when asked when the album was going to be released, Donghyun said, it was going to be before summer (I am glad they didn’t say SOON LOL)
MC Anna asked about their impression of Chicago fans. Kwangmin said in Korean, Chicago is cold, but the fans are hot!
Jeongmin added, “Hot… and so beautiful.”
Minwoo added also, “So… Sexy.”
The fans went wild, and Kwangmin playfully peeking at Jeongmin’s shirt ahahaha
The boys also said they went to see Millenium Park, Lake Michigan, and Chicago River.
And Jeongmin randomly added, “And… and.. you’re mine!”
Minwoo also said they were going to eat Chicago pizza after the concert (MC Anna asked about deep dish Chicago pizza). And Jeongmin asked Minwoo, “Together?”
Minwoo was like… “Together? It is expensive. Ohmaigat”
LOL Bestfriend should know the sound of Boyfriend’s special OMG saying ahaahaha…
I am so sorry I forgot all the details and I might have messed up the sequence of all I type above, but the boys were so funny with their broken English during Q&A and the game session.
Question: what did the fans say that have left you an impression?
Minwoo: Sexy *he opened his jacket teasing the fans with his shoulder*
Kwangmin: No, no, no sexy *he didn’t agree*
Youngmin: Cute, very cute *correcting Minwoo*
Jeongmin said in Korean, that he appreciated it when fans say I’m your fan.
Then Minwoo came up to him and said, “I’m you fan!”
Jeongmin replied, “No, thanks!”
Minwo stepped back, “Okay, bye!”
When asked, what do you think about Bestfriends (I think that was the question?) Youngmin said, very powerful, loving, beautiful… “cuteu”  (Youngmin laughed) and….
Donghyun added, “Perfect!” with his thumb up.
They said the US fans are very cute, beautiful and so sexy.
They also said the fans here had crazy hair colors LOL
And Kwangmin added in Korean, “and different language.” (I think he said that, omg my memory fails me)
And the rest of the boys were fake-laughing at him, especially Youngmin.
MC Anna asked, “Who usually wakes up last”
Minwoo asked back, “Sunglass?”
The translator translated the question and the boys pushed Youngmin & Minwoo forward. Both were denying it LOL but then Youngmin said that Minwoo was the one who always woke up last, and Minwoo just nodded ahahah and said, he needs to sleep a lot because he is growing up. But Kwangmin said, no, he stopped growing.
Question: what is your favorite accessory? ( I screamed: Bestfriend!)
They took a while to answer, but then Donghyun said, my friend, which means the fans.
Minwoo also said in Korean, his fave accessory is the insole to make him taller. They all laughed at him, and later he pointed at Jeongmin, “You too? You too?”
Jeongmin said, “No, no.”
Minwoo asked again, “Wow! You’re tall?”
Jeongmin gestured his hand, “No, no, I don’t speak English.”
Minwoo+Kwangmin: “I can’t speak English.” *correcting Jeongmin*
Jeongmin: “I can-teu… I can-teu…”
When asked, who can do the best aegyo, I think Boyfriend wanted to tease Hyunseong, so they picked Hyunseong, which we all know he always has a hard time doing aegyo LOL
But this time I must admit, he did a very good job! While towards the end, the other members were dying of embarrassment like usual (I love when they did that) Kwangmin commented, “Very cute!”
When asked who is their inspiration, Kwangmin answered it was Donghyun-hyung. Donghyun immediately teased the younger, squeezed his cheek and massaging Kwang’s shoulders LOL Other members didn’t believe him, but Kwangmin said, “Jinjja! I am real!”
Upon the question of what the good thing about being in a world tour, Minwoo answered in Korean, “Meeting beautiful local women.”
The boys were surely flirty with the fans, but they are our Boyfriend, right?
The game part was so fun also. Each BF member picked out seat numbers for the fans who went up to the stage to play with them. Minwoo picked my new friend, one of the volunteers, Mika. I was so happy for her!
Donghyun picked a seat number which was at the front row. I turned around to see this cute girl sitting on her chair, but her face looked scared and she kept saying, no, I don’t want to go. The staff was ready to escort her to the stage, but she refused. Her friend said that she couldn’t walk. I encouraged her that it was okay. Finally she stood up and two people helped her to walk (to get to the stage you had to walk away from the stage then get to the side door). As she walked with her back to the stage (so Boyfriend on stage only saw her back), the audience chanted “Gwenchana! Gwenchana!” I felt so happy that everyone encouraged her.
But then I heard something (I was too focused on the girl the whole time, I totally ignored Boyfriend LOL). Boyfriend said from the stage, “STOP! STOP!”
I turned around again to the stage, and Donghyun was saying something. The point is, the girl could stay at her place, he would come to her. And Donghyun stepped down from the side of the stage and stood next to the girl. The fans gave them space and someone pulled up a chair in front of the railing for the girl to sit down. After that Donghyun said to the members to continue the seat number drawing (there were two members left, I think).
So the drawing continued. After the fans all ready, they started the game. Minwoo & Mika did a very good job. From where I stood, I could see the question clearly. I am sure, if Bestfriends were there and you are a real Bestfriends, you would scream in frustration because some of the questions were Boyfriend related and the fans couldn’t guess them.
When Minwoo X Mika played, Minwoo spoke English so randomly. Jeongmin acted as co-MC.
Minwoo: Okay, I got it, I got it *he understand the rules*
Jeongmin: Omaygat
Minwoo: I know. I English very well

After that the translator spoke to Minwoo in English, “In 60 seconds, I will give you cue…”
Jeongmin: WHAT?
Minwoo: Korean… Korean…
I laughed so hard, even the translator was so into the game, she forgot to speak Korean to the boys LOL
I forgot the sequence, but Youngmin did a very good charade with his fan.
Youngmin: what is your name?
Fan: Mary
Minwoo: Marry me!
You really should watch the fancam of Youngmin doing his charade, he was so dorky but good!
When it was Hyunseong’s turn, one of the questions was Angry Bird. The fan was having a hard time guessing. I was standing next to Donghyun, so I pointed at him and screamed, “Donghyun! Dong-san! Dong-san!”
Youngmin & Minwoo noticed me and Youngmin tapped Hyunseong and pointed to Donghyun in the audience. Hyunseong was pointing at Donghyun, and Donghyun was jumping up and down. But still the fan didn’t understand, ah well only Bestfriends know that our dearest leader is the Angry Bird LOL
On Kwangmin’s turn, the fan’s name turned out to be Elsa LOL Minwoo kept repeating her name as if didn’t believe it, and Hyunseong was chanting “Do you wanna build a snowman?”
Donghyun was supposed to go before Kwangmin I think, but he refused and said, “Majimak” and the members agreed and continued. And when his turn came, he went up to the stage again, and Minwoo helped holding the questions facing him so I couldn’t see it. And I tried so hard to guess too but ended up just laughing because he looked so dorky. I think Donghyun just made that fangirl’s night. My respect to our Captain just went up to a whole new level.

At the end Minwoo X Mika won. Minwoo was so happy, he hugged Mika, he spun her around but then Minwoo almost fell because he tripped over a water bottle. They made a heart together and looked so cute!
All Boyfriend was enjoying the game so much and the interactions, with the fans etc. Minwoo & Jeongmin took over and helped as co-MCs. I really felt the boys were having fun.
The boys performed well and the fans were screaming. I planned to keep my eyes only for Minwoo, but ended up calling member’s name whoever came close to my side LOL But I did catch Minwoo’s attention twice. When he was standing on my said, I kept calling his name and make a heart awkwardly because my hands were holding camera & phone. But he looked at me and made a heart with his hands over his chest and smiled. He did that again during  next ment.
The boys did a lot of fanservice and interactions, the fans were enjoying them. During encore On&On, and ending Superhero, they just had fun with the fans. I had my phone ready and waited, because I knew this was the time to ask for a selca. They did that in Japan before, so I knew exactly that they had no problem if we asked them. I gave my phone to Kwangmin, who just picked it up and took selca with it. Donghyun saw him and came closer, so Kwangmin took another picture with Donghyun.

After that all the fans were giving the boys their phones, and the boys were generous enough to give selcas. They also gave their hands to touch the fans, so I got to touch all of them before the showcase was over.
At the end, with Super Hero music at the background, Minwoo started a chant for the fans, “Bye bye Chicago!” and then all the members were chanting it towards the end LOL
When the show was over, all I could feel was the excitement, and I heard the same thing from everyone. Boyfriend really did a good job and pleased the fans.
We were escorted out for the fansigning session. The VIP section got in first for their photo session and hi touch. The staff gave us Iyah repackaged albums for the fansigning.
I planned to get each member’s signature for my friends, so I put post-it on each page with their names on it. The first one to sign was Kwangmin, and I told him, my friend couldn’t come, could you sign for her?
Kwangmin said okay or something like that and he signed the page I opened, and he read the name, “Ji-ya…” *coughyoushouldhearhimsayingyournamecough*
He was so nice and talkative. But when I moved to the second person, I think it was Minwoo, the staff said to me that they could only sign the cover.
So I am so sorry, Bestfriends, I couldn’t get them to sign for you T_T
They sat so close to each other, and I was still stunned by everything, so I was a bit blank when I got to the next person. I kept saying, “You’re awesome” or “You’re so nice” when I hi touched them.
Everyone looked dashing and cute and nice. Donghyun & Minwoo said thank you and smiled widely. When it was Youngmin’s turn, I completely turned into a silly goose and while he was signing the cover, I just touched his left hand and caressed it. OMG so soft! Youngmin laughed because of it. Hyunseong was the last one, and I did the same thing. He totally laughed because I think he didn’t expect that. The boys must have thought I was crazy or something, but I don’t mind LOL They still smiled and said thank you when I hi touched them.
After the fansign, I finally got out. I hugged and spazzed with all the people I know. And I met Emily whom I knew from our last Selca Banner project. Also euphoria came to me. I am so sorry I didn’t remember your username immediately! And yes, I regret that we didn’t take selca together, with Emily too!
I had so much fun spazzing with fans outside the venue, ignoring that it was raining ice that moment. I thanked and hugged the volunteers before they left. After everything was done, the fans I talked to (I also met them at the Kpop Store the day before) were super nice, they gave me a ride back to the hotel.
What made me happy is, everyone had a fun time with Boyfriend. They love the boys, they got so many interactions and they all said, the boys had nice attitude and friendly to the fans. During fansigning and hi touch, so many people got interactions too. I am so proud of Boyfriend. All of you, Bestfriends, should be proud too.
And that concluded my best night ever in Chicago.
At the time I left the venue, it was raining mixed with ice. And it was my first time ever seeing such rain. By the time I got to the hotel, it was snowing and windy. We had snow storm alert, and almost all morning flights were canceled. I had a morning flight to Dallas, but thank goodness it wasn’t canceled,  but I kept checking the status. I had to get ready early in the morning for my flight. And when I arrived at the hotel, I ended up talking to someone from Puerto Rico who told me about BF fanmeeting in Puerto Rico. I was delighted to know that Boyfriend were happy there, and one of the twins really enjoyed the night scenery at the beach in front of their hotel. I care about Boyfriend so much, so for them to have unforgettable memories and enjoyed their work is more important to me rather than me getting their selca.
Since it was very late I decided not to sleep at all because I didn’t want to miss my morning flight. However I really enjoyed Chicago and to see snow again after 6 years was the last gift I got from my trip to Chicago. I honestly felt sad when I left the city. Not just because I had the most exciting time with Boyfriend, but I also had fun with the friends I just met and the whole city is just amazing. I love you, Chicago!
I arrived at Dallas on Wednesday noon March 12, 2014. Having travel here and there and busy since I started my trip, I decided that day to be my rest day. I was not in my best condition, my allergy had been bothering me and I was sleep deprived. At that point, I just ignored everything Boyfriend and had a good rest.
The next day was the concert day in Dallas. I woke up early and went downstairs for breakfast. I met my friend whom  I met at KCON 2012, Sarah, and her friend Shibbi. I didn’t expect to meet anyone I know at the hotel ahahaha… but it was awesome to meet friends.
While we were talking, finally Boyfriend showed up. It was Minwoo, Jeongmin and Kwangmin. I saw this as a good chance to give the chocolate I prepared, so I said to my friends that I wanted to go get something from my room. I went to the elevator and when the door opened, Youngmin walked out LOL
I got the chocolate box from my room and went to the elevator again. When the door was opened, there was Hyunseong inside ahahahaha. I think he recognized me as a fan. He stood on the side, I was in the middle, and another person on my left. Hyunseong was a few step in front of me, so I could only see his face from the door reflection. Since he was avoiding to look at me, I laughed silently. And I tapped his elbow slowly, so he turned his head to see me. I gave him a thumb up and he broke out a wide grin (or a silent chuckle). At first I didn’t want to say anything, but then I said, you sang very well, everyone loves you. He just nodded shyly and mumbled thank you. When we arrived at the lobby, he looked confused and decided to turn left. I just chuckled silently and turned to the right, because I knew where the other boys were sitting. I went up to their table, which was too small for 4 people. Minwoo was sitting next to Jeongmin, and the twins were on the opposite side. I talked to Minwoo, because he was on that side. He looked back at me and smiled as usual.
I gave him the chocolate (it has forum logo sticker on it) and told him that it was from the forum members. He said thank you. I said a lot of other things, but even myself can’t remember now. I just blabbered, while inside my brain was screeching because I got to see them so close. You should marvel my composure because outside I was talking clearly and looked at them in the eyes without alksjdfgajhsdgf or drooling LOL
After I was done talking, I shook their hands. Youngmin was the only one eating, so he had to put down his fork and shook my hand. Kwangmin, on the other hand, was looking at me the whole time, so when I turned to him I was taken aback with his big doe eyes and his pouty lips. Like.. he totally stared at me with his innocent eyes, it left a deep impression in me, and he was only my 4th bias in Boyfriend (or 3rd, since Minwoo and Youngmin shared the 1st place LOL)
I was glad that I could get the project through for our forum! And in person too!
After breakfast, I went to meet up some other fans with Sarah & Shibi. Thanks to their help, I managed to get the food support for that day. There was a bit of misunderstanding about the schedule, but luckily I kept in touch with the volunteer in Dallas. Thank you for Sarah & Shibi who dropped me off at the venue on time for the press conference. I got the media pass from our friends over the K-Pop Dreams. I also got a pair of free tickets from KPD that helped our forum member to see Boyfriend showcase.
I gave the food support to the staff and I got to the press room. At the press conference, I was once again face to face with Boyfriend. They were wearing the white outfits. They answered questions from the MC/Translator. Since I am a Bestfriend, when the question is  Boyfriend’s past-related, I already know the answers LOL So I kept nodding my head in agreement.


They were asked about the performance in USA so far, how they felt about it. And of course they said they were happy about it. I put my thumb up, and Donghyun noticed me (since he was sitting kinda in front of me, I was on the 2nd row and no one was in front of me) and he gave me a thumb up too! He smiled and looked straight at me LOL


They were calm and finished the press con smoothly. They were still the Boyfriend I know, because they made fun of each other quietly during the Q&A. If you were a Bestfriend, and you were there, you would understand what I mean.


I love Donghyun’s answer when they were asked to describe themselves in 3 words. Donghyun chose: white, leadership and sexy. I totally agree, Dong-san!





After the press conference, Boyfriend went to do private interview with media. I got the chance to talk to the MC, who is Joey, my friend who is also the volunteer that helped me to deliver the food support to Boyfriend. He gave me the candy bracelet he made, blue and pink color with the beads Boyfriend. I gave him the forum pin button and he wore it on his jacket. I was so happy that he got to be the MC. I am so proud that I know both MCs for Chicago & Dallas. I am really proud of Anna & Joey! They are fabulous!
I went outside to wait, but I didn’t wait in line because we all had assigned seats. I also got to meet our forum member, Cat, and we talked for a while. Not long after that, I met with Sarah & Shibi again. They opened the door and we got in. I had to spend sometimes in the restroom area to charge my phone LOL I didn’t want to repeat Chicago showcase where I had to use airplane mode to save my battery.


When the showcase started I was allowed to take pictures from up close until the 3rd song. It was kinda hard because Boyfriend was so high there and I was so low. I thought it was better if I took pictures from a few feet away from the stage.
After the 3rd song, I put my camera away. I decided to enjoy the showcase more because it was the 2nd time I watched this. I felt most emotional when they sang Standing With You, because it was my favorite song and I loved the lyric so much. I was happy they included the song in the showcase. Donghyun had a problem with his mic during that song, but he quickly and calmly went to Hyunseong’s mic to sing his part.
I don’t mean that Dallas showcase was less exciting than Chicago one, but I felt different with Dallas showcase. Maybe it is because of the nature of the venue. It was nice and big, but fans could only sit on their seats. I enjoyed the charade game the most, because Boyfriend were funny. Youngmin & Kwangmin did the Titanic scene, Kwangmin jumped up and twirled in the air to impersonate Kim Yuna, Minwoo’s yoga pose, etc.
In Dallas, the members picked Donghyun as the most aegyo, so he did the gwiyomi player cutely. One thing I noticed comparing Chicago and Dallas showcases is… the boys seemed to loosen up in Dallas. Maybe because it was their 2nd performance here. They talked more, Kwangmin flirted more, and Youngmin surprised us by jumping off the stage to walk around fans. The fans also got a bonus of Hyunseong’s abs. I saw it when Donghyun picked up the bottled water and talked Jeongmin into joining him to pour water to Hyunseong LOL




Oh I forgot to mention that I met our forum twin members, bestfriend72 & bestfriend32! They sat in the 1st row, but sadly we only talked for like 1 minute T___T


After the show, I waited for the photo session and hi touch. I talked to fans and I was happy to hear that they really enjoyed the show. I knew later that some fans were complaining about the mic problem, but I talked to the staff right after the show, and they said during sound check everything was fine. So I think that is not something you can blame to the organizer.
I went in for the photosession, and I was still excited to see Boyfriend upclose so I ended up saying stuffs to Minwoo who were behind me on my left, and Youngmin too with Donghyun in between LOL I was not entirely ready when the cameraman said, “Ready?” I had to lower myself awkwardly because Boyfriend are short ahahaha
I don’t really like the photo result, mostly because the lightning was so poor (same goes for the press conference room). I like the photo session for Chicago better.
After the photo session, we lined up again for the hi touch, so we got to see the boys again LOL When I hi touched them I said stuffs to each member. In English still, but I think by then Boyfriend really thought I should shut up ahahaha They probably thought, NOT YOU AGAIN!
While waiting in the lobby for Sarah & Shibbi who got the fansigning, I heard people were saying that Boyfriend were so friendly during the fansigning. Sarah managed to give her fanart to Donghyun. The leader said, “Wooow my face!”
After the showcase we got back to the hotel right before Boyfriend arrived. I just smiled and waved to them and Minwoo smiled at me. I could see that they were tired. So were we ahahaha We ended up eating late dinner from the hotel kitchen downstairs. I also had the chance to talk to the fans who followed Boyfriend for their tour (same fans I saw at the hotel in Chicago). We talked before the Dallas showcase, and I helped them a bit with something. One of them can speak English.
The next morning, I intended to give the message book to Boyfriend. I also had a gift for Donghyun (ahaha he’s my 2nd bias but I gave him gift instead of Youngmin/Minwoo, mianhaeyo). I put sticker on the gift bag, I think Boyfriend really noticed our forum logo by now, they saw it too many times this week!
I went downstairs and had breakfast. I only saw Jeongmin with the Korean crew. Some fans came in and gave them a gift bag and a cake. The crew took those to the bus outside. After a while Jeongmin walked outside with the crew. I was actually waiting for Donghyun, because he is the leader. But then Minwoo, Kwangmin and Hyunseong came. I didn’t want to wait for Donghyun anymore, so I went to the boys and gave them the message book.
Again, I didn’t really remember what I said to them, but I  know I said a lot of things LOL I never introduced myself or said my name, but I kept saying “we are from international fans forum”. I wanted them to acknowledge international Bestfriends, not just fans in Korea or Japan.
They looked at the book and said thank you. One thing I really noticed again, it wasn’t Minwoo’s bright smile (and he is my 1st bias!) but unexpectedly, it was Kwangmin’s eyes. He kept looking at me with those big eyes, I was swept away. His hair was un-styled, but I had no time to think about it LOL
I needed to get ready to check out because I would get picked up at 11am to the airport. So I went upstairs to get ready and planned to walk to the nearest ATM to get some cash. I waited for the elevator to take me down again, and when the elevator door opened, Kwangmin was in there. He was looking down and stepped out, and he looked up to see me. He looked so surprised to see me there. Again his eyes were so natural and big and innocent. Unlike his flirty acts on stage, this Kwangmin was quiet and looked so innocent. Maybe this is the real side of Kwangmin in daily life.
I was still thinking about Kwangmin when I got to the lobby and saw Donghyun eating by himself. Darn it! I could have given him the gift to him instead to Minwoo. I was grumbling my complaint to myself as I walked over to my friends. But then I thought, I wanted to say hi to Donghyun, because I kept missing him at breakfast. I got Sarah to walk with me to his table, and said hi and stuffs (I really need to keep my mouth shut LOL) and Donghyun was all so perfect and nice and smiled and said thank you. But when I got the chance to say, “This is my friend, she was the one who drew your…” I turned around and I didn’t see anyone. Sarah was too shy and ran off LOL Well, I think my jaw dropped a bit comically but then I had no choice but to continue, telling Donghyun that my friend was the one who gave him the fanart. He said thank you very much on that.
After that, I felt like I was done with everything. I met and talked to all Boyfriend member. So I sat down and busy updating the forum twitter. I remembered Sarah and Shibbi went back to the room. And the Korean crew came and sat near me. I kept busy with my phone, and didn’t want to look at them. I heard them talking and stuffs but I kept my head down. When I finally looked up, I was so surprised to see that YOUNGMIN WAS SITTING A CHAIR AWAY FROM ME LOL He was like half meter in front of me and the other members were standing or sitting around him! I was laughing inside because of that. Apparently all Boyfriend members went down and were around me and I didn’t notice at all.
Finally Boyfriend walked outside to the bus, I waved them goodbye and Minwoo waved back to me. I sighed and thought, now it’s finally done. But then Minwoo went back in, so I got a bonus of seeing him again ehehehe…
Well, that was the last time I saw our beloved boys. And I got all our missions accomplished. I got the food support, message book, and gift delivered safely. I tried my best to do my job as a forum staff. I know it wasn’t perfect, but I hope you guys are happy that all your support and messages got to Boyfriend’s hands.
You all might think, “OMG You’re so damn lucky!”
I say, NO. This is not about luck at all.
Lucky is meeting Sarah & Shibbi in Dallas. Lucky is meeting super nice friends in Chicago. Lucky is about knowing Joey even waaay before everything happened, and he helped me in Dallas.
But everything about Boyfriend & the showcase, it’s all about hard work. You have no idea how hard the work is, you can’t even imagine the stress and frustration I had to go through for months before the showcase. I don’t even feel I lived through January & February because most of my free time was used for preparing this. Some Bestfriends who are close to me might know because I shared my rant to them, and they helped me a lot to stay strong through all this. All the planning, all the time and effort I used to do the project and tried to find the best solution for everything.
To be honest, I was a bit scared going to Chicago & Dallas alone. I got sick before my trip. I didn’t know what to do there with all the project plans. I could fail, things could go wrong and it could turn out to be the worst experience in my life. But this is Boyfriend. They saved my life in my worst moment. When I was alone and couldn’t share my pain to anyone, they cheered me up and made me smile. I did all out for this and people might think I am a crazy fan. Maybe I am, but maybe I just owed them so much that I wanted to make sure they felt welcome here.
And I met my saviors, and they were nice. They made me happy. I didn’t cry during my 7 days trip (I thought I would cry if they sang Standing With You, but I didn’t. I was so happy watching the showcase, how could I cry? Lol)
I finally cried a day after I got back, it was Sunday after I came home from work. My best friend said, why so late? She laughed at me when I told her that I cried.
I admit, I had a little mental breakdown right after the press conference in Dallas. That is why I couldn’t face the fans or talk to them, even though I promised I’d be there if they wanted to give me their messages for the message book. I apologized for that. I needed a quiet time alone, so I just sat outside ignoring everybody. There were times I felt I wanted to quit this and just left, but I couldn’t abandon things half way. Everything that happened, all the problems that suddenly occurred, what I witnessed with such close distance, really shook my soul. It’s not really about Boyfriend tho’. I have no bad experience with them at all. It’s just about everything and me. This wasn’t the first time I had close encounter with my ultimate bias. I had many close encounters with Kpop idols since 2007. It’s just about me and how I feel about the whole kpop and kpop fandom thing. It’s personal and no one knows the details except my best friend in real life. And I was tired and sick and sleep deprived, I got weak and lost my composure. But I managed to finish everything until the end. I am happy still, but I am so done.
This 7 days I had a tight schedule just like Boyfriend. It really tested my strength physically and mentally, but Boyfriend had given me a wonderful experience, and a chance to travel to nice cities. I hope more people will love Boyfriend because they are so nice and awesome. They work hard and appreciate their fans so much. They are just adorable. I just love them so much. Please love them more!
And I must include this honorable mention:
I had the best time of my life in Chicago, mostly because the people I met there were super nice. I knew only Lauren and Claudia via Facebook, but they were so nice and helped me without any doubt. And I met the rest of the crew, and they were all so nice even though we just met. They made me feel welcome and happy. And they did a good job in the showcase.
Then I met other fans who are just drop dead awesome. They are fun, friendly, kind and helpful. I just love Chicago! I totally miss all the people I met there.
I wish we could hang out more. I wish I will have the chance to visit Chicago again to see you guys!
I sincerely want to thank everyone who helped me with everything. I love you all!
Hyunji – thank you for being there for me since the beginning and forever
Jihyeon & Bea – thank you for translating and keep the updates for Bestfriends
Kelly – for all your support and ideas and just being my crazy Bestfriend. So sad that you couldn’t be with me to see Boyfriend. Jeongman would love you!
Pao – for editing the video. I am sorry we cannot use it, but I will use it for our next project.
Lynn – for translating and dealing with annoying people
Songil – for your support for the project & forum
All Forum members, all Bestfriends from all over the world who helped with the promotion and the projects
All volunteers in Chicago showcase: Lauren, Sally, Alyssa, Claudia, Sara, Mika, Vicki, Anna (MC), Ana, Mya, Collin, Susan, Lyan (mmm… who else? Sorry if I miss your name!). You guys are awesome!
The amazing fans I met in Chicago: Erica, Brianna, Danielle, Autumn, Ashry, Bryt, Torie, Jessica, Jessica Thelen, Lacey, Heather, Kevi, Shae, Isaia, Euphoria, Emily, the Kpop Mom, Alice & her friend, etc. I miss you guys so much!
Volunteer in Dallas: Joey (MC). You’re fabulous!!
Fans I met in Dallas: Sarah, Shibbi, Sherina, Victoria, Taeyon, June, Brandy, Cat, our twins members bestfriend32 & bestfriend72, Star, and fans I met at the meet up (I forget your names, I’m sorry)
Friends at  K-Pop Dreams
All the officials from Starship Entertainment & Jazzy Group.
and of course, thank you Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin, Youngmin, Kwangmin and  Minwoo, for being our Boyfriend and entertaining us.
Last note: if you ever see me in fancam or fantake pictures, please forgive me for being too excited for the show.






Q: Are they tall?

A: I am 5’3” (162 cm?) and they are still taller than me, but they are not exceptionally tall. Only Youngmin is taller than Kwangmin.


Q: Can you tell the difference between Youngmin & Kwangmin in person?

A: Yes. I learnt how to tell them apart, but I still messed up in photos. In person, I can really tell the difference right away. Their face shapes are different, their lips and eyes are different too. That’s why I immediately knew if I was facing Kwangmin or Youngmin, and many times I met them alone, not together.


Q: What is your first impression of Boyfriend?



Q: What is your second impression of Boyfriend?

A: Lemme break it down…



He is not as big as I thought he would be, but still bigger than his kids. He doesn’t look his age at all and looks like the same age as his kids. His white skin will make you jealous, and his face is soooo smooth. I kept staring at his side profile and earring the whole time he was next to me. But don’t ask me about his scent because I had my allergy, I could not  smell anything LOL
Personality-wise he is everything I thought he would be. He is calm, well-mannered, level-headed, funny, very considerate. I respect him so much as a leader, especially after what he did for the fan in Chicago. He laughs naturally when he thinks his members are funny (I always admire him for that). He thinks about Bestfriends and his members and it reflects on how he does his job as an idol. I stand firm on my prediction, that he could be my best friend in real life. Dong-san, my marshmallow, is the best leader!



The main thing that strikes me about Hyunseong is… “He is just a normal guy!”

I paid close attention to him and the way he did everything was so normal. I don’t mean that he’s abnormal or anything, but when he is off stage, he is just your ordinary guy you can date in high school. He didn’t act at all.

The way he ruffled his hair (many times), the way he sees other people around him, the way he walk, the way he eat, the way he rubbed his eyes, etc.

He is still shy, yes. I can feel it off stage. But on stage, Hyunseong has more confidence now. So you will see the best of him on stage. Off stage, he can be your best boyfriend because he is manly and polite. A true gentleman. Amazing voice is a plus.

And just like in my fanfic, I bet he can be a good friend of mine. Not the best, but a very good friend.

Note: I found out that all hardcore Hyunseong lovers that I know are amazing people. They are just amazing. I guess they share good qualities as Hyunseong?



To be honest, I wasn’t impressed by Jeongmin at all. Don’t get me wrong, he was so cool, so charming, just drop dead awesome and sweet. But he was also full of swaggggg~~~ As if he was in fan alert mode all the time. Many times I kinda ignored Jeongmin LOL Please don’t kill me, Kelly.
Again, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that he acted like a bad boy or stuck up, not at all. But I thought it would be Minwoo who acted like this, not Jeongmin. I wish I could see the more charming side of Jeongmin off stage.  But he was still nice and polite to everyone.

And why in the world, this impression fits my fanfic again? (he was a bully there LOL)



For your information, up until before the showcase I was madly in love with this Tsundere Prince. Minwoo was forgotten  and Youngmin occupied my heart for months LOL So I was supposed to swoon when I saw him, right? Wrong. He didn’t strike my heart the way I expected he would. He was handsome, of course. Tall but skinny, but still the Charisma Prince is there. His dandy style is his off stage style. He kept himself nice even offstage.

You might think compared to his flirty twin, Youngmin was more shy and composed. I don’t think so. Actually I think Youngmin is more flirtatious and wants more attention than Kwangmin. That’s why that dork decided to spread his charisma to the crowd ahahaha Youngmin wants to be the center of attention and is not afraid to go for it. The only thing that holds him back is (I think) he thinks too much. He cares too much of what other people’s think of him.

I still love Pabo Prince Youngmin tho’ ehehehehe *hides*



Okay, I say this again. Kwangmin’s eyes. Big doe eyes so innocent. OMG I am in love.

The big difference between Kwangmin and Youngmin, as Donghyun said in W Academy, Kwangmin doesn’t think LOL

He just do whatever he wants, not in a bad way like full of himself, but basically because Kwangmin is a 4D boy. This side of him makes him think simple, like a kid. He flirts with you, yes, because he likes it. He tries his best as a rapper, and we all know rapper should be hot and full of swag and stuff. That’s Kwangmin on stage.

Off stage he looks so innocent (no, I don’t refer to sex here. I am sure he watched porn and stuff lol) and goes by his heart’s content. And we all know, Kwangmin loves to read. All this time I believe he is one of the smartest member in Boyfriend. But he is still innocent, and sometimes he didn’t know what to do, and he looked at Donghyun for help. Now I fully understand why he cried at the end of Love Comm 2013. That was the real Kwangmin.

Being swept away by his innocent pure eyes, I think Kwangmin can be your sweet boyfriend but doesn’t look like one. I mean, I can imagine him being the cool boyfriend like him in Iyah MV, but actually he can suddenly buy you teddy bear just to cheer you up on your bad day (and he didn’t plan it, he will do it spontaneously).

Note: since Mnet Meet & Greet I noticed Donghyun looked so close to Kwangmin and they had good chemistry together. In the showcase when Kwangmin said Donghyun was the one he looked up to, I believe him. Even on stage I could see how Donghyun gently helped Kwangmin or guided him to do his work (no more DongWoo? Ehehehe)



All this time as my #1 bias, this is what I think of him. Minwoo acts all the time in front of fans. He is an actor and he enjoys the attention. Being a maknae gives him the duty to be cute, but actually what he wants is to be the sexy member, and he keeps stealing that title from our sexy leader. Minwoo is the king of fanservice and I think you should not believe that he can be nice & smiley all the time. I believe he is actually scary and can be serious most of the time.


With those thoughts, I expected Minwoo to be in fan alert mode all the time. But he actually didn’t. He did a good job on stage or while working in the showcase. But off stage he was just plain nice. He didn’t force himself to be nice. He is sweet and being polite, yes. But he didn’t act as much as I expected, so I give him a thumb up for that. And he was the one who stole my attention the whole time. My love for him was renewed (and made Youngmin falls to 3rd place in my bias list, while Kwangmin moves up to #2!) Just like I always say, I only need one look, and I know Minwoo is my everything. No matter how my heart strays and has love affairs with the other 5 members LOL (okay, 4 members,  before Hyunji kills me for including Dong-san in my affairs).

So Minwoo totally had my heart for the entire time. I will never forget his smile and his nice gestures to me, on stage or off stage. He is just adorable.


Q: Did Youngmin really have pimples?

A: Yes, more than Kwangmin. The twins’ skin are very sensitive to make up, so their skin breaks out more than the other members.


Q: How could you stay calm when talking to Boyfriend?

A: My mind was screeching tho’ LOL. Basically I just treat them like human. Off stage, I didn’t shove camera in their face or asking for an autograph. I met their eyes and talked to them like normal people. I said nice things and encouragement, I am sure they want to hear that from the fans. When I treat them as human, I don’t feel embarrassed at all, because I don’t do anything wrong. Don’t get me wrong, Boyfriend is my ultimate bias, and I have the right to go lakjsgdfkjahgsdfjhasdgf in front of them. But in reality, I didn’t. I talked to Boyfriend normally. Only during showcase I could express some of my crazy fangirl side.


Q: Were they good on stage?

A: Every member worked hard on stage. For the performance, I witnessed Youngmin’s fierce look during serious songs. While Minwoo still stole time to do small fanservice here and there. Even with the language barrier, they tried their best to convey their feelings to the fans. Overall, they entertained the audience of the showcase. I’d say that both showcases are a success. Even the Puerto Rico one.



Staff Diary: Boyfriend USA Showcase Project

Photos Boyfriend USA Showcase - Chicago
Photos Boyfriend USA Showcase - Dallas part 1 (other parts link are in there)

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#124 Member Ranks & Member Groups

Posted by Velisha on 12 June 2013 - 08:59 AM

Member Ranks & Member Groups


Member ranks:

Newbie: 0 post

Member: 10 posts

Advanced Member: 30 posts

Bestfriend: 526 posts

Boyfriend’s Soulmate: 1000 posts


Member Groups:

  • BOYFRIEND: 6 awesome guys who are loved by the entire forum, but they never visit us here T_T
  • Admin: the busy people who are very busy with everything
  • Tech Admin: the one behind the scene, working on things that common people don’t understand
  • Global Mod: moderators who can float anywhere and spank you if you are naughty
  • Moderator: helping hands to make this place lively and fun, but still organized and civilized
  • 0526 Subbing Team: the hardworking team who provide us with subbed Boyfriend videos
  • Graphic Designer: the artists who make pretty visual creations
  • Translator: the ones who understand what Boyfriend say
  • Reporter: the ones who share all important updates about our 6 Boyfriend
  • Member: all Bestfriends here
  • Bestfriend Global Mods: the moderators specifically for Bestfriend Global subforum
  • Donor: the ones who are generous and help us fund Boyfriend projects
  • Trainee: the babies who are learning to be Forum leader one day


Updated 9/26/14

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#17649 14.08.09 Announcement regarding Minwoo’s birthday hashtag & new forum pro...

Posted by Velisha on 09 August 2014 - 11:23 AM

Dear Bestfriends,


How are you? This is your admin, Velisha. I apologize for the lack of being online here, because I’ve been busy with work. But I am still working on many things related to Boyfriend & Bestfriends. Please anticipate it!


I also want to take you back a bit to Minwoo’s birthday on July 31, 2014.

In order to celebrate Minwoo’s birthday, I’m Your Bestfriend Forum were working on gifts for our beloved maknae.



The main project was FAITH&LOVE ♡ , organized by Minwoo’s fan from Singapore, Yen/pororomins.

It was an amazing project. You should read all about it HERE and see how cute the gifts for Minwoo.


The additional project to it was by I’m Your Bestfriend Forum. We call it Boyfriend Pillow Project. We send a decorative sofa pillow with Minwoo’s name on it. We will do this to all Boyfriend members on their birthdays so they will all have one each.





I know it’s small and simple, but we think Boyfriend will still appreciate it eventhough it’s not an expensive gift.


I would also like to explain about Minwoo’s birthday hashtag on Twitter.

It has become a custom to trend a hashtag for Kpop idol’s birthday, but to reach worldwide trend, the hashtag needs to be tweeted many times at the same time.

About a month before Minwoo’s birthday (yeah, we learnt our lesson, things take time, so we also like to plan ahead) I contacted Thai Bestfriend and asked them to decide the hashtag for Minwoo’s birthday.


Why? You may ask.


Ever since I’m Your Bestfriend Forum was created and active via Twitter,  we went through several times of this trending hashtag for Boyfriend’s special days.


IMYBF didn’t really decide any hashtag. We only saw some other fanbases asked questions and some threw ideas until at least 3 fanbases decided what hashtag should be used. However, this discussion only happened 1-2 days before the D-Day, and it wasn’t even the majority vote of other Boyfriend fanbases, because many were inactive during the last minute discussion.


One time during a discussion of Twitter hashtag for a certain day (in the beginning of this year, I believe), one fanbase suddenly decided its own hashtag. I replied, asking, could you wait a minute? They haven’t decided yet.

Well, that fanbase admin replied, “It doesn’t matter, if we keep on tweeting it, people will follow.”


I was a little taken aback for that admin’s reply, but I didn’t say anything anymore because IMYBF didn’t decide. The discussion ended without a decision, because people already followed the hashtag that admin decided.

I thought at that time, whatever, it wasn’t important anyway. It really didn’t matter which hashtag we used.


But during Obsession comeback era, we learnt that hashtag do play an important role in promoting the artist. It counts to music chart, it boost the artist’s popularity, etc.


And we learnt that last minute decision won’t do any good, because there won’t be enough time to tell other people what hashtag should be used, thus it won’t make it to worldwide trend.


That’s why, a month before Minwoo’s birthday, I talked to Thai Bestfriends and asked them to decide a hashtag for Minwoo’s birthday.


Why Thai Bestfriends?



Thai Bestfriends are the largest Boyfriend fanbase outside Korea, in one country.

Thai Bestfriends are loyal Bestfriends, some of them follow Boyfriend since debut and they still do.

Thai Bestfriends did many projects for Boyfriend already, and they know what they’re doing, including bulk order of Boyfriend official goods, delivering gifts in person to Korea, going to their concert/fansign in Korea or Japan, etc.

They have a forum, tons of fanbases for Boyfriend, each member or BF couple. All from Thailand and most of them are active.

Most of the active Bestfriends know one another in some way, and come together for doing Boyfriend projects.


How about Chinese Bestfriends? There are a lot of them, but they are not big enough compare to EXO Chinese fanbase or other groups. And they don’t communicate with us, International Bestfriends.


How about Japanese Bestfriends? There are a lot of them, but Bestfriend Japan don’t make fanbase. Most of them are personal.


How about Latin America Bestfriends? There are a lot of them, but they come from different countries in South America. If they unite under Latin America Bestfriend, no doubt they are the largest Boyfriend fanbase in the world.


Do you see my point here? I follow a lot of Thai Bestfriends on Twitter and they are amazing.


Why did I ask them for a hashtag? Because if the hashtag is decided by the largest fanbase, then most of us will follow, right?


It took a while to come up with a decision, mostly because all of us were busy. And I bet, most of you didn’t even remember about making a hashtag until last minute, because during July, Boyfriend was so busy and we got tons of updates from them. Am I right? Many of us couldn’t even catch up with Boyfriend, moreover remember to create a hashtag for Minwoo’s birthday.


But Thai Bestfriends prepared a birthday project for Minwoo, so I waited for Thai Bestfriend, until finally they gave me their decision. It was #20thBOYFMW


The first thing came to my mind was the hashtag didn’t really show that was MINWOO’s birthday. But I understand that BOYF_MW is his personal twitter username.


Only because of this point, I decided to ask second opinions to many people, but I asked them personally, because I know, I repeat, I know… that if you ask people’s opinion, you will end up with more choices and no decision. We were running out of time and we needed a decision soon.


I waited for their replies, and most of the reply I got said, “BOYFMW” sounds too unclear. However there are A LOT of MINWOO in Kpop, so we also need to show that this is Boyfriend’s Minwoo.


After a long headache of getting more and more suggestions, I collected 7 top hashtag for this:


One more time I sent these hashtags to many ACTIVE Bestfriends, and I waited for their vote.

Finally these hashtags got the most vote:




Most of Bestfriends said, these two had everything that described Minwoo’s birthday.


Did I decide? NO. I went back to Thai Bestfriend and asked to choose between the two. Since they are worried the “_” won’t count as a hashtag, so the final decision was #20thBFMINWOOday


So actually I’m Your Bestfriend Forum didn’t decide anything. We just help Bestfriends to make a decision. And even that, it wasn’t the original hashtag decided by Thai Bestfriends was used. It was a tweak of their hashtag.


And I am glad that Thai Bestfriends were cool about it. FINALLY, I could announce the hashtag so we could really make this tag to worldwide trend.


Since time was limited, I woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning just to make a banner for it and tweeted the announcement.

It was this picture.





See how I messed up the TH? It should be in small letters, “th”. I was so sleepy that time. I didn’t even notice it until later. All I focused on was spreading the word about it, and we needed to do this fast.


18 hours before July 31, 2014 00:00 KST, the announcement already retweeted more than 50 times. Yunha, one of 0526 Subbing Team translators, asked me if she could translated it into Korean and posted it in Boyfriend Fancafe. I said, of course she could.

Yunha did, and she also tweeted about it in Korean, with her personal twitter, using the picture I made. This is her tweet.


12 hours before Minwoo’s birthday, IMYBF’s twitter launched “12 hours with MINWOO”. We tweeted anything about Minwoo every 30 minutes from 12:00 noon KST on July 30, 2014 up until 00:00 KST July 31, 2014.


While waiting for the time, Yunha said, Mad Clown from Starship X retweeted her tweet about Minwoo’s birthday hashtag. We were all so happy because someone from Boyfriend’s agency noticed Yunha’s tweet.


Then not long after that, Boyfriend’s official twitter @G_BoyFriend then Minwoo’s personal twitter @BOYF_MW also retweeted the tweet. A few hours after that Donghyun’s and Hyunseong’s personal twitters also retweeted it.


The tweet about Minwoo’s birthday hashtag was retweeted for 1026 times total. #20thBFMINWOOday made it to worldwide trend.


And it’s not just being noticed by the birthday boy himself, but so many people were using the hashtags, including BF Fan Manager, HMV Osaka (Boyfriend was going to have a concert in Osaka on Minwoo’s birthday) and when Jeongmin tweeted his conversation with Minwoo via Kakao Talk.


So the hashtag ended up being noticed by Minwoo himself. Isn’t it nice? It was unforgettable moment for us as non Korean Bestfriends, to get noticed, right?



Yeah, you might wonder about it huh?


It’s because IMYBF got hates for “deciding the hashtag”.


Well, first of all, as you know now, IMYBF did NOT decide the hashtag. It was a result of discussion and voting from the largest fanbase and many active Bestfriends.


And I wish those haters know that any collaboration, any work that involves a lot of people, IS NOT EASY.


Trust me, this hashtag deciding process gave me a lot of headache for weeks. Do you want to try it?


But as you all can see, if we care, if we work together, if we help each other and communicate; look how wonderful the result is. Together, we can create something good. And I ask you, Bestfriends, if you care enough, let’s work together in many more projects in the future, no matter where you are from.


Speaking of hashtag, @Bestfriend_BF on twitter started a hashtag to celebrate Bestfriend 3rd Anniversary on August 10, 2014. On that date back in 2011, Boyfriend decided the name of their fans, BEST FRIEND.

We only write it as Bestfriend, to make a difference between the regular “best friend” and a Boyfriend’s fan “Bestfriend”

But either Bestfriend or Best Friend, both are correct.


To celebrate our own fandom anniversary, please trend #BESTFRIENDday on August 10, 2014 at 00:00 KST. You can calculate what time is it in your city/country by clicking Time Difference Calculator on the right side bar on this forum main page.


We have a new event called “You’re My Bestfriend”for this month. You have the chance to win a signed Obsession CD! For more info please click HERE.


We also want to promote Boyfriend via ALARM MV. Please read the details in this topic ALARM AWARENESS and support Boyfriend with this project.


As an appreciation for the friendship among Bestfriends, we also plan to launch a new Special Feature: Bestfriend Spotlight. If you are happy being in Bestfriend fandom, please read the details HERE.


Thank you so much for your support, Bestfriends!!




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#16317 14.06.12 Announcement about Projects, Events, and Support Boyfriend Comeback

Posted by Velisha on 12 June 2014 - 11:09 AM

Dear Bestfriends,


This is your admin, Velisha. I apologize for the late report. I was involved in an incident at work and can’t use my right hand for the time being. And that’s not the only thing I need to apologize for.


I’d like to tell you that we are done with our Boyfriend 3rd Anniversary Project.

The cake and the travel book were delivered safely. Someone by the name of Ms. Lee at Starship accepted the Travel Book package. I also sent 3 boxes of chocolate along with the Travel Book project.


ck_zpsfccdee5a.jpg  Tb1_zps4989d609.jpg Tb2_zps67e93012.jpg Tb3_zps86c23072.jpg Tb4_zps4c4e9898.jpg Tb5_zpsd224e33b.jpg



However I deeply apologize because I lost the pictures of the Travel Book and the whole package. It was a stupid mistake about the memory card >_< The only thing I have left are a few pictures I took with my phone. I am sorry you cannot see the whole thing, especially the book covers & gift box T___T I will be extra careful next time.


We also had Hyunseong Birthday Project, in collaboration with 0526 Subbing Team.

I only have pictures of the gift that sent from my side. The gift is a pair of wooden/metal chopsticks engraved with message for Hyunseong.


g1_zps7ba72498.jpg g2_zps3f8bb1fb.jpg g3_zps453c59d7.jpg g4_zps2e839ddf.jpg


If you ask, why is the box like that? I apologize again, since this is a last minute project, the timing was very tight and I had to work with whatever I had in my hand. This was a crappy emergency box. I will make everything nicely for the next project. But somehow I always want the box that can be easily open without ripping/ruin the wrapper.



0526 Subbing Team Leader went to Korea and delivered the messages for Hyunseong Birthday project in person. So you can be sure everything were safely delivered.


Thank you for everyone who helped with the projects.


Please support our next project for Minwoo’s Birthday:




Don’t forget to participate in our events to win some prizes!!
[2014 Anniversary Event] Promote The Forum

[2014 Anniversary Event] I'm Your Bestfriend Forum 1st Anniversary Giveaway


[2014 Anniversary Event] All About Boyfriend Contest

[2014 Anniversary Event] Bestfriend Storytime Fanfiction Contest

[2014 Anniversary Event] Selling Boyfriend! Contest

[BOYFRIEND Comeback Event] OBSESSION MV Reaction Video Contest


And remember to keep supporting BOYFRIEND COMEBACK!!

Put hashtags on your Twitter, Facebook, etc: #너란여자 #보이프렌드


Share, Like and watch the official MVs:




Please read+check for update and share the tutorial page: http://goo.gl/jECg2R


Again, thank you very much for your support! Bestfriends are the best!!





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#15245 14.04.28 In Loving Memory of Our Bestfriend, Joan

Posted by Velisha on 28 April 2014 - 12:48 PM



Dear Bestfriend,

This is your Admin, Velisha.

I would like to share with you a sad news about our dear Bestfriend, a member and also a moderator of our forum, Joan or hyunseongkiss_joan.


She passed away on April 26, 2014 due to a sudden incident. She is a loyal Bestfriend from the Philippines and a younger sister of another Bestfriend, Jona/Andrei Cain.


Joan was a very active Bestfriend. She had a Tumblr http://hyunseongkiss.tumblr.com/ and she was also a part of many Boyfriend Facebook pages. Joan loves Hyunseong and she loves Boyfriend so much.


I have known her since I followed her Tumblr, and I watched her posts on Facebook. When she joined our forum in 2013, I approached her about posting on the forum for Boyfriend updates, and then she applied for moderator position. She went through the moderator training session and she passed without problem.


My last communication with her was earlier this month, when I just re-organized the forum staff list. She pm-ed me asking why she wasn’t on the list. I read her message when I was at work (we live in different time zones) and I was surprised to realize my foolishness.


I never meant to take her off the staff list, that’s why I never deleted her name from the subforums that she was in charge of. I apologized to her right away and I said it was my mistake that I forgot to put her name on the list. I said, yes, I deleted many staffs, but not you. Your name are still listed in the subforums, I told her. It was simply my forgetfulness. I love having her as our forum staff, because I trust Joan as a good moderator and a good updater. And the way she asked in her message was nice and not angry at all. She also apologized for the lack of update because she was busy with school.


Joan will be forever listed as our forum staff, and I will never forget her contribution to this forum. On behalf of I’m Your Bestfriend Forum, I’d like to send our deepest condolences to Joan’s family.


For Jona/Andrei Cain, please stay strong. Whenever you need anything, all Bestfriends are here with you.


So long, Joan, now you are our guardian angel for Boyfriend. You are a blessing for this fandom. Your memory will live forever in our hearts.


Bestfriends, please send out your thoughts and prayers for Joan and family. Thank you.



Bea, our forum chief translator, wrote a note about this and posted it in Boyfriend fancafe so Boyfriend can read it.
Please take your time and read it here:








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Posted by Velisha on 21 March 2014 - 09:31 AM


Dear Bestfriends,
This is Velisha, your admin, with a report of our recent forum projects.
As you all know, Boyfriend just completed their overseas promotion, starting from Puerto Rico, followed by Chicago & Dallas.
I’m Your Bestfriend Forum as the home of International Bestfriends did some projects for the showcase.
Message Book Project
The message book project was launched on January 23, 2014. Bestfriends could send message to Boyfriend and we collected them in a book, and gave the book after the showcase.
Bestfriends from The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, France, China, Japan, Australia, Peru and USA participated in this project.
I successfully gave the message book to Hyunseong, Minwoo & Kwangmin in person the day after Dallas showcase. They looked at the book and said thank you.


Food Support
After long negotiation with the officials of Boyfriend USA showcase, we got the food support approved. Most of the food support were delivered to the crew before Boyfriend (and also me, as Forum representative) arrived in Chicago and Dallas. We had tremendous help from event volunteers in Chicago & Dallas to deliver the food support. We are truly grateful for their help.
I also delivered food for Boyfriend on the day of the concert in Chicago. We have our forum logo on the packages, so Boyfriend noticed the existence of this International Forum.
Due to the tight schedule, I couldn’t take picture of our food support for Dallas showcase, but the boys also got their special packages on the day of the concert at the venue in Dallas.
In addition to the food support, I also prepared a box of chocolate for the boys with our forum logo on the box. I managed to give it to Minwoo, Kwangmin, Jeongmin and Youngmin before Dallas showcase.


Special thanks to:
All event volunteers & fans in Chicago & Dallas
Thank you to all Bestfriends who participated, donated and supported our projects!
Please keep supporting Boyfriend and our next forum project.


Please check out also:



Photos BOYFRIEND USA Showcase - DALLAS (soon)

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#16326 14.06.12 I'm Your Bestfriend Rice Wreath Project Report

Posted by tsopao on 12 June 2014 - 01:04 PM

Thank you to everyone who donated to this project! It was delivered on June 9, 2014 at AX-KOREA! 



We gave a total of 40 kg of rice.  :) 
We didn't reach our goal but we were still able to give a big amount. 



Cost of the rice wreath: 205 USD


Donations breakdown:
1. BF Spain - 7 Euros - 9 USD
2. BF France -  40 Euros - 54 USD

3. BF World - 7 USD

4. BF Indonesia - 900,000 rupiah - 76 USD

5. Collections from tsopao - 32 USD + 26 USD 

Total donations: 205 USD 

Thank you for all your donations! 

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Posted by tsopao on 02 June 2014 - 03:31 PM

★Purchase Physical Albums

Buy their cds from stores that counts towards the Hanteo charts. Hanteo calculates album sales and a certain percentage is counted towards music shows. Here are online stores that count towards Hanteo.  

                         DVDHeaven | YESASIA | Kpoptown | Kpopmart


Check I'm Your Bestfriend BULK ORDER here


★Purchase Digital Singles

Buying their promoting song helps a lot on the music shows.Since international fans aren't able to purchase from most of the Korean music portals without a Korean ID you can purchase the song from Soribada’s Facebook App, here is a tutorial.


★Help with SNS Points

SNS points are mainly gathered through youtube, searches, twitter, etc… they also count towards M! Countdown & Inkigayo.


1.Watch the Official Music Video on Starship (as much as you can everyday)

-Like, Comment, Increase views  

-Watch the whole video (no pause/rewind/forward), NO muting the volume on the

          Youtube player

- You can open 10 tabs at the same time or create a playlist which includes only the MV

- DON’T REFRESH and DON'T press REPLAY button.

Go back to Youtube’s main page and  search for the video again

-Clean your Youtube history after 10 plays, delete your cookies or web browser

history after an hour


2. Twiiter & other social networks

-Your account has to be in public view, not private 

-On Twitter trend: #BOYFRIEND #OBSESSION #너란여자 and #보이프렌드
-Use 2 of the hashtags in your tweet or it may be marked as spam.
-Retweet, tweet, share Boyfriend posts, comeback mv, photos, Starship FB posts about Boyfriend
-Like, leave comments, share Boyfriend posts on their official Facebook


3. Use Search Engines


-Search (copy & paste) 보이프렌드 너란여자 onto the search bar

-After searching leave it open for about 2 minutes

-You can click on the Boyfriend related articles and stay on there for a minute also

-Then close it and search with another browser


4. GAON Social Chart Rankings (Used/Counts on Inkigayo)

- Click Here & use this tutorial


Watch music shows live!



As for the others, you can use kpopstreamonline

-Click on "Music Show" & choose a show from the list

-Then choose any streaming link that works for you 

*If you follow their twitter or facebook they'll post a link update 

on the day the show airs, so its more convenient.  



★Voting & Additional information on MUSIC SHOWS



Ranking Criteria

       -50% Digital Sales (streaming + downloads)

       -15% Online Voting (MelOn)

       -20% Physical Sales (Hanteo)

       -15% Ranking from Professionals & Expert Judges (MBC Music) 


We can help by voting through Melon

-Registration tutorial here

- Voting tutorial here

We can help by voting through Bugs

- Go here

- Click on 로그인 



- To register for a BUGS account, check tutorial here

You can use your Bugs ID or Facebook account

- 1 ID can vote 3 songs per day 

- Once your back here, choose the songs you want and click Screen_Shot_2014_06_03_at_1_29_51_PM.png

- Voting period: Wednesday 00:00 KST - Saturday 24:00 KST



Ranking Criteria

-50% Digital Single sales
-10% Album Sales
-10% Social Media Score (Youtube Official MV & SNS Data)
-10% Rating (Fan voting + Age Preference)
-10% Broadcast Score
-10% Live Broadcast Voting (Top 3 nominees only)


We can help by voting on M!COUNTDOWN & live sms voting

Registration & Voting tutorial




Cheat sheet:


Live SMS Voting (Only if Boyfriend is in the TOP 3)

-Watch the show live and the MC’s will announce when to vote during the show

-Only vote once, charges may apply, any votes sent before the MC's announcement will not be accepted


If you're voting with your own phone

-Text 보이프렌드 to +822566


You can try using e-freesmssmsrr, or slidesms but I am not sure whether it will be accepted

-Choose Korea, South

- Enter +822566 or 00822566 in the number area

-Insert 보이프렌드 in the message area

-Then press Send



Ranking Criteria

        -70% Physical + Digital Sales          
         -10% Music Video Views (Must be from Music Core’s Website)
         -10% Pre-Voting (Voting through MBC’s website, voted by a special committee of  
          2000 people)
         -10% Live Voting (Top 3 nominees only)

Pre-voting MBC 2000 special committee 
Click Here & use this tutorial 


Live SMS Voting (Only if they are in the top 3)

-Watch the show live and the MC’s will announce when to vote during the show

-Only vote once, charges may apply, any votes sent before the MC's announcement will not be accepted


Text 보이프렌드 to +820505 or 00820505

You have to vote for two nominees, separate their names by a comma (,) it has to be in Korean or it won't be accepted


Music Video Views 
Earning Music Video view percentages has to be done through Music Core's Website

          - Click Here
- Find Boyfriend's song and click the pink button, it'll direct you to the official MV on 



Ranking Criteria
        -60% Digital Sales 
        - 35% SNS Score (Youtube + Twitter, Gaon’s Social Chart Rankings)
        -5% Pre-Voting (Vote with TVTalk app)
        -10% Live Voting (only top 3 artists are eligible)

Pre-voting w/ TVTalk app
You can find the app here (iphone) or here (android). (Search for it on the app store through your phone by searching “infobank corp” and it was the first result) 
TVTalk Registration & voting tutorial here

Live SMS Voting

-Watch the show live and the MC’s will announce when to vote during the show

-Only vote once, charges may apply, any votes sent before the MC's announcement will not be accepted


-Vote for Boyfriend if they are in the top 3.

-Text 보이프렌드 to +821245 or 00821245



By Gummieice for I'm Your Bestfriend Forum

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#15189 14.04.23 Announcement regarding Jo Twins' birthday & Boyfriend 3rd An...

Posted by Velisha on 23 April 2014 - 11:26 PM

Dear Bestfriends,


As we all know the heart-breaking tragedy of Sewol Ferry in S. Korea put the whole nation in grieving state. Due to the current situation, we are not going to trend any hashtag for Jo Twins’ birthday (2014.04.24).


You all can still post anything to celebrate their birthdays. You can just mention @G_BoyFriend (Boyfriend Official Twitter), but don’t put any hashtag.


We, I’m Your Bestfriend International Forum, are not going to do any charity project on behalf of Boyfriend’s name regarding the ferry incident, because considering many aspects, we don’t want to make a half-done project.


Regarding to our current Boyfriend 3rd Anniversary Project, it is still going on as planned. And by Bestfriends’ request, we have extended the deadline to APRIL 30, 2014.


If you are wondering about the upcoming Boyfriend Korean comeback, there is no official announcement from Starship, and we don’t know either. Probably it will be pushed back further to June/July because all release/comeback plans in Korea around this time are being pushed back about 1 month.


However, their overseas/Japanese schedule is not affected and will go on as planned. Boyfriend upcoming schedules are Start-Up! Single release on May 28, 2014 and LOVE COMMUNICATION -Start-up- 2014 concert in May 31 and June 1, 2014 in Tokyo.


Please wish Jo Twins and Boyfriend the best, and thank you for supporting.




Admin I’m Your Bestfriend Forum



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#13135 [BOYFRIEND USA SHOWCASE] Message Book for BOYFRIEND Project

Posted by Velisha on 24 January 2014 - 03:48 PM



Write your message to BOYFRIEND! We are making a message book as a gift for BOYFRIEND when they come to the USA.

Tell them why you love them and send them cheering message. Show them how much Bestfriends care about Boyfriend!

Open to USA & International Bestfriends.



- Write your message on any paper with THIS size 3x3 inch or 7,5x7,5cm (the size of regular post-it note)

- Message can be in Korean Hangul or simple English

- 1 person can send maximum 4 pieces of the paper

- You can decorate your message or attach your selca or draw a fanart (paper size must be the SAME 3x3 inch)

- Please mention your (nick)name and where you from

- Send your message by mail to:
  V. Elisheva
  3051 Augusta Street #10
  San Luis Obispo

  California 93401



- The message by mail has to be accepted before March 1, 2014.

- If you will attend the showcase, give your message before the showcase starts to I’m Your Bestfriend Forum staff

- Your messages will be compiled in a 7x8 inch (18x20 cm) Eco Friendly Recycled notebook

- We will present the book at BOYFRIEND showcase in USA 







(sorry for the bad picture, this is just a rough example)


If you don’t want to mail it or write your message on paper, you can post your message on I’m Your Bestfriend Forum (you need to register an account and login), and we will write it down for you and put it the message book.


PS: please note that the regular mailing time from Asia/Europe to USA can take 1 month. 


Please follow us on twitter @BOYFRIENDIntl and help retweet every time you see any tweet regarding this project. Thank you for your support.

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#4 General Rules

Posted by Velisha on 06 June 2013 - 06:56 AM


Respect your fellow Bestfriends and Boyfriend, and basically everyone.
We are a friendly community and welcome anyone. Be nice and civilized, although we have different opinions. No bashing or attacking other artist or fandom. And no arguing about pairing or claiming Boyfriend member as yours only. As we are an International forum, please use English only. Other languages are allowed in the sub forums that allow it, or in private message.

No racist terms, anti-type remarks, sexually explicit matters, profanity in any language.
Be positive and open-minded please. Keep your beliefs to yourself.

Everything (pictures, video, artwork, etc) that is not belong to you, do not claim it as yours or edit it as yours. Do not re-post or re-upload if it’s not allowed to do so. Credit properly if allowed. If you know anything about this matter, please contact admin/moderator.

No duplicates account.
If you want to create a whole new account, please let the admin know and delete the old account

No spamming or posting topics/replies less than 10 words. No multiple posting.
Please be creative and comment properly. Appreciate others who share stuffs with us.

Remove images from your quote before you post.
Check your quote part and delete pictures or the "" tags first.

No prolonged personal conversation
If your reply goes on off topic or only regards a certain member in a personal conversation, please do it in PM (private message).

Advertising and promotion
Advertise or promoting your blog, website, and other links are only allowed in the assigned thread. Please follow the rules for the specific subforum.

Bumping old topic
Topic that is inactive for 6 months will be locked by admin, to prevent bumping. If you feel it's necessary to unlock it, please contact admin/moderator.

No duplicates topics
Please look around first before posting or asking for something. Double posts may result merging or deletion.


If you have a concern regarding any post you see (certain post that breaks the rule, etc), you can help by clicking the "Report" button under each post. So simple, you don't have to PM moderators.

Failure to comply with the rules will result in warnings, increased warn %, posting suspension, or being completely banned from the forum depending on the level of the offense. Each section has its own rules. Rules are subject to change. We will make an announcement if we update the rules.

If you have any question, please contact a moderator or simply post in Feedback & Question.

Thank you for reading.

Updated 06/25/2013

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#21105 Jo Twins 21st Birthday Project

Posted by Suminnie on 03 February 2015 - 02:06 PM


The Jo Twins' birthdays are fast approaching! In celebration of their special day we're getting them equal-opposite matching gifts! We'll be sending a custom white snapback cap to Kwangmin and a custom black snapback to Youngmin. We're also hoping to send the twins a special customized birthday cake, but that will depend on the amount of donations we're able to raise.

In addition, we'll be sending special video birthday messages from Bestfriends! You can say anything you'd like in your message but make sure to wish them a Happy Birthday as well! You can send your birthday video messages to this email address: boyfriendbestfriend.connect@gmail.com

Please make sure your video meets the following requirements:

1. Must be ready to be sent to Boyfriend. Project managers will not be edit any files before sending them.
2. YOU have to be in the video. It cannot be a video with only audio and an image. Let's show them who their International fans are!
2. English, Korean, basic Japanese only (saying "Happy Birthday!" in your language is okay but everything else must be in English, Korean or basic Japanese)
4. Video length must be a minimum of 10 seconds and a maximum of 20 seconds. Donations to the project can be made to increase your maximum time length.
5. When submitting your video, include your Twitter/forum username (whichever is best to contact you at) in your email.

Deadline to submit your video: Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Project staff will be screening videos to ensure that all of the requirements have been met. If your video doesn't meet all of the requirements, a project manager will message you on the forum or twitter to ask for corrections and resubmittal. Please make sure to check your inbox for the next 2-3 days after submitting your video.

Our goal is to raise 170USD in total for the custom hats, USB drive, packaging & shipping so any amount that you can donate would be greatly appreciated!

Donation/video length scale
10 - 20sec free
30 sec $10USD
40 sec $13USD
50 sec $16USD
60 sec $19USD

-Donations can be sent via paypal to j.kawamoto@outlook.com
-Money orders will also be accepted (contact Suminnie for details)

-PH Bestfriends can send donations via bank transfer (contact Suminnie for details)
-Make sure to include your forum/twitter username with your donation.
-If you would like to donate but can't use paypal, please contact Suminnie so we can try to work out another method.

DM on twitter (@xsuminnie)
PM here (Suminnie)

Sale Event
In the hopes that we'll be able to include a customized cake (est. 82USD - 208USD) as part of our project, we’re also having a sale event for official Boyfriend merchandise. To participate in sale, visit: http://imyourbestfri...ect-sale-event/

Deadline for sale: Tuesday, March 31, 2015
(funds from purchases made past the deadline will go towards the 2015 Christmas Project)

Please help promote this project anywhere! You can translate this post and share it with other international fans that will link back to here!

Any questions? PM the project managers or leave a response in this thread.

PROJECT MANAGERS: leejeongminnie + dandyoungmin + Suminnie
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#19580 International Bestfriends support BOYFRIEND 1st Concert!

Posted by Velisha on 23 October 2014 - 06:36 AM

Hello Bestfriends,


As you may already know, BOYFRIEND is going to have their 1st concert FIRST CHAPTER in Seoul - BEWITCH on Nov 23, 2014.


I'm sure there are so many of you who cannot attend the concert, but don't be sad. We can still show our love in support in a simple way.


You can print our slogan/banner here: Click & Save




You can print it in black & white, that's okay. Just print it on a regular paper. You can make the setting "Fit To Page" or re-size to a size you prefer. There is no fix size, but we made the image large on purpose, so you can shrink it for a better quality.


Cut the slogan/banner, hold it and take a selca of yourself holding the slogan.

You can decorate the banner if you like, add your bias' name or your name/country flag.

You can hold something else like Boyfriend album etc. but it is not mandatory.

It's better that you show your face so Boyfriend can see Bestfriend's smile, right?  :lol:




Tweet or post your selca on Twitter

You can write cheering message in your tweet, such as:

보이프렌드 첫 단독 콘서트 화이팅!! ( = Boyfriend First concert fighting!!)

Good luck with your concert!


You can also say where you are from (so they know there are a lot of International Bestfriends eventhough we cannot come) or anything you want to say to Boyfriend.

Mention their official twitter @G_BoyFriend

or members' twitters: @BOYF_DH @BOYF_HS @BOYF_JM @BOYF_YM @BOYF_KM @BOYF_MW


Time for posting

From Thursday, November 20, 2014 until the day of the concert, November 23, 2014 (KST)

That's 4 days including the day of the concert.


The reason why we didn't make a MASS posting on D-Day is:

- On the day of the concert, everybody will be very busy. Boyfriend may not notice our support. 

- 3 days before the concert, they will still have time to check Twitter and our support will make them even happier and excited to do their best on the concert day.

- 4 days gives chance for all Bestfriends to post their selca. So there is no excuse of missing this important event.


Let's show some love for Boyfriend's 1st Concert! Let BOYFRIEND see there are many INTERNATIONAL BESTFRIENDS and although we cannot be there, we always support them.


Thank you!


We also will send them a Rice Wreath on the day of the concert, please click here to support!

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Posted by Velisha on 09 April 2014 - 06:31 PM



Dear Bestfriends,


We are launching the project for the upcoming Boyfriend 3rd Anniversary on May 26, 2014.

We are trying to get many Bestfriends involved, and our goal is still the same: to show Boyfriend that they have Bestfriends from all over the world, not just Korea, China or Japan.


We have 2 things on our 3rd Anniversary Project:



We are going to send a cake for Boyfriend on their 3rd Anniversary.
Please help us by donating any amount of money, even US$1. Donation needed US$500.


Donation ways:

- via INDIEGOGO campaign. Please CLICK HERE (you can pay via paypal or credit/debit card)

- via Forum Donation button (it will go to your paypal account)

- via paypal direct to inkandpaper77@gmail.com (please state your name & country)
- for USA fans, you can send concealed cash/money order by mail or direct deposit to CHASE bank account. Please PM admin for details
- for Indonesia fans, you can do BCA transfer. Please PM admin for details.

- for International fans, you can do bank transfer to USA CHASE Bank account, but service fee may applied. Please PM Admin for details.
- for any of you who are interested in donating, but can’t find the right way, please PM Admin so we can work things out.




If you have donated $10 USD or more you will be automatically drafted to win Boyfriend's newest Japanese single "My Avatar" CD along with some BF goodies! This giveaway is only eligible to those that have donated $10 USD or more.


There is no maximum number of entries. This is how entries will work:

1.   $10 USD (one entry)

2.   $15 USD (two entries)

3.   $20 USD (three entries)

4.   ETC...

As seen above, for every $5 USD that is added, you will be given one more entry.



This giveaway is open to all International donors no matter where you live as long as we are able to ship to your destination.

If you did not donate $10+ USD the first time but would like to enter the contest, then please donate again with another amount and PM the Admin about your donation (It must be under the same name!)

The winner will be messaged privately via PM. You MUST be willing to share your address so we can send your prize to you!


Donors also  can send a short message for Boyfriend (will be translated to Korean).



International Bestfriends Project



A traveling guide book

Represent your city/country and be a travel guide for Boyfriend!



To let Boyfriend know more about your city/country

Who knows when they visit your country, they want you to be their travel guide! ^_^



Suggestion/recommendation from Bestfriends about:

- Places of interest

- Food & eating place

- Famous landmark

- Romantic spot/date plan

- Things to do

- Shopping guide

- Culture/History/Art/Language snippet

- Traveling tips

- Others if you have different idea


What to do:

- Write a short suggestion about the any topic above (in English/Korean only!)

- Attach a photo or picture related to your suggestion or send us the link

- Please also write your name/nickname, city & country

- Please participate on our polling too (description below)

- You can add your selca if you want

- Send your entry to info@imyourbestfriend.com, don’t forget to attach the picture or the link of the picture. Sorry, we don’t accept entry via forum or twitter.



- There is NO LIMIT on how many entry you can send. One person can submit entry for each topic, or more than 1 entry for 1 topic.

- Attach/link only 1 picture for each entry. You can use your own photo or search from the internet, credit the source if possible please. So if you send 5 entries, you should also send 5 photos.

- If you have trouble writing your entry in English, you can ask someone (maybe our forum member) to help you translate your entry from your native language into English.

- Only interesting entries will be chosen to be in the book

- IYB Forum has the final decision on which entry are the best to be put on the book, so make it as interesting as you can!

- IYB Forum has the right to edit/make correction of the suggestion you write


- We are open for suggestion/question via forum, email info@imyourbestfriend.com or twitter @BOYFRIENDIntl







We are accepting fanart of Boyfriend. Real or digital, but the real art MUST BE SCANNED (not photographed, so I can print it) and send it to our email.



We also accept cosplay photos, fanworks such as handmade craft, nail art, etc. As long as it is Boyfriend related.
You can also send the photo of your room if you have many Boyfriend merchandise.
Please show Boyfriend how much you love them




We are accepting photos from your fanbase gathering/meet-up. We will make a photo gallery to display Bestfriends activities from all over the world. Please include short explanation about your fanbase and the gathering details. Let Boyfriend know about your fanbase existence!


Boyfriend fanbases and Boyfriend Dance Cover Group are welcome to send in your photos & profile.

Boyfriend will  be happy to know there are many fanbases and dance cover group for them.



Please participate in our polling. You can send your answer along with your Travel Book entry to our email, or post your answer in this topic BOYFRIEND POLLING 2014
ONLY ONE ANSWER IS VALID. More than one answers, we will only use your first answer (I know it’s HARD hehe)

You don’t have to answer all if you don’t want to.


Fave BF member:

Fave BF Korean song:

Fave BF Japanese song:

Fave BF song lyric (Kor/Jpn):

Fave BF Korean MV:

Fave BF Japanese MV:

Fave BF selca: (on their official fancafe, twitter Kor-Jpn, facebook, weibo, etc only. You can give link or attach which one is your fave picture)

Fave BF show: (choose from Mnet M!Pick, W Academy, Wonder Boy, Hello Baby, BF Mission)

Fave BF moment: (any BF moment you can think of, including from fancam, live performance, in tv shows, interviews, etc. You can provide link if possible)

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#17371 [NEWS/INFO] Kwangmin's Drama Information

Posted by yunha on 22 July 2014 - 03:07 PM

The drama Kwangmin is featuring in, "마법천자문" (Thousand Magic Chinese Letters, literal translation) will air its first episode on the 6th of August, 2014. 08. 06. It is a kids' drama! It will have 50 episodes in total, and is aimed to help kids learn Chinese characters, so it is an educational project.


(official poster pic cr. goflvhxj061)

It will be airing Wednesdays and Thursdays, and depending on the viewer ratings, the original 50 episodes might be increased to 100 episodes. It will be broadcast on KBS 2TV channel.

Filming started 2014. 06. 22 at Sanghyun Elementary School (상현초등학교). It's scheduled to be filmed there every Sunday but that might change depending on the situation.

Other characters revealed are going to be played by F.Cuz's Raehyun, actresses Cheon Yi Seul and Lee Yun Kyung to name a few.

It is based off the best-selling manhwa series, 마법천자문. Dis one


Official synopsis! There are a lot of hidden meanings so I will add translator notes in different colors:

3000 years ago...

Descendant of the legendary Monkey King (손오공/孙悟空/Sohn Oh Gong)

Samjang(삼장/紧箍咒)* and Bodhi Dosa (보리도사/菩提)*

The evil overlord who tries to sweep the world with evil
The servants of the overlord Honseh (혼세: chaos) and Heukoon (흑운/黑雲: means dark cloud)
A fantasy drama that children and teenagers all over Asia both can enjoy about keeping justice and honor and protecting the present world through magic battles...

*[these names are of Buddhist background, Samjang is Buddhist scripture and Bodhi Dosa represents wisdom because it's under the Bodhi tree Buddha gained enlightenment. "도사" in "보리도사" can be translated into "master", "wizard", "guru", "expert", etc. This character acts as the master of the main character, the Monkey King Sohn Oh Gong. ]

Personal simplified summary: Non-realistic characters get thrown into the human world to find the Magic Characters that have been scattered. These characters are very important to keeping world peace, as well as magical. For example if someone says "불 화! (火)" then fire will magically appear. ^^

Note: It has been said by Donghyun at their last fan signing event that Kwangmin isn't going to appear in the 1st episode. However, Boyfriend encourages you watch anyway so that you can understand the plot!

CR: JTBC News/Sports Korea/various casting sites - trans by yunha

PS: PHEW. Is that overwhelming or what. Sorry about all the little notes!! I just really like this story >_< Please don't hate me if I'm wrong on the info though D: I just translated.. But it should be correct, because it was repeated on various official sites, etc. ^^ I am super excited, because I read the manhwa as a kid and definitely going to watch every episode~~ All 50.. or 100.. :o

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